Everything You Need To Know About Facial Steamers!

Having A Facial Steamer Doesn’t Make You Less Manly!

Caring For Your Face Doesn't Make You Less Macho!
Caring For Your Face Doesn’t Make You Less Macho!

I am about to go on a rant, so bear with me….or stop me if you can! What’s the deal with guys being all uptight about caring for their face? Are you ashamed that your guy friends will think you’re not macho enough, or do you actually think your skin doesn’t need it? If it’s the latter, all I can say is boy are you wrong. There’s tons of awesome facial products for men, that believe it or not do wonders for your skin. On the flip side, there’s just as many bad products unfortunately. What’s the lesson here? For one, have an open mind! Two, don’t follow the stereotype! Rant over (for now!).

Back to the discussion at hand, steaming has tons of benefits so I think both guys and gals should invest in a facial steamer. Let’s look at some of these benefits in more detail, shall we?


4 Reasons Why You Ought To Buy A Facial Steamer!

Ever Been To A Steam Room Before?
Ever Been To A Steam Room Before?

There’s tons of benefits to using a facial steamer, but here I’ll talk about my favorite 4. Before we do, what is a facial steamer anyways? It’s simply a device that generates steam from water. Some facial steamers are multipurpose i.e. they work not only as a facial steamer, but also as a room humidifier, and a towel warmer. The secret ingredient here is…..aha you guessed it, steam!

Steam treatment has been around for ages. According to Wikipedia, steam baths date back to Greek and Roman times (Source: Wikipedia). Chances are you’ve probably at some point in your life had the chance to sit in a steam room. If you tell me you didn’t enjoy it……I have no hope for you. LOL only kidding. Jokes aside, steam rooms are pretty awesome. I personally feel so refreshed after a steam session. Anyways, facial steamers are kinda the same deal except in this case the steam is directed to your face.

#1 Cause It Feels So Damn Good!

If this isn’t a reason for you to start steaming, it should be! Steaming is one of the few things other than massage that I actually both enjoy, and benefit from. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re missing out. If i had to describe the feeling in one word, i’d pick rejuvenating!

#2 They Humidify Your Room!

Most people forget that a facial steamer (depending on the device) can actually function as a humidifier. If you’re blessed to live in a warm, humid city, skip on to the next point. However, if you’re like me and live in a dry climate, then you can definitely relate. Where I live it’s dry 24 freaking 7. Winter is dry, spring is dry, and summer is dry. That’s why a humidifier is so necessary. Not only does it protect your hardwood flooring, but it also keeps your skin moist and allows you to sleep comfortably at night. Watch out though, too much humidity can wreak havoc to both your health and home!

Kinda Like Me In Winter!
Kinda Like Me In Winter!

#3 It Provides Relief When You Have A Cold

Funny story: when I was a kid, maybe 8 or 10 years old, I can recall this weird holistic remedy my mum used to do. What did it consist of? Basically, a white bed sheet to serve as a make-up tent, a massively large pot filled to the brim with boiling water and some Vicks VapoRub, and a stand to put the pot on so it doesn’t burn anyone. 4 people, 1 tent, lots of steam, and when you come out you’re a changed man. Well, not really but you do feel a heck a of a lot better! You feel less stuffed up from the cold, and you can breathe easier. Why am I telling you this story? Because a facial steamer basically does the same thing. While it won’t heal your cold, it does provide some relief and boy does that help!

Colds Suck!
Colds Suck!

#4 It Can Help With Acne

This is the only benefit I have not personally experienced, and that’s because I don’t have a problem with acne. I’ve seen so many facial steamers claim to completely clear up and heal acne. I wasn’t sure I believed everything I read, so I did some research of my own. Here’s what I found:

Facial steamers alone will not and cannot clear acne. The keyword here is alone!

First let’s debunk a popular myth that’s spreading the internet like wildfire. According to verywellhealth and contrary to popular belief, steaming doesn’t actually unclog your pores, instead it softens up these blockages thereby making it easier to extract (source: verywellhealth). Are you a little disappointed? Well, this is the truth. The good news is that steaming can help with acne, it just won’t magically clear it!


My 3 Best Facial Steamers!

Picking out one from the three is a very difficult task, simply because each steamer on this list is slightly different from the other. Some have a larger capacity to store water, while others are more multipurpose i.e. they can work as a humidifier as well. Some take long to start up, while others take 18 seconds. It’s therefore very difficult to pick a best facial steamer from all 3, as it really depends on what you’re looking for. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each of the 3 devices below!

#1 Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer

A stylish steamer that’s easy to use and quick to start up!

