Osaki ZR-P2 Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Osaki ZR-P2 Zero Gravity Recliner Review




Recline Capabilities


Comfort Factor


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • Remote Control Is Well Laid Out Thereby Making Operation Seamless!
  • Good Bang For Your Buck!
  • You're Able To Adjust Recline To Suit Your Needs!


  • User Flexibility (From A Height Standpoint) Could Be Better!

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions: Is This A Massage Chair?

Let’s get right to it: is this a massage chair or something else? Lots of people are saying lots of different things, so I want to set the record straight and clear up any misconceptions.

The Osaki ZR-P2 is not a massage chair. It’s a zero gravity recliner and nothing else!

So why should you consider something like the Osaki ZR-P2? Well the way I look at it, there’s 2 main reasons:

#1 If You Want A Nice Piece Of Furniture!—If you’re interested in getting a chair to fit/blend into your living room, the Osaki ZR-P2 is a decent option. It’s stylish, elegant, and quite functional as well!
#2 If You Want A Recliner Chair—Not everyone wants to spend a couple thousand dollars for a La-Z-Boy recliner, so this is a pretty decent alternative at a much much lower price if you ask me.

Osaki ZR-P2 Recliner Chair


What Is Zero Gravity & Why Should You Care?

If you’re not familiar with massage chairs, zero gravity would sound like some sort of NASA lingo! Truth be told, it is. The story is this: zero gravity is what the folks over at NASA had designed for their astronauts going into space. Essentially it’s a sitting recline position that the astronauts would be in throughout the entirety of the journey.

So why all the fuss about zero gravity? Or is this all just over-hyped?

Everyone has their own opinion, so I will respect that. However, I will not shy away from sharing my own. If you ask me, zero gravity is massive. It’s definitely not hyped, in fact I think it might be under-hyped!

Whenever I use the zero gravity function on my massage chair, I come out feeling more refreshed, more invigorated, and more relaxed. I have compared this against a non recline massage and I can feel a huge difference between the two. Anyways, this is the non scientific opinion for what it’s worth.

The scientific opinion is also in favour of zero gravity. According to several articles on the matter, sitting in a zero gravity position has several benefits:

#1 Reduced Stress & Strain—Sitting in a zero gravity position results in reduced overall stress and strain to the body. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience zero gravity, you will know this from experience.
#2 Improved Blood Circulation—It makes sense that if your body is experiencing less stress and strain, then your overall blood circulation (or circulation of fluids) would be enhanced and at an optimum.
#3 Increased Lung Capacity—In zero gravity everything feels easier, breathing included! And that’s because your ability to intake oxygen, is increased. Same thing with exhalation! The entire breathing process is at an optimum.

Osaki ZR-P2 Zero Gravity Recline

“Can I not just recline as I would in any normal chair to reap the same benefits?”

No, no, and no. To better understand why zero gravity is different from just about any recline position, let’s look at the technical details of zero gravity a little more.

If you google zero gravity, you will find a very interesting description/definition. I really like the definition on The Economic Times.

Zero gravity is the state or condition of weightlessness.

But do you experience a condition of weightlessness when you’re in a zero gravity recline position? Most of the effects of gravity would be taken away, so yes you would feel a condition of weightlessness. This is why zero gravity is such a big deal today, and it’s exactly why chair manufacturers are looking to mimic this position on their units.

But how does the zero gravity position look like in practice? And what are the angles that make this position so special?

In order for a recline position to be zero gravity, the following conditions must be satisfied:

Feet must be in a slightly elevated position above the heart.
The torso to leg angle must be approximately 128 degrees.

If the above 2 are not satisfied, the position is not true zero gravity. Keep this in mind as you shop around and are out and about trying chairs!


4 Interesting Things To Know About The Osaki ZR-P2 Zero Gravity Recliner!

#1 It’s Got A Pretty Stylish Wooden Finish!

One of the things I love most about the ZR-P2 is its wooden finish on the base. I think it complements the synthetic leather very well. Kudos to Osaki for taking aesthetics into account, especially when functionality can sometimes become the biggest factor!

Osaki ZR-P2 Wooden Base

#2 It’s Got Fairly Low Power Consumption!

According to Osaki, 60W is the rated power consumption. I wasn’t expecting the power consumption to be more than this to be honest, given that the only time power is used is when the chair reclines. As mentioned earlier, this is not a massage chair and does not have any massage capabilities or functionalities.

#3 It’s Got A Wake Up Timer!

Which some might care for, and others maybe not! If you wanted to, you can set the alarm to go off every 0.5/1/1.5 hours. I think timers are more applicable for massage chairs, but maybe not so much for a simple recliner chair. In any case, I can see why they had the ZR-P2 equipped with one.

#4 You Have The Option To Recline In Non Zero Gravity Positions!

If you don’t always want to be in a zero gravity recline position, you don’t have to! The ZR-P2 gives you the flexibility to recline however you like. Essentially you have the ability to set the recline for both the backrest and footrest. You can move either one up or down as you desire.

Osaki ZR-P2 Recline Capabilities

If you want zero gravity recline, you can select this position directly from the remote control. You don’t need to actually set it up yourself!


Is The Osaki ZR-P2 Worth Investing In?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. I’ve said before throughout this post and I’ll mention it again:

The Osaki ZR-P2 is not a massage chair, and as such does not have any massage functionality!

If you’re truly in the market for a recliner chair, the ZR-P2 is a pretty decent option for under $1K. It’s elegant wooden base, along with the dark brown PU leather make this a great addition to any living room! If you do decide on purchasing the ZR-P2, here’s a few things to be aware of:

#1 If You’re Over 6 Feet—I don’t think the ZR-P2 will be a good fit for those over 6 feet in height. The foot rest may end up being a tad short.
#2 Maximum Weight Is 260 lbs—Do not consider this chair if you’re over 260 lbs, as this is the maximum weight it can safely handle without overloading.
#3 Consider Dimensions Beforehand—Before buying a chair it’s always a good idea to consider dimensions. I’ve posted them below for convenience.

Osaki ZR-P2 Dimensions


Osaki ZR-P2 Closing Remarks!

All in all, the Osaki ZR-P2 is a simple yet elegant design. Because of it’s versatility it can be used as a living room chair or just about anything else really. In terms of comfort, Osaki have done a phenomenal job!

Overall a great choice for those specifically looking at zero gravity recline chairs!

That’s it from me folks. I hope you enjoyed reading and got some value out of this review. If there’s anything left unanswered, please be sure to drop a comment and let me know. Otherwise, please consider sharing on the social platforms. Take care and be safe!

Osaki ZR-P2 images were used with permission from Osaki Massage Chair

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