Cozzia 16028 Shiatsu Massage Chair Review (***Product Has Been Discontinued***)

Cozzia 16028 Shiatsu Massage Chair (***Product Has Been Discontinued***)


Back Massage


Foot Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • Fantastic User Flexibility As It's Able To Accommodate A Maximum Of 300 Lbs Weight!
  • A Well Designed Manual Mode Allows Users To Really Target Specific Pain Points!
  • A Basic Massage Chair That's Incredibly Easy To Operate!


  • Power Consumption Is Slightly On The Higher Side
  • Lacks Kneading Foot Rollers

To Begin With, Who Exactly Are Cozzia?

Cozzia are a US company based out of southern California. Their area of focus includes massage chairs, lift chairs, and foot and calf massagers. Concerning massage chairs, Cozzia have about 16 different models currently available to the consumer.

Here’s a fun fact: Cozzia are actually a subsidiary of Ogawa!

For those who don’t know, Ogawa are a well known massage chair company that’s based out of China. As such, you can expect to see a lot of similarities between Cozzia and Ogawa chairs. In many ways, Cozzia is a brand of Ogawa made specifically for the North American consumer. Before we go any further in this review, you should know:

All Cozzia chairs are manufactured in Xiamen, China.

Overall, these guys have been around for a couple decades, so you can expect a high quality product with a reasonable price tag!


Now Let’s Talk About The Cozzia 16028!

Simply put, Cozzia 16028 is your basic massage chair. If you’re in the market for something small and simple, the Cozzia 16028 might be right up your alley!

As far as overall intensity is concerned, the Cozzia 16028 gives a relaxing to moderate massage.

Cozzia 16028 Massage Intensity


Here’s 5 Things You Should Know About This Chair!

#1 It Comes Equipped With 2D Rollers

Rollers are an integral part to any massage chair. A well designed set of rollers translates to a positive massage experience; the opposite is true for rollers that are poorly designed. Roller technology is constantly evolving. Today, there are 3 main types:

  • 2D Rollers—Common to 70% of massage chairs, 2D are the most simple of all rollers.
  • 3D Rollers—Slightly more advanced than 2D are 3D rollers. 3D rollers are capable of achieving deep tissue intensities.
  • 4D Rollers—Chairs equipped with 4D rollers are pretty expensive. This is the closest a massage chair will get to mimicking the “human touch”.

The Cozzia 16028 uses 2D roller technology. The theory behind 2D rollers is pretty simple: 2D means 2 dimensions, so essentially 2D rollers move in 2 dimensions: up/down and side to side. The image below illustrates this point.

2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right
2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right

Should I not consider a chair with 3D/4D rollers instead?”

I always get the same question time and again from different people. “Should I not buy a chair with 3D/4D rollers?” or “Aren’t 3D/4D roller chairs better than 2D chairs?”

In my honest opinion, I don’t think it’s fair to compare a 3D or 4D chair to a 2D chair. The difference in technology doesn’t make it a fair comparison. Think of it this way: would you compare Apple’s 2015 iPhone model with the one from 2018? No, because the technology isn’t identical. Yes you may compare the 2018 iPhone with a 2018 Samsung equivalent, as both would have similar technology and function.

As far as massage chairs are concerned, you should only compare 2D to 2D, 3D to 3D, and 4D to 4D!

2D rollers are definitely an older technology, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good or you shouldn’t buy them. In fact majority of massage chairs sold today still use 2D rollers. They work well, consume less power, and give a fantastic massage, believe it or not!

#2 It Has A Total Of 22 Airbags

The Cozzia 16028 massage chair has a total of 22 airbags, and majority of these are located in the leg and feet region. For your information, the image below shows the exact location of all 22 airbags.

Cozzia 16028 Airbag Locations

In case you didn’t know, airbags serve 2 main purposes:

  • They become inflated with air and provide a compression style massage.
  • They become inflated with air, and are used to hold the body in place for stretch routines.

The airbags are located in 3 regions: neck, seat, and leg. The airbag intensity in this chair can be varied to 3 different levels, and the way this works is by region.

For example, let’s say you wanted a strong compression massage on the legs and feet, but a moderate intensity on the neck and seat, you would adjust the leg region as high intensity, and leave the other 2 regions on low or medium.

#3 Zero Gravity Recline & More!

It’s harder to find a massage chair without zero gravity than it is to find one with; zero gravity seems to be a standard feature these days.

For the sake of those who don’t know, zero gravity is simply a recline position in which your legs are at a slightly elevated position with respect to your heart. NASA were the ones who first came up with this position for their astronauts flying to space. It’s thought to be the position in which the body experiences the least stresses and strains.