Okachi Gliya: Stylish, Effective, & Easy To Use!
Okachi Gliya: Stylish, Effective, & Easy To Use!



Takes About 30 Seconds To Start Up!

If you’re as impatient as I am, you’ll love that this only takes a measly 30 seconds to get going. Some steamers take up to 3 minutes to start firing steam!

Steam Remains At 104F At All Times

It all starts with safety, and it’s nice to see manufacturers taking this seriously. There is a safeguard in place to ensure you don’t get burnt, by making sure the steam remains at 104F (40 degrees Celsius) at all times. This is accomplished by the intelligent steaming balance system. Also, I think it’s pretty cool that the device will auto shut off once all the water has been depleted.

Steam Temp Remains At 104 F
Steam Temp Remains At 104 F

Simple & Easy To Operate!

All things considered, the Okachi Gliya is incredibly easy to operate. Disconnect the water tank and fill it with distilled or purified water. Connect the tank back, turn on the device and away you go! The 5 step process is well illustrated in the picture below.

5 Easy Steps That Anyone Can Follow!
5 Easy Steps That Anyone Can Follow!

3 In 1 Multipurpose Unit

The Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer can be used as a facial steamer, a humidifier, and last but not least a mirror. I think having a mirror is definitely a cool feature, especially if the device sits on your bathroom counter. I’m not sure about the humidifier part though, and that’s because the water tank can only store 80 ml of water, and that’s not enough to really change the humidity of a room in my opinion.



Capacity Is On The Lower Side

The water tank capacity is 80 ml, which isn’t too big a deal if all you’re looking for is a facial steamer. However, if you were to use it to humidify an entire room, 80 ml wouldn’t work all that well!

Can’t Use Oils

Another minor drawback is that you can’t add oils to the water, as it could potentially reduce the product life.


Final Words

Is this the best facial steamer? Yes, I’d say so if all you’re looking for is just a facial steamer and nothing else. If you’re looking for a multipurpose device, this isn’t your best bet.


#2 Kingdom Beauty Facial Steamer

A portable steamer that can still carry about 100 ml of water. What do I love most about it? Price!

If You're Looking For Longer Run Time, This Is The Steamer You Should Consider!
If You’re Looking For Longer Run Time, This Is The Steamer You Should Consider!



Capacity Is Acceptable!

100 ml of water gives you about 22 minutes of steaming. A definite improvement from the 80 ml capacity in the Okachi Gliya discussed above. If you plan on using this as a humidifier, 100 ml is still slightly on the lower side. Then again if you’re looking for more capacity, you lose out on portability.

It’s A Portable Unit, All Things Considered

Measuring 6.3 x 5.7 x 6.5 inches, this is still very much a compact unit!

Still Portable Even With The 100ml Water Tank!
Still Portable Even With The 100ml Water Tank!

Definitely One Of The Cheaper Options!

Compared to some of the other steamers available, this one hardly puts a dent in your wallet. You can check out the latest price on amazon by clicking here.

Adjustable Steam Nozzle

The steam nozzle can be adjusted to 3 different positions as required (see image below). Why is this important? Basically it allows you to better target steam to specific areas on your face!

Steam Nozzle Can Be Adjusted To 3 Different Angles
Steam Nozzle Can Be Adjusted To 3 Different Angles



Incompatible With Oils

Based on my research, this seems to be a concern with most facial steamers on the market. It’s too bad because oils can really enhance the steaming experience.


Final Words

Another facial steamer that’s small and easy to use. The 2 biggest positives with this unit are its price and the 100 ml capacity. Overall, a great option for anyone on a budget.


#3 Ecvision Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer

Reasonably priced, effective, quick, and best of all….it comes with a free blackhead extractor kit!

With An 18 Second Start Up, This Is The Quickest Facial Steamer I Have Seen!
With An 18 Second Start Up, This Is The Quickest Facial Steamer I Have Seen!



18 Seconds To Start Up!

Is this the best facial steamer? Not sure, but it definitely is the quickest. 18 seconds is all it takes to start firing steam….brilliant!

Blackhead Extractor Kit

I love free things! Included with the steamer is a blackhead remover kit that comes with 5 differently sized tools/needles. One of the reasons I steam is to soften my skin so I can easily extract blackheads. Having a free extractor come directly with the steamer is perfect because it saves me a couple $$$ from buying an extractor tool!

You Get A Free Blackhead Extractor Kit!
You Get A Free Blackhead Extractor Kit!

Price Is On Point!

Don’t know about you but the less I pay, the happier I stay!



12 Minute Run Time

The unit will only run for about 12 minutes at any given time, and this is due to the small 70 ml water capacity. Is it a big deal? Yes, if you plan on doing longer steaming sessions. It really depends on you. For me, 80-100 ml is a minimum when picking a facial steamer.

