Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair Review

Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot/Calf Massage




User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • 5 Different Massage Techniques Helps Provide An Effective Yet Relaxing Massage Session!
  • A Solid Option For Those Who May Be Space Constrained


  • Not The Best Value For Money
  • Could Be More Auto Modes

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Compact & Sleek, But Is It Worth The Price Tag!?

Welcome back to yet another massage chair review! I’ve been slacking of this year on reviews, so I thought I should at least end the year strong!

Today we will be looking at an entry level, compact massage chair: the Sol from the folks over at Positive Posture.

Positive Posture Sol

The Sol has been around for a while, so it has earned itself a bit of a reputation, a good one of course! While I have no doubt about its capability, I’m here to tell you straight up if this is something worth splashing your cash on or passing altogether. That’s the objective for today!


4 Things To Know About The Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair!

I should preface our discussion by telling you that there’s nothing overly “special” about the Sol. It’s a basic massage chair and exactly what you would expect from an entry level perspective. However, I think Positive Posture have done well in getting the basics right, and that makes a world of difference.

That being said, below are 4 key features I’d like to draw your attention to.

#1 2D Rollers On An L-Track

For a compact chair, it’s nice to see that the Sol comes with an L-Track. What is an L-Track?

L-Track is a type of roller track in which the rollers are able to traverse from the neck all the way right down to the glutes and hamstrings.

L-Tracks are great, but they do have one limitation: because they span almost the entire length of the chair, L-Tracks don’t allow the chair to fully expand during recline. As a result, the stretch functionality on L-Track chairs is limited.

Positive Posture Sol L-Track

Is this the biggest limitation/drawback? Definitely not! I think you get more with an L-Track than otherwise, and the additional massage coverage is certainly something I would opt for.

#2 Heat Therapy On The Lower Back

From all the massage chairs I’ve reviewed to this point, about 95% all have some form of heat therapy – the very basic being lower back heat therapy.

While it’s nice to see the Sol come with heat therapy, it is a very basic feature and one I’d come to expect on pretty much any/every massage chair irrespective of cost.

Heat therapy on the Sol targets the lower back/lumbar region specifically, and nothing else. Typically, I’d not complain much if this were just any other entry level massage chair, but because the Sol costs approximately $2K (current pricing at this time), I think just the lower back heat therapy is slightly disappointing.

Positive Posture Sol Heat Therapy

#3 Compact/Sleek Design That Works Well For Tight Spaces!

I think the biggest selling point for the Sol is its compact/sleek design. This sort of design will be particularly attractive to those with space constraints.

Measuring in at 27” wide, 46” long, and 35” high, the Sol is the ideal massage chair for tight spaces!

The other aspect of the Sol that works hand in hand with its compact design, is that it’s easy to move and maneuver. The chair has wheels, and these allow for the chair to be rolled from one position to another, pretty easily.

Positive Posture Sol Easy To Move

#4 5 Different Massage Techniques

Another feature that leaves me pleasantly surprised! The Sol is able to perform a total of 5 massage techniques:

    • Rolling—Essentially your rollers traversing up/down and side to side are what gives you a rolling massage.
    • Kneading—Short circular motions that are specifically done to break up fascia, thereby releasing tension.
    • Tapping—Also known as tapotement, this is the act of “striking or knocking” again to help release tension.
    • Compression—Similar to tapping but this mode is only available through the chair’s 6 air cells.
    • Comfort Wave—This is Sol’s proprietary technique. It’s basically side to side movement designed to improve circulation and alleviate relaxation.

These 5 techniques work in tandem to deliver a comprehensive massage experience.


Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair Specifications

  • Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: 2D
  • Roller Type: L-Track
  • Total Airbags: 6 Air Cells
  • Upright Dimensions: 27″W X 46″L X 35″H
  • Recline Dimensions: 27″W X 58″L X 30″H
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Height Range: 5’0″ – 6’2″ ft.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 190 lbs

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Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair Pros & Cons!

Pros—The Stuff I Like!
Cons—The Stuff I Don’t Like!
    • Sleek, Stylish, & Compact—One of the biggest things the Sol’s got going for it is its sleek/compact design. Not only is this type of design attractive to those with space constraints, but also the minimalist!
    • 5 Techniques Work Well Together—All 5 massage techniques help to deliver a solid massage experience. The Comfort Wave is an extra nice touch from Positive Posture!
    • Too Expensive For My Liking!—I have nothing against the Sol as a chair, but its price is something I just cannot come to terms with – It costs about $2K currently on Furniture For Life.
    • Too Few Auto Modes!—The Sol comes loaded with 2 auto modes – these are revive and relax. It’s very disappointing even on an entry level chair to see 2 auto modes. I think this is an area that Positive Posture could improve on if they decided to update the Sol in the coming years.

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Should You Buy The Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair?

The part you’ve been all waiting for!

I do like the Sol and I think Positive Posture have done a pretty solid job with the chair’s overall design and look. However, it does still lack in some important areas: one being auto modes, the other being heat therapy.

If it were retailing for cheaper, I might not have been overly picky about these issues, but since it isn’t….

Even still, the Sol is a solid chair, and its long-standing reputation speaks for itself. Considering all of this, I encourage you to carefully weigh out all your options before arriving at a decision. One chair I invite you to consider is the CirC+ by Synca Wellness.

Synca CirC Plus Specs
Synca CirC+: A Beautiful Compact Massage Chair!

Unlike the Sol, the CirC+ is a fairly new introduction and a revision in many ways to the already super successful CirC. Synca have taken a chair that was already really good and made it into something even better!

To give you a full picture, let’s do a side-by-side comparison of the Sol and the CirC+.

  • Synca Wellness CirC Plus
  • 5’0 – 6’3 ft & 264 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • $$

  • 45.5 Inch L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 8

    Auto Modes
  • Lower Back & Calves

    Heat Therapy
  • Wireless

    Remote Control
  • Positive Posture Sol
  • 5'0 - 6'2 ft & 190 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • $$

  • 37 Inch L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 2

    Auto Modes
  • Lower Back

    Heat Therapy
  • Wireless

    Remote Control

As you can see, the CirC+ eclipses the Sol in most areas: a longer track, more auto modes, better heat therapy, and I personally think it looks far better from an aesthetic standpoint. Aesthetics are subjective though, so there is that!

The Sol and the CirC+ are about the same price at this moment in time.

All in all, I still think the Sol is a great chair – and more importantly it’s withstood the test of time. However, with the CirC+ you get something that’s more modern, stylish, and sleek.

It’s a newer chair of course which means some new technology as well, although both chairs do utilize a 2D roller L-Track system.

Coming back full circle…..should you buy the Sol? If it were me, I think I’d go for the CirC+ instead!

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It’s what makes most sense to me – more auto modes, better heat, a longer roller track, and ultimately better looking. Let me know if you agree/disagree with my final recommendation. Last but not least, drop a comment down below and let us know what you think! How does the Sol stack up? If you own a Sol, how has your experience been? Take care and have a safe end to 2022!

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