Cozzia 16028 Zero Gravity

The Cozzia 16028 has zero gravity, as well as several other recline positions:

Angle Adjustment For The Legs & Calves
The Cozzia 16028 gives you the option to adjust the leg rest recline angle. There’s 2 buttons on the remote: a recline leg button and a lift leg button. Both can be adjusted to help you find a desirable angle.
Angle Adjustment For The Chair Itself
This gives you the option to adjust recline angle for the entire chair. There’s 2 buttons on the remote: a sit up button and a recline button. If you want to recline further back, push on the recline button.
One Touch Zero Gravity Recline
This is for the person who doesn’t wanna mess around with recline angles, but just wants the chair to be reclined to zero gravity. You can activate the zero gravity recline by pushing the “ZGR” button.

#4 It Has A Total Of 5 Auto Programs

This chair has 5 auto massage routines to choose from:

  • Comfort
  • Stretch
  • Healthcare
  • Relax
  • Full Air

How does it work? You simply select one of the 5 auto routines from the remote control, and the result is a full body massage.

In addition to full body auto massage routines, this chair also has an awesome manual mode. You can select from a variety of massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, clapping, and rolling. Another cool feature is something called “spot”.

Essentially “spot” is a feature that allows a user to pick a spot to massage on any part of the back. Spot can be activated while a massage routine is already in progress.

#5 Chromotherapy Lighting & Lumbar Heating

Chromotherapy lighting and lumbar heating are 2 features present in the Cozzia 16028.

Depending on who you ask, chromotherapy lighting is either awesome or completely useless. If you ask me, I lean more towards the latter. It’s definitely cool to have colored lighting, but it’s not something I specifically go looking for when shopping for massage chairs!

Lumbar heating on the other hand is something I definitely look for. Integrated heating pads in the lower back area help loosen up the muscles so the rollers can massage more effectively.

Cozzia 16028 Heat Therapy


A Few Of The Things I Like & Dislike About This Chair!

What I Like (Pros)

A Simple Design That Works Well
Not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on a massage chair. Granted this isn’t the cheapest chair out there, but it’s still significantly cheaper than most. Most people will look at its simplicity as a shortcoming, but I think it could actually be a good thing, especially if all you’re looking for is a basic massage chair and nothing more.
The User Flexibility Is Pretty Good!
One thing I love about Cozzia chairs is that they all usually have fantastic user flexibility. This chair specifically can accommodate a height range of about 5’2 – 6’3. Pretty darn good if you ask me. As far as weight is concerned, 300 lbs is the maximum weight this chair can hold. Definitely a good height and weight range to accommodate a variety of body types!
I Like The Flexibility In Manual Mode
In my massage chair, auto routines are what I use 80-90% of the time, but there are occasions when I’ll test a chairs’ capabilities in manual mode. That being said, this chair doesn’t disappoint in manual operation. You can pick from several different massage techniques and adjust parameters such as roller speed, strength, and width. As mentioned previously, there’s also a really cool feature known as spot massage which allows a user to select any area on the back to specifically target the rollers.

What I Don’t Like (Cons)

Power Consumption Concerns Me
I’m a little disappointed that the power consumption is 220 W. For a chair with 2D rollers and only 22 airbags, I’d expect to see a much lesser power consumption. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it’s worth making note of so you’re aware in case you choose to buy.
No Kneading Foot Rollers
I’m big on a good foot massage, and that’s why I think kneading foot rollers are a must have when considering a massage chair. While the Cozzia 16028 does have airbags to massage the feet, it unfortunately doesn’t come with kneading foot rollers. In my mind, this is a definite shortcoming.


Cozzia 16028 Specifications

  • Cozzia 16028 Specs
  • Roller Type: 2D S-Track
  • Roller Length: 30 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 22
  • Upright Dimensions (L x W x H): 55” x 30” x 44”
  • Full Recline Dimensions (L x W x H): 66” x 30” x 34”
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’2 – 6’3 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 300 lbs
  • Power Usage: 220 Watts


How Does The Cozzia 16028 Compare To Other Chairs?

Since this is a chair with 2D rollers, let’s compare it to two other 2D chairs that are in a similar price range. Specifically, we will be comparing it to the Osaki 4000T and the APEX Pro Ultra. Both are awesome chairs in their own right, so I fully expect them to give the Cozzia 16028 a run for its money!

