3 Best Gaming Massage Chairs In 2019!

I Kick Butt When I’m Most Comfortable! (Backed By Science!)

5 years ago I used to be a pretty hardcore gamer. Hours upon hours I used to sit in front of the television perfecting my skills on the FIFA series. Of course the litmus test was when my buddies would come over on the weekend for a FIFA tourney. Pizza, drinks, FIFA, and banter are all you really need to have an awesome Saturday!

What's Your Favorite Video Game!?
What’s Your Favorite Video Game!?

I remember how each of us would attentively set up our teams by adjusting tactics, formations, and lineups. But we all know configurations can only take you so far! When it comes to winning in video games, it basically boils down to skill, experience, and focus. The latter is what I want to expand on.

When you’re in the thick of things, attention and focus are the 2 things that usually determine the outcome of a high-stakes video game!

But what do gaming chairs have to do with enhancing attention and focus? Well a lot actually! Next time you’re playing online or against a friend, pay attention to how you’re sitting and what you’re sitting on. If you’re slouch on a couch, you’ll notice you’re not playing anywhere as good as you could be. On the flip-side, if your spine is erect and straight, you’re already much more focused!

Oh and if you think i’m just spewing a load of trash, here’s an article from labroots that talks about how sitting up straight can improve mental focus.

So if you wanna kick butt in video games, you need to make sure you’re sitting as straight as you can, while still maintaining an element of comfort. And that’s where gaming massage chairs come into play!

A Gamer's Paradise!
A Gamer’s Paradise! (And Cat’s Love Them Too!)

If you’re a serious gamer, investing in a gaming chair is a no brainer. Remember, it’s the small details that decide the tightly contested match ups! And even if I did lose, I’d rather freak out comfortably seated while getting a massage, than on a wonky couch with torn upholstery!


My 3 Favorite Gaming Massage Chairs On Amazon!

Here’s a list (with pros and cons) of my 3 best gaming massage chairs on Amazon. Later on we’ll do a comparison to see how they all stack up!

Important: The chairs listed below are manufactured and assembled in China. Is this a bad thing? No not necessarily. The quality (unlike what most people think!) you get for the price you pay is actually pretty good!

#1 VON RACER Reclining Gaming Massage Chair

VON RACER Gaming Massage Chair
VON RACER Gaming Massage Chair

A sleek and beautifully designed chair that comes in 2 color schemes: black and gray. Its spacious seating area (20.8”W X 22.0”D) coupled with the extra high backrest (32.7”H) make it the perfect choice for both small and large individuals. It’s also got an electric massager implanted in the lumbar cushion!

    • Price—Compared to other gaming massage chairs, the Von Racer is definitely more reasonably priced.
    • Solid—Because it’s designed with an integrated heavy duty metal frame, it’s able to support up to 350 lbs in weight!
    • Adjustable/Lockable Recline—The chair can be reclined and locked at an angle anywhere from 90-155 degrees.
    • Integrated Rocking—The chair has an integrated rocking feature which allows you to rock 10/20 degrees.
    • Limited Warranty—The biggest negative about the Von Racer is its limited 1 year warranty period.

#2 Blue Whale Gaming Massage Chair

Blue Whale Gaming Massage Chair
Blue Whale Gaming Massage Chair

Costs a bit more than the Von Racer, but this gaming chair from Blue Whale does have some added improvements. For example, it can accommodate heavier individuals up to a maximum of 400 lbs. What’s also neat is how the armrest can be adjusted in all 3 dimensions i.e. up and down, left and right, and back and forth.

    • Comfy Seat—The seat on this chair is surrounded by composite leather with a 4.7” thick layer of high density sponge!
    • Highly Adjustable—In addition to adjusting the armrests in 3 dimensions, you can also adjust seat height, and backrest tilt.
    • Looks Amazing—With a clean solid black look, the Blue Whale is one of the better looking chairs you can find online!
    • A Little Expensive—More expensive than the Von Racer, but not by too much!
    • Armrests Lack Padding—Chairs with padded armrests are a lot more comfortable than those without. This in my opinion is the biggest shortcoming of the Blue Whale!

#3 Next Technology 6 Point Vibrating Gaming Massage Chair

Next Technology Gaming Massage Chair
Next Technology Gaming Massage Chair

An unconventional gaming chair at least in terms of how it looks. In terms of massage, however, it’s pretty impressive. It’s got 6 vibrating points spread along the back that are responsible for providing a soothing vibrational massage. It can also recline backwards and swivel 360 degrees. In terms of price, it’s definitely one of the more cheaper options!

    • Incredible Massage Capabilities—Compared to the other chairs, this one from Next Technology does a far better job at massaging the entire back!
    • Surprisingly Cheap—A cheaper option when compared to some of the other chairs we’ve already discussed.
    • Restrictive Recline—It can only recline from 98 to about 125 degrees. A far cry from the 155 degrees we saw in the previous 2 chairs!
    • Doesn’t Have That Gaming Chair Look/Feel—If anything, it looks more like an office or conference room style chair. What do you think?


