Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot/Calf Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • Incredible 49'' SL-Track Rollers Give One Heck Of A Back Massage!
  • With All Its Features, Power Consumption Is A Modest 200 W!
  • One Of The Best Stretch Modes You Can Find In A Massage Chair!


  • Stupendously Expensive! The Pricing Is Way Off!

A Legend Once Upon A Time!

Today we go down memory lane as we look at one of the most legendary massage chairs of the 21st century. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Infinity Iyashi!

One of the most popular massage chairs in whole of Asia!

The Iyashi was released in 2013 which makes it almost 6 years old. These days it’s incredibly hard to get your hands on one, however there are still a few places which have them in stock (more on this later!). Without further ado, let’s look at some of the key features that helped propel the Iyashi to legendary status!

Note: as you go through the list below, it’s important to remember that the Iyashi was released in 2013. In 2019, massage chairs are much more technologically advanced.


Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair: 7 Key Features!

#1 49” Roller Stroke (SL-Track)

You hear the term “rollers” being tossed around in the massage chair world.

What the heck are rollers?

Rollers are a mechanical contraption that usually consist of 4 “doughnut” shaped discs. It’s these “doughnut” shaped discs that are responsible for delivering massage. In fact if you’ve ever used a massage chair, you’ll have felt these discs all over your back.

Because of how important they are to the massage experience, rollers determine how good/bad a chair is!

Infinity Iyashi Quad Rollers
Here’s What Rollers Typically Look Like!

The Infinity Iyashi is equipped with quad rollers that have a 49” track. In other words, the rollers can traverse a total of 49” from the neck all the way down to the glutes and hamstrings. This  technology is commonly referred to as “L-Track”. Why “L-Track”? If you look at the roller track/path, you’ll see it makes an “L” shape.

Infinity Iyashi Roller Length
In 2019, It’s No Longer The Largest Stroke!

But it doesn’t end there. Infinity have also designed the rollers to tightly conform and contour to the spine’s natural “S” shape. As the rollers slide down your back, they always make maximum contact to provide the most effective massage. This technology is often referred to as “S-Track”. When you combine both S-Track and L-Track features, you get what’s called an SL-Track. This is the best roller track technology you can find on a massage chair today! But what about the 49” distance? 

Is 49” the largest stroke length you can find on a massage chair today?

No it’s not. Back in 2013 when the Iyashi was released, 49” was probably the largest stroke length. Today in 2019 there are chairs that have a 53” track length! This aligns exactly with what I said earlier about how so much has changed since 2013 to now in terms of massage chair technology!

#2 38 Airbags

Airbags are inflatable pouches that fill with compressed air. As they simultaneously inflate/deflate, the airbags provide a compression massage.

In essence, it’s like your muscles are being squeezed at a high pressure. If you’ve ever had your blood pressure taken at the Doctor’s office, this feels incredibly similar. Imagine the same feeling but on your shoulders, arms, legs, hips, and feet!

The 38 airbags are located in different areas such as the legs and feet, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Infinity Iyashi Foot Airbags
Infinity Iyashi Shoulder Airbag
Infinity Iyashi Arm Airbags

Majority of the 38 airbags are located in the calves and feet region. There’s a reason for this. Even with an extended 49” track, the rollers are limited in how far they can reach. For most people, roller coverage will end at the hamstrings.

That means there is no roller massage from the hamstrings onward, or in other words there is  no massage on the calves and feet. This is why it’s so common to find 60-70% of airbags located in the calf/feet region.

And mind you, this is something you see in all chairs, not just the Infinity Iyashi!

#3 Forward Sliding Base

The forward sliding base is a really cool feature of the Infinity Iyashi. The chair slides forward by 12” upon being powered on!

Infinity Iyashi Forward Sliding Base

What benefit does this have?

For one it looks really cool, and two, it saves a ton of clearance space from the back of the wall. It may not have been as common in 2013, but space saving technology is something that most massage chairs have in 2019. That being said, props to Infinity for being one of the first chair manufacturers to integrate space saving technology to their designs!

