What Is The Best Time Of Day To Get A Massage?

It’s A Question I Get Asked All The Time!

What Time Of Day Do You Prefer?
What Time Of Day Do You Prefer?

Is there a best time of day to get a massage, or does it not make any difference when you choose to get one?

Because of how frequently I get asked this question, I figure why not make a post and talk about it! I’ll share with you what I think, and what’s worked best for me personally. However, it’s important to remember, not everyone will necessarily share the same opinion.

Alright without further ado, let’s get right into it!


What Is The Best Time Of Day To Get A Massage?

Morning, afternoon, or night? What do you think?

 What if I told you all 3 are absolutely A-OK! 

Maybe it’s not the answer you want to hear, but getting a massage in the morning, afternoon, or night are all fine. And as such, all 3 will be effective. That’s it folks, come by next week for another awesome post!

Haha I kid, I kid. The truth is while all 3 timings are effective, there’s one time specifically that’s the best, most ideal time to massage:

 And that time is 4 PM in the afternoon! 

The Best Time Of Day To Get A Massage!
The Best Time Of Day To Get A Massage!


Why 4 PM In The Afternoon?

I schedule my massage appointments at 4 PM for several reasons:

    • It’s Not Directly After Breakfast/Lunch/Supper—Never a good idea to get a massage after eating a heavy meal. This is one of the reasons I avoid booking sessions directly after breakfast, lunch, or supper. 4 PM is perfect because it’s a couple hours after lunch time. For me, it’s 4 hours after I eat my lunch, which is at 12 noon.


    • It’s Not Crazy Busy—An hour more and everyone is rushing home from work and school, so the roads are congested, and the situation a little insane. 4 PM in that sense is right before the crazy rush hour. Beat the traffic, beat the madness, and beat the road rage!


    • Same In The Massage Shops—Just like the roads, massage shops aren’t usually swamped at 4 PM, and that’s coz everyone’s still at work! Most office folk who work a 9-5, schedule their massage appointments in the latter parts of the evening, usually 6 PM onward. Whenever I’ve shown up for my appointment at 4 PM, I hardly have to sit and wait. In fact, it’s usually the other way around; the therapist is waiting for me!



The Main Reason Why 4 PM Is The Best Time Of Day To Get A Massage!

Ever heard the term PMSM before?

 PMSM stands for post massage soreness and malaise. It’s the characteristic sore, fatigued, sleepy feeling you get after a massage! 

Nighty Night!
Nighty Night!

You can read more about PMSM here.

Most people I know totally hate PMSM, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why! Call me crazy but PMSM is partly why I massage to begin with. It’s calm, relaxing, and in many ways restoring.

I prefer my dose of PMSM in the late afternoon to early evening hours. By the time i’m done massage, I have just enough energy to shower, eat a light supper, and then watch maybe 30 mins of TV. After that, you’ll probably find me 3 dreams deep in la la land!

But seriously, one of the reasons I love getting massaged from 4-5 PM is because it really does help give me a goodnight’s rest, and the next morning I feel like a million bucks.


Understand We Are All Different!

We’re all a little different, and what works for me may not fare as well for you. Having said that, don’t take my advice as the “100% this is the way” it must be done type of deal.

 If you presently have a good routine going for you, it makes absolutely no sense at all to alter it! 

However, if you feel things could be better, then by all means switch it up.

Some people kick off their morning with a massage, while others have one right before they go to bed. There’s no right or wrong here. The only way you’ll find out your best time of day to get a massage is by experimenting.

You can read up on blogs like mine all you want, and follow the advice given, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. It may, or it may not! 4 PM massages work for me, which is why I continue to stick with it!


Class Dismissed!

There really isn’t all that much left for me to say. I’ve told you what my favorite time of the day to massage is, now it’s up to you to figure out yours.

 Get out there and start massaging, because ultimately what’s more important than timing is the fact that you’re actually getting massage work done. 

That’s way more important than anything else, seriously!

Last but not least, if you enjoyed reading, please please please consider sharing on the socials. If you found it useful, chances are someone else will too! Questions, comments, the whole nine yards…..leave em down below! Till next time friends!

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