Here’s How The 3 Chairs Compare Against Each Other!

Von Racer Comparison

Von Racer

  • Price: $$$
  • Massage: Implanted Vibrational Massager
  • Recline: 90-155 degrees
  • Seat Area: 20.8”W X 22.0”D
  • Maximum Weight: 350 lbs

Next Technology Comparison

Next Technology

  • Price: $$
  • Massage: 6 Point Vibrational Massage
  • Recline: 98-125 degrees
  • Seat Area: 21.3”W X 26.8”D
  • Maximum Weight: 331 lbs

Blue Whale Gaming Chair

Blue Whale

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Massage: Implanted Vibrational Massager
  • Recline: 90-155 degrees
  • Seat Area: 20.86”W X 22.04”D
  • Maximum Weight: 400 lbs

As you can see from the table above, all 3 chairs are slightly different from each another. Which is why it’s so difficult to pick one over the other!

It really comes down to what’s important to you specifically.

If you want the cheapest option, then go for the Next Technology. If you want the best in terms of aesthetics and color schemes, go for the Blue Whale or the Von Racer. If you want the best adjustability, then your best bet is the Blue Whale!

Hope this all makes sense. If not, drop me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before buying!


10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Massage Chair!

In my mind, there’s 10 things one should consider before buying a gaming massage chair. These are:

#1 Price!

It all comes down to price in the end! Before you consider anything, you must understand how much you’re looking to spend. Some people are comfortable spending only a maximum of $100, and nothing more. Others are more flexible and willing to push up to $150 or $200 even.

Determine your budget and don’t budge from it!

#2 Aesthetics—Looks Matter!

Functionality definitely comes first for me, but aesthetics is also important, especially when talking gaming chairs. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong here. Pick whatever you like in terms of color and design. However, I do have a few tips for you:

Try Go For Darker Shades—The reasoning behind this is that lighter shades “appear” more dirtier over time. In that sense, they’re a bit of a pain to maintain.
Consider Picking Something That Matches—If you can find a chair that matches or complements your existing furniture, nothing like it!
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

#3 Adjustability—Because Not Everyone Is The Same Size!

User flexibility is one of the biggest things to consider before buying ANY chair (not just a gaming chair!). Adjustability and user flexibility kinda go hand in hand. Because if a chair can be adjusted to suit specific body types, we generally say it’s more user friendly, and vice versa. Specific things you should be looking out for are:

    • Seat Height—How far up or down can the seat be adjusted? The larger the range, the better!
    • Recline—Can the chair be reclined backwards to a more relaxed angle? If so, what are these angles?
    • Armrests—Can the armrest height be adjusted? If so, what is the range? Can the armrests be adjusted in other directions?
    • Seat Area—How big is the seat area, and is it built to suit smaller or larger individuals?
    • Maximum Load—What is the maximum weight the chair can safely handle? Most manufacturers provide this value.
Seat Area Is An Important Consideration
Seat Area Is An Important Consideration!

#4 Comfort—After All, This Is A Gaming Chair!

What’s the use of buying a chair if it ain’t comfortable to sit on—none whatsoever! When it comes to gaming chairs, comfort is especially important. Consider the fact that you’ll be sitting on this thing for several hours, so at the very least it’s gotta be comfortable! How do you ensure you pick a comfortable chair? Here’s some things to look out for:

    • Seat Padding—Look for high density sponge seat cushions. The thicker the cushion, the better!
    • Lumbar Supports/Cushion—Chairs with lumbar supports help cushion and keep your spine in shape.
    • Headrest Supports—By supporting the head and neck, you effectively reduce stress and strain.
    • Armrest Padding—It’s always more comfortable to rest your arms on a soft padding than on hard material!
    • Extendable Foot Rest—For those long intense gaming sessions, sometimes all you wanna do is kick back and relax. A chair with an extendable foot rest is an added bonus!
The Thicker The Cushion, The Better!
The Thicker The Cushion, The Better!

#5 Online Or In-Store—Where Should You Buy?

Chairs are like shoes and clothes; it’s always advantageous to try it out before buying. That being said, there isn’t as much selection when you buy in-store compared to online. These days the choices and options you get when buying online are insane, and i’m not just talking about chairs….literally everything!

Online Vs In-Store comes down to whether you’re willing to sacrifice cost and choice for being able to try something before you buy it!

Everyone’s different to this regard, so don’t be fooled into thinking there’s a right or wrong here!

#6 Massage Capabilities

In an attempt to keep costs at a minimum, manufacturers have limited the massage capabilities for gaming chairs down to the bare minimum. If you’re paying $100-200 for a chair, don’t expect to be blown away when it comes to massage! Most chairs have a built in massager on the lumbar cushion that provides vibrational massage. Unless you’re willing to spend the big bucks, don’t expect something more.

