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Hi there, my name is Eve and I’d like to thank you for visitingĀ  massagers and more; a haven for massage lovers. My goal is to provide honest, trustworthy reviews of automated massagers. By automated massagers, I mean everything from massage chairs to foot massagers. There’s a lot of good products, and just as many bad ones. My job is to provide you with the facts, pros, and cons so you can ultimately decide what product best suits your needs.


Why Automated Massagers?

Here’s a little bit of history as to why I started this site. As a teen, I fondly recall the 1 hour massage sessions after a long and exhaustive football game. Boy I wouldn’t mind going back to those days. Anyways, since my teenage years I’ve continued with the massages, and while they can get expensive…..I have zero regrets. With each massage I not only feel more energized, but I also sleep a lot better. Why automated massagers? A couple months ago I began looking into massage chairs. After researching for almost 3 weeks, I made my decision and finally bought one.

One Of The Best Investments I've Made!
One Of The Best Investments I’ve Made!

Fast forward 2 months to present day, and I realize I can’t go a day without using this thing. It’s freaking awesome….seriously! As such, I figure I might as well write about this all since I’ve already done the research, so here I am!


I Do Not Recommend Products I Wouldn’t Use Myself!

Because this is an affiliate site, I make a small commission every time you purchase a product from clicking my link(s), but in no way does this influence my decision on a product recommendation. As I said earlier, there’s tons of horrible products out there, but there’s also some really cool ones. What I recommend to you is what I would be comfortable purchasing myself.


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Should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by email atĀ support@massagersandmore.com