  • Cozzia 16028
  • 30'' S-Track

    Roller Track Span
  • No

    Kneading Foot Rollers
  • $$

  • No

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • 5’2 – 6’3 ft & 300 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 5

    Auto Modes
  • 22

  • Chromotherapy Lights Only

    Music & Chromotherapy Lights
  • Osaki OS 4000T
  • 30'' S-Track

    Roller Track Span
  • Yes

    Kneading Foot Rollers
  • $$$

  • No

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • 5’2 - 6’4 ft & 265 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 6

    Auto Modes
  • 38

  • No

    Music & Chromotherapy Lights
  • APEX AP Pro Ultra
  • 50'' L-Track

    Roller Track Span
  • Yes

    Kneading Foot Rollers
  • $$$

  • Yes

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • 5’0 - 6’3 ft & 265 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 5

    Auto Modes
  • 30

  • Music Only

    Music & Chromotherapy Lights

Key Difference #1: Roller Track Span

Roller track span is simply the distance a set of rollers can traverse. L-Track rollers are superior to S-Track rollers in that they can traverse a much longer distance from neck to glutes.

For this comparison, it’s pretty easy to see who the clear winner is!

If you guessed the APEX Pro Ultra, you’d be absolutely spot on! APEX’s Pro Ultra has a whopping 50” roller track range, whereas both the Osaki 4000T and the Cozzia 16028 have 30” rollers.

Key Difference #2: Kneading Foot Rollers

Here’s another big difference worth noting. Both the APEX Pro Ultra and the 4000T boast kneading foot rollers. Cozzia 16028 is unfortunately lacking this important feature.

APEX’s Pro Ultra doesn’t stop there of course, it has calf rollers too. And I can tell you from experience that calf rollers are incredibly rare to find in a massage chair. Another win for the Pro Ultra!

Key Difference #3: Price

Price for all 3 chairs are about the same. Current prices are as follows:

  • Cozzia 16028—Currently retails for $1,999 on massage chairs.
  • Osaki 4000T—Currently retails for $2,295 on massage chair deals.
  • APEX Pro Ultra—Currently retails for $2,399 on massage chair deals.

Based on current pricing, the Cozzia 16028 is the cheapest from all 3. Keep in mind, prices are subject to change, and it’s very likely they will!

Key Difference #4: Overall Intensity

From all 3, the chair that gives the most intense massage is the APEX Pro Ultra. In fact, it’s capable of massaging at deep tissue intensities. Both the 4000T and Cozzia 16028 are capable of massaging at a relaxing to moderate intensity.

Higher overall intensity doesn’t necessarily equal better!

It all depends on what you want. Not everyone wants a deep tissue massage, so for them it makes sense to go for a chair that does low to moderate intensities. This is a rookie mistake I see lots of people making. People get all hyped up because they see a chair that can do deep tissue massage, only to find out it’s not what they want because it’s way too intense for their body to handle.

Key Difference #5: User Flexibility (Height & Weight)

Height and weight are the 2 things to look at when evaluating how flexible a massage chair is. The larger the height and weight range, the better!

  • Osaki 4000T—Can accommodate users ranging from 5’2-6’4 with a maximum weight of 265 lbs.
  • APEX Pro Ultra—Can accommodate users ranging from 5’0-6’3 with a maximum weight of 265 lbs.
  • Cozzia 16028—Can accommodate users ranging from 5’2-6’3 with a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

They’re all relatively similar with one exception. Cozzia 16028 is able to accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs. If you’re on the heavier side, this becomes a definite plus point!


Moment Of Truth: Should You Buy The Cozzia 16028?

Now that we’ve looked at all the features in great detail, as well as done a side by side comparison with 2 comparable chairs, let’s talk about whether you should or shouldn’t buy the Cozzia 16028.

And the final word is……..PASS!

The Cozzia 16028 is a decent chair, no question about it. My problem is that the price doesn’t quite reflect what you’re getting. We saw 2 similarly priced chairs that offered a lot more than the Cozzia 16028. In order for me to consider the 16028, the price would need to be around $500 less. Otherwise it’s an absolute no brainer that I’d pick something else!

If not the Cozzia 16028, what chair should I consider?

If you can afford spending a couple hundred more, I would seriously recommend you consider the APEX Pro Ultra. It’s a far more superior chair than the 16028, as we’ve seen with some of the comparisons above. I’ve done a full review of the Pro Ultra which you can check out by clicking here. If you want to read more about the Pro Ultra on massage chair deals, feel free to check out the link below.


Affiliate Disclaimer

If you choose to buy a chair by using any of the affiliate links placed in this post, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you feel I’ve “earned” the commission, then definitely feel free to go ahead and use my links!


Feel Free To Contact Me Should You Have Any More Questions About This Chair!

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about the Cozzia 16028 or any chair for that matter, please leave me a comment below and i’ll be sure to get you an answer. If you want to know more about the technical aspects of the chair, I definitely recommend you check out the user manual.

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