Best Hand And Wrist Massagers In 2020!

Our Hands: One Of The Most Neglected Body Parts!

Since the dawn of time man has been using their hands as the primary tool for survival. Whether that means carving a sharp object for predatory defense, molding cow dung to build a shelter, or thrusting a spear into hunted prey. Even in 2019, the hands are just as important now as they were thousands of years ago!

If yesteryear’s survival was all about carving handmade weapons, today’s age is about earning a living by pounding 50+ words a minute on the keyboard!

The fact is that nothing has changed. If anything we use our hands more today than ever before! We often don’t realize it but an office job is as “hands on” as anything else really! Sure office folk might not get their hands “dirty” per say, but they still work their palms and fingers to exhaustion.

Don’t believe me? Look at all the increases in carpal tunnel cases that have been popping up!

Think Of All The Things You Use Your Hands For!
Think Of All The Things You Use Your Hands For!


What Happens When We Stop Caring For Our Hands? And Why We Should Start Caring ASAP!

First of all let’s define what it means to “stop caring”. There’s a couple ways to look at it, but this is what I think not caring for your hands entails: not washing your hands to get rid of germs, not moisturizing your hands, and not massaging your hands. Why is it important to specifically do these 3 things?

    • Washing Your Hands!—Not washing your hands isn’t only disgusting, but it can actually be a seriously dangerous way of spreading contagious germs and viruses! Wash your hands!
    • Keeping Your Hands Moisturized—Moist hands not only feel good, but there’s also several benefits to applying hand lotion. For example, your hands stay better protected from dangerous UV rays!
    • Massaging Your Hands Frequently!—Think of it like this: you agree with me that you use your hands and fingers much more frequently than you recognize. Does it not make sense then to get the best out of your hands? Massaging your hands frequently can help improve range of motion, circulation, and also alleviate pain. In essence, it’s a way to upgrade yourself!

When you don’t do the 3 things above, you make yourself more prone to catching contagious viruses, your hands will look and feel disgusting, and you will likely experience some sort of discomfort in your palms and fingers as you continue to age (conditions like carpal tunnel and arthritis can also come into play).

Keep Them Healthy!
Keep Them Healthy!


Are Hand Massagers The Solution?

They’re certainly a part of the solution! If you ask me, hand care doesn’t stop with massage. One should at the same time continue to routinely perform hand exercises, as doing so will ensure the hands remain flexible and healthy.

“But how can hand massagers help me? And why should I consider buying one?”

There’s a number of things hand massagers can help with:

    • Pain Relief—Suffer from achy palms and fingers? Hand massages can help stimulate nerve endings to relieve pain.
    • Relief From Carpal Tunnel—While they might not help complete eliminate your carpal tunnel, hand massagers can definitely provide some respite!
    • Improve Circulation & Flexibility—If you suffer from poor circulation in the hand area, hand massagers, especially of the electric variation could prove to be useful. These electric hand massagers are designed to compress and pulsate everywhere around your hand, thereby greatly improving blood circulation.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from a hand massager. Let’s not forget that hand massages can be incredibly relaxing and invigorating!

So who should buy a hand massager? Not just sufferers of carpal tunnel or arthritis, but anyone and everyone who wishes to experience the incredible benefits of hand massage should buy a hand massager!

Everyone Should Consider Investing In An Electric Hand Massager, Not Just Sufferers Of Carpal Tunnel!
Everyone Should Consider Investing In An Electric Hand Massager, Not Just Sufferers Of Carpal Tunnel!


3 Of The Best Electric Hand Massagers To Consider Today!

#1 Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Lunix Electric Hand Massager
Lunix Electric Hand MassagerOne of my favorite electric hand massagers on the market and here’s why: it’s affordable, FDA approved, and has a ton of awesome features such as 6 different pre-programmed modes, 2 vibration modes, as well as heat therapy. Oh and I almost forgot to mention….it allows you to pick from 6 different intensities! This is awesome because it gives you a ton of flexibility to pick an intensity that best suits your needs.
    • It Comes With Freebies!—When you buy the electric hand massager, Linux also throw in a roller style finger massager. This is a great little tool to have kicking about at home or in the office!
    • Because You’ll Feed Another!—Every unit sold is a child that will be fed for an entire day through a ShareTheMeal program. Definitely added incentive as far as I’m concerned!
    • Unparalleled Flexibility!—The 6 levels of intensity are probably one of my favorite things about the Linux hand massager. Often times, the intensity level doesn’t match a user in that it’s either too intense or not intense enough. This kinda flexibility resolves that problem!
    • Doesn’t Run With Power Connected—This particular unit comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery. I don’t have anything against the rechargeable battery per say. My problem is that one would expect the unit to run when connected using the main power cord. This is not the case!

#2 Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand Massager

Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand Massager
Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand MassagerCan’t go wrong with Breo! They’ve been in the massage game for some time now, so in that sense they’re definitely reputable. This particular unit comes in 2 different versions: a basic version and an LCD version. The basic version is the more cheaper version from the 2, and in my opinion definitely the more reasonable!
    • Cordless & Corded Design!—One of my favorite things about the Breo iPalm520S is that you have the option to go corded or cordless. There is a standard DC power port which you can use to connect and plug into power. For those who don’t prefer the corded option, there’s also the option of going cordless by using 2 AA batteries!
    • Air Pressure Reduction Valve!—The biggest complaint most folks have with electric hand massagers is that the pressure is way too intense and there’s no way to reduce the intensity. What’s nice about this particular product is something called “air pressure redcution valve”. Essentially it’s the red button on the unit which when pressed decreases the pressure inside the massage chamber. Pretty convenient!
    • It’s Limited—If you’re looking for a hand massager that only focuses on compression massage, this unit is definitely worth considering. However, in terms of giving a comprehensive hand massage with various techniques, it falls short.
    • Users Have Reported That It’s Slightly Noisy—When it’s running, The Breo iPalm520S could get a little noisy. For most people, this doesn’t seem to be an issue. For others however, it is!