#4 Lower Back Heat Therapy

99% of all massage chairs are fitted with heating elements on the lower back area. That being said, it doesn’t surprise me to also see this on the Infinity Iyashi.

Infinity Iyashi Lower Back Heating

I’ve always been a fan of hot massage. Not only does it feel good, but heated massage is a lot more effective than a standard massage without heat, as it alleviates pain and promotes circulation.

#5 Unrivaled Stretch Mode!

If there’s one thing Infinity chairs have become famous for, it’s their stretch modes!

It’s not that other chairs don’t have stretch routines, the difference is how incredibly well synchronized the stretch mode is in Infinity chairs!

It’s like clockwork! The airbags work together with the rollers and when both of these combine with the recline, you get an incredibly awesome full body stretch. One of my favorite programs to run both before and after a 90 minute soccer game!

#6 It Comes With 6 Auto Massage Programs

These are:

Extend—Basically the stretch mode we spoke about in #5. One of the best you can find on a massage chair!

Recovery—A low intense mode that works well after strenuous activity.

Relax—Same as recovery, this is a low intensity mode that’s particularly great for mornings and nights.

Refresh—A massage mode that focuses on the neck, back, and waist.

Upper Body—As the name suggests, this is an upper body routine (neck, back, shoulders).

Lower Body—A lower body routine that focuses specifically on the legs and feet.

#7 Can Be Controlled With Your Smart Phone!

As you can imagine this was probably a big deal when the Iyashi was released in 2013, as not many other chairs were capable of being controlled by a smart phone.

How does it work? All you gotta do is download the Iyashi application on your smartphone. The app is available for both androids and apple phones. Once you have the app installed, controlling the chair is actually pretty simple!

Infinity Iyashi Smartphone App


Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Specifications

  • Infinity Iyashi Specs
  • Roller Type: 2D SL-Track
  • Roller Length: 49 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 38
  • Upright Dimensions: 45″H x 33″W x 60″D
  • Recline Dimensions: 34″H x 33″W x 72″D
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’2 – 6’5 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 285 lbs
  • Power Usage: 200 Watts


Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Pros & Cons

Pros—A Few Things I Like About The Iyashi!

49'' SL-Track Is Still Fantastic!
In 2013 Infinity’s 49” was the longest roller stroke on a massage chair. Even though it doesn’t hold this record anymore, a 49” roller track is still pretty darn good even by today’s standards! And it’s not too far off the 53” which is the longest stroke I’ve yet to see.
Impressed By The Power Consumption!
For a chair that has SL-Track rollers, 38 airbags, 2 stages of zero gravity, and MP3 speakers, you’d expect power consumption to be fairly high. However, that’s not the case for the Infinity Iyashi. It consumes a modest 200 Watts, whereas most chairs today consume 250 W and more.
The Stretch Mode!
There’s not many chairs that can do a stretch routine as well as an Infinity chair can! If you ask me, this is the one area which Infinity continues to dominate. With the Iyashi, you get a full body extend mode. This is basically the massage chair equivalent of a full body Thai stretch. If you’ve ever been to Thailand and done a Thai massage, you’ll understand the intensity! It’s amazing how well the Iyashi is able to replicate the real thing!

Cons–A Few Things I Don’t Like About The Iyashi!

Price Should've Been Adjusted!
The Infinity Iyashi currently retails for $5,595 on massage chair deals. If we’re talking 6 years ago, this price tag probably makes sense given how technologically advanced the chair was back then. In 2019, $5,595 makes no sense whatsoever, whichever way you look at it. With this kind of $$$ you can buy an insanely good massage chair in today’s market (more on this below!).



How Simple Is The Infinity Iyashi To Operate?

The Iyashi’s remote control is one of the most simplest I’ve seen. All the buttons are well laid out, so it’s pretty easy to figure out how everything works. There’s also a decently sized display screen located on the topmost part of the remote.