No Built In Temperature Control

Kind of a big deal because it concerns safety. There doesn’t seem to be any temperature control to keep the steam from exceeding 104 F, so in essence the steam could increase in temperature and get hot enough to actually burn you. That’s why you really have to be cautious as you use the device. The manufacturer recommends maintaining a distance of about 7-8” from the nozzle head.


Final Words

This Ecvision facial steamer may not come with a whole lot of features or even capacity for that matter, but considering how much it costs with the free blackhead extractor included….it’s a bargain!


Here’s A Quick Comparison Of All 3 Steamers!

Facial SteamerCapacity/VolumeApproximate Start-Up TimeBuilt In Temperature ControlAdjustable Steam NozzleAdditional FeaturesPrice
Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer

Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer
80 ml30 secondsYesNoCosmetic Mirror$$$ - CLICK TO CHECK LATEST PRICING ON AMAZON
Kingdom Beauty Facial Steamer

Kingdom Beauty Steamer
100 ml30 secondsNoAdjustable To 3 AnlgesCosmetic Mirror$$ - CLICK TO CHECK LATEST PRICING ON AMAZON
Ecvision Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer

70 ml18 secondsNoNoFree Blackhead Extractor Kit$ - CLICK TO CHECK LATEST PRICING ON AMAZON


4 Tips To Consider When Using A Facial Steamer

As much as I love steam treatment, I must continue to remind myself of the dangers of improper use. Let’s talk about 4 operational tips when it comes to facial steamers specifically!

#1 Speak To Your Doctor Before You Begin!

Check With Your Doc!
Check With Your Doc!

Sounds far fetched or excessive, right? Wrong! It’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor before commencing any treatment, even if it appears completely harmless. You lose nothing from speaking to your doctor, except maybe some time. And what do you have to gain? A lot! For example, maybe there’s some medication you take that doesn’t bode well with heat, what do you think would be the repercussions to steaming? Even worse if you have skin conditions such as acne.

See where i’m going with this? Do yourself a favor and speak to your doc!

#2 Always Be Cautious!

I think most people, myself included, can forget just how dangerous hot steam can be. Steam can burn you. Because it’s so important i’ll repeat that again, steam can burn you. For those of you still perplexed (hopefully you’re not!), being burnt by steam is actually worse than being burnt by boiling water at the same temperature (Source: UCSB Science Line). UCSB Science Line do an awesome job of explaining the science behind why this is. Channel your inner nerd and check out their article by clicking here.

Steam Can Cause Some Serious Damage!
Steam Can Cause Some Serious Damage!

#3 Don’t Overdo It!

We’ve talked about the benefits of facial steaming (see above), but we didn’t discuss the adverse effects. Over steaming is one of the main ones, so let’s talk about it for a minute. Too much steam can damage your skin. Think of the sun and heat. We all know how vital it is to get a healthy dose of sunshine everyday, but what happens when you overdo it? Your skin tans, and in some cases burns (AKA sunburns). Do it consistently for long enough, and you can end up with skin cancer. In no way, am I suggesting this will be the case with facial steaming. All i’m saying is an excess of of steam is not good and will damage your skin. So how do you find the perfect routine? You start of slow, and then build if you have to. Start with once per 2 weeks, and see how your skin reacts. Increase the frequency slowly as required.

#4 Follow The Instructions!

If people paid attention to instructions, there wouldn’t be as many consumer electronic failures. Why is this a big deal with facial steamers specifically? Because not all devices are the same. For example some steamers allow the use of herbal or scented oils, while others don’t. This is just one of the many examples. I hope you see theĀ  point. That being said, follow the instructions and stick to what the manufacturer recommends!

Do Yourself A Favor & Read It!
Do Yourself A Favor & Read It!


3 Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Steamers

Question #1: What is the best facial steamer for acne?

Answer: Any of the 3 recommended products (see above) will work fine. It’s hard to pick a favorite from the 3, but i will say I really like the Okachi Gliya. Also, it’s important to remember that steaming alone will not clear your acne!

Question #2: How often should I steam?

Answer: Just as our bodies react differently, so does our skin. One person may be fine to steam once to twice a week, while this may not be the case for another person with sensitive skin. So how often should you steam? It depends on how your skin reacts. Your best bet is to start of slow, as mentioned in tip #3 above.

Question #3: Can I add medication or oil to the water tank?

Answer: You’ll have to read the instructions to see what the manufacturer recommends. The 3 steamers recommended above will not take oils of any kind. I am yet to find a steamer that does take oils. Leave me a comment if you know of any!


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