#3 Daiwa Felicity Electric Hand Massager

Daiwa Felicity Electric Hand Massager
Daiwa Felicity Electric Hand MassagerIf you’re in the market for a budget electric hand massager, then this is probably your best bet! From a performance standpoint, it might not be comparable to the Breo iPalm or the Lunix massagers, but it’s still pretty decent for what you’re paying. To summarize the Felicity, it’s got 3 auto modes, 3 intensity levels, and heat therapy which can be turned on/off.
    • Bang For Your Buck!—The best thing the Daiwa Felicity has going for it is its price. You’re not spending $100 or more, yet you still get a pretty decent unit!
    • Easy To Use—Another nice thing about the Daiwa is it’s pretty simple to operate. There’s a small top panel at the top of the device that has all the buttons to operate the unit.
    • Not Enough Flexibility—You don’t get the same kind of flexibility with the Daiwa as you do with the previously discussed Lunix. The Daiwa has 3 settings for intensity to choose from, and this might not satisfy some people’s needs. Unfortunately, some people may find even the lowest setting to be too intense and they can’t do anything about it.
    • Too Compression Heavy—Another downfall of the Daiwa is that it’s too focused on compression massage, and while it does give a decent compression massage, it needs to be able to do more if sufferers from carpal tunnel and arthritis are to see any benefits.


7 Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Hand Massager!

#1 Hand Size!

Hands come in all sizes: small, medium, large, freakishly small and freakishly large! If you belong on either side of the extremities, pay special attention to the hand massager to check if it’s able to accommodate your hand size.

#2 Portability

If portability is of importance to you, then consider an electric hand massager that’s small and travel friendly. There aren’t too many choices for portable hand massagers, so your options may be slightly limited.

#3 Price

Expect to spend anywhere from $65-130! In fact, that’s what i’d base my budget on. Anything less and end up with a product that may be lacking in quality and workmanship. Pick wisely!

#4 Massage Routines

Massage routines are pre-programmed modes that users can select directly from the massager. The more modes, the better the experience will be for the user!

#5 Intensity Levels

This has to do with flexibility more than anything. If a massager has more intensity levels, it basically means that a user can select from a variety of intensities ranging from weak to strong. This is major consideration for me!

#6 FDA Approved?

FDA approved hand massager units give you that extra peace of mind more than anything. Is an FDA approved unit more effective than a non FDA approved unit? Not necessarily, but at least it tells you that someone has taken a look and determined that the benefits outweigh the risks associated with the unit.

#7 Cordless Or Corded?

Most electric hand massagers I’ve come across are cordless and function in one of 2 ways:

There are cordless massagers that use disposable batteries to operate. Most will use AA or AAA batteries.
There are also cordless massagers that have a built in rechargeable battery (usually Lithium ion).

If you’re interested in buying an electric hand massager that comes with a rechargeable battery, please remember to consider battery life. This becomes especially important if you plan on using the massager while on the go. Otherwise you can always consider a corded option if you plan on using the massager primarily at home.


Electric Hand Massagers: 5 Frequently Asked Questions!

#1 Do I need to wear gloves when using my electric hand massager?

Most likely no. This is not required for majority of consumer electric hand massagers sold today. However, you should always verify and confirm this by reading the instruction manual and getting in touch with the manufacturer (if required).

#2 My hands are larger than most, how can I find a hand massager that fits me?

The 3 hand massagers I have listed above are pretty good when it comes to accommodating large hands. Even still, I recommend you follow up directly with the manufacturer to see if hand size could be an issue for you.

#3 Corded or cordless? Which is better?

That’s maybe not the right way to look at it. Corded or cordless all comes down to what’s important to you specifically.

If carrying your unit while travelling or on the go is important, then maybe a cordless option with a rechargeable or disposable batteries might be the best option. If you only plan on using the unit at home, then corded is probably fine. That being said, some of the massagers reviewed above offer a combination of both corded and cordless options.

#4 The intensity is too much for me to bear, what do you recommend?

First things first, check to see if you can lower the intensity setting. If you’ve already considered this, then your only other option is to go back to the manufacturer to see what they recommend. They may advise wearing gloves to reduce the highly intense sensations. Unfortunately, there likely won’t be any other options.

#5 I still suffer from Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel even after using the hand massager. Is there a reason why?

Using the hand massager will not cure your arthritis or carpal tunnel, it will simply relieve the condition by reducing the overall pain. If you think it will cure your condition(s), you’re in for some serious disappointment! However, hand massage, if done properly and consistently can result in a significant improvement of these conditions.


Are There Any Alternates To Using An Electric Hand Massager?

If electric hand massagers aren’t your thing, you have 2 alternates:

Use a non electric hand massager. There’s tons of awesome products you can find on Amazon. Most non electric hand massagers are of the roller type.
If you’re not a fan of massagers in general, your next best bet is to simply go the old school way. That is, get yourself a dedicated hand massage from a trained masseuse.


May You Have Healthy, Pain-free Hands!

I hope you got some value out of this post. If you did, please consider sharing on the social platforms, as that goes a long way in supporting this site. Finally, if you have any burning questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by dropping a comment below! I’ll see you in the next one!

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