Vibrational Massager Implanted Inside Lumbar Cushion

#7 Assembly & Setup (Can Be A Real Nightmare If Not Properly Considered!)

For those who’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll know how much I despise assembly and setup. If there’s one thing I absolutely detest, it’s picking up an installation guide and trying to figure out what goes where. One of my biggest pet peeves!

When I’m in the market for a massage chair (or really any other chair for that matter!), I make it a habit to verify how much is required for assembly and install beforehand. I’m not saying I won’t buy a chair just because it’s a pain to install and setup, but I just want to be aware of the fact so I know what to expect, and if I need any extra tools.

This is advice I strongly recommend you follow as well!

Or you could pay the extra $$$ to have someone install it for you!

#8 Warranty—Because Things Tend To Break!

It absolutely sucks when you buy something you’re so excited about, only to see it become defective a couple days upon arrival.

Unfortunately, this is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives!

However, the silver lining is that warranty in most cases should have you well covered. And that brings me to my next point! Warranty is something you should always pay attention to, just because you never know when something can become defective. Obviously, the longer the warranty period, the better!

#9 Heat Therapy (Bonus!)

Heat therapy is a bonus, as I’ve not seen many gaming massage chairs that come equipped with lower back heating elements. In that sense, it’s a bit of a rarity. Heat therapy not only feels good on the lower back, but it also helps relieve and loosen up tightness.

#10 Reviews (An Absolute Must!)

This goes without saying. It’s always a good idea to read up on reviews before making a purchase. If you’re buying online from Amazon for example, there’s usually a good selection of honest, trustworthy reviews that go over the product pros and cons in great detail. It’s in your best interest to spend time reading some of these reviews before buying!

And don’t forget to return the favor yourself! If and when you buy a product, be sure to also post a review sharing your honest experience. This helps everyone!


6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) When It Comes To Gaming Massage Chairs!

Question #1: How Do I Know The Chair Will Properly Fit Me?

Well there’s no easy way to do this. If you want to play it safe, your best bet is to take note of the chair’s measurements, specifically seat area, seat height etc. Once you know this, you’ll have a better idea understanding how well/poorly your body fits the chair. It’s also important you don’t exceed the suggested maximum weight load for a chair!

Question #2: What If I’m Not Satisfied With The Chair?

Most manufacturers/distributors offer a free money back policy within a certain timeline. However, it’s up to you to read and confirm from the fine print before buying. Another thing: if you don’t like the chair, don’t “dilly dally” over whether you should return it or not. Make a decision so you’re not wasting time!

Question #3: How Do I Properly Clean My Chair?

90% of all gaming massage chairs are made using PVC faux leather (AKA synthetic leather). Maintaining and cleaning faux leather is pretty straightforward. I use a damp cloth lightly soaked in dish soap and warm water to give the chair a good wipe down. Works like a charm every time!

Question #4: I Hate Putting Things Together. Can I Pay Extra $$$ For Assembly & Install?

It really depends. Some sellers offer install and setup at an extra cost, some don’t. You’ll have to confirm with the seller before buying to know for sure. Is it worth paying the extra $$$ for assembly? Again, depends who you ask. Some people don’t think so, I certainly do!

Question #5: Do The Wheels On These Chairs Typically Lock?

Unfortunately all of the gaming massage chairs discussed in this post do not come with lockable wheels. This isn’t too big a deal if your chair is placed on carpeted flooring, as the wheels won’t move much. It does however become a lot more significant if you’re planning on placing the chair directly on the floor, as it tends to “slide” around a lot more.

Question #6: Is It Comfortable To Sit On For 8 Hours Straight? Will I Sweat Because Of The Synthetic Leather?

8 hours is honestly pushing it. If you sit on anything for 8 hours straight, you won’t be comfortable, let alone a gaming chair! If your current gaming sessions go for 8 hours straight with no break, you need to change that. Get up stretch a little, maybe take a washroom break even!

With respect to the sweating, I’d say it depends from person to person. However, a lot of people have noted an increase in sweat when they sit on chairs made from faux leather.


Final Words!

While there’s plenty of gaming chairs in the market, many of them lack the massaging capabilities. The chairs that are able to massage, can only do the very basic vibrational massage.

In that sense gaming massage chairs are still very much in their early days!

The idea of getting a back massage while kicking butt in call of duty is still very much a new idea. As the years progress, I expect to see a lot more options for consumers, and specifically I expect to see a major leap in the massage technology used in these chairs. In fact, I wouldn’t be completely surprised to eventually see a gaming chair with a simple set of rollers and a couple airbags!

Till then however, we’ll have to make do with what’s currently available in the market. I hope you enjoyed reading and got some value out of this post. If you did, a share on the social platforms would go a long way in helping support this website. Lastly, please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or comments!

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