Infinity Iyashi Remote Control Layout

There is another way to control the chair, and that is to download the Infinity app from the play/app store to your smartphone. I prefer controlling the chair directly from my phone to be honest, especially if I’m anyways gonna be pairing my phone to the Bluetooth MP3 speakers to play music.


How Does It Compare To Other Chairs That Have 2D Rollers & Extended Tracking?

The comparison test AKA the litmus test! We’re gonna be comparing the Iyashi to 3 other chairs:

  • APEX Pro Ultra—Click here to see the full review.
  • Osaki Pro Maxim—Click here to see the full review.
  • Osaki Pro Omni—Click here to see the full review.

All 3 chairs are similar to the Iyashi in that they’re equipped with 2D rollers with extended tracking capabilities. I’ve previously written detailed reviews for all 3 chairs. You can check them out by clicking the links above!

  • Infinity Iyashi
  • $$$$$

  • 49″ SL-Track

    Roller Track & Type
  • 6

    Auto Modes
  • 5’2 – 6’5 ft & 285 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • No

    Calf Rollers
  • Osaki Pro Omni
  • $$$$

  • 50″ L-Track

    Roller Track & Type
  • 6

    Auto Modes
  • 5’0 – 6’2 ft & 240 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • No

    Calf Rollers
  • APEX AP Pro Ultra
  • $$

  • 50″ L-Track

    Roller Track & Type
  • 5

    Auto Modes
  • 5’0 – 6’3 ft & 265 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • Yes

    Calf Rollers
  • Osaki Pro Maxim
  • $$$

  • 47″ SL-Track

    Roller Track & Type
  • 12

    Auto Modes
  • 5’1 – 6’4 ft & 285 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • No

    Calf Rollers


Should You Buy The Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair?

The hardest part of any review is making a final recommendation. There’s so many awesome chairs out there that it becomes hard to pick one over another. After giving it much thought, I provide a recommendation based on the exact decision I would take. All that being said……


And the main reason for this is price. Let’s look at the current pricing for all 4 chairs (pulled from massage chair deals):

  •   Infinity Iyashi---$5,595
  •   APEX Pro Ultra---$2,995
  •   Osaki Pro Maxim---$3,299
  •   Osaki Pro Omni---$3,499

The Iyashi is almost double the price of the Pro Omni, the 2nd most expensive chair from the list!

It’s not even close, it’s way off! No matter which way I look at it, I’m unable to justify the exorbitant price tag of the Iyashi. That being said, do yourself a favor and consider one of the other chairs.

Specifically, I recommend the Pro Maxim with 12 auto modes, and a 47” SL-Track. The Pro Ultra is also an excellent choice!

It’s the only chair from all 4 that has kneading calf rollers, and that’s game changing! You can check out both of these chairs on massage chair deals by clicking the links below.


If You Still Wanna Buy The Iyashi…

Because it’s an old chair, most places don’t even carry the Iyashi anymore. However, massage chair deals is one of the few places that does. Included in the $5,595 cost is a free extended 3 year warranty (which brings you up to 5 years!), and a free white glove delivery.

What is white glove delivery?

It’s basically a delivery option in which the chair is delivered, assembled, placed, and fully installed. In essence, everything is taken care of 100%, so you don’t have to do anything. White glove delivery is especially worth considering for larger chairs such as the Iyashi. Just to reiterate, white glove set up is included in the $5,595 price should you choose to buy from massage chair deals.


But Wait There’s One Last Thing I Need To Tell Ya!

What if I told you there’s a way you can save some extra $$$. Yes you heard that right! How does 5% off sound to ya? If you’re interested in buying a chair worth $3,500, 5% is basically $175 off! Granted it’s not a ton of money you save, but hey there’s 20 better things I can think of to use $175 on! How does it work?


Note: The code above works for any of the chairs on massage chair deals.

I’d like to also inform you that the links placed throughout this post are affiliate links. That means I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you choose to use my links to buy from massage chair deals. If you think I’ve done enough to deserve the commission, feel free to use my link!

Alright that’s it from me. I hope you got some value out of this review post. If you did, a share on the socials would be massively appreciated! See you guys in the next one!

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