Osaki OS Pro Maestro Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot/Calf Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • 4D SL-Track Rollers Make This About As Close As You Can Get To The "Real" Thing!
  • With All The Bells & Whistles, It Only Consumes 250W Of Power!
  • The Heated Roller System Is Akin To A Hot Stone Massage!
  • Oscillating Calf Airbags Work Incredibly Well At Promoting Lower Body Circulation!


  • It Comes With Quite The Price Tag!

The Lamborghini Of Massage Chairs!

Just like you can find exotic cars, you can find exotic massage chairs!

Expensive, luxurious, and technologically advanced are 3 words i’d use to describe the Pro Maestro.

In fact, it’s the most expensive massage chair I’ve yet to review. Is it worth the exorbitant price? Well, we will touch on all that a little later in this post. For now, let’s look at 8 key features that make this such an epic massage chair!


Osaki OS Pro Maestro Massage Chair: 8 Key Features

#1 It’s Got 4D Rollers With A Whopping 52.8” Track!

There’s a lot to talk about here, so let’s try to break it down piece by piece so it’s easy to understand. Let’s start with rollers. What are rollers?

Rollers are the most critical component to any massage chair!

If you’ve ever sat in a massage chair, you’ll have felt this contraption move all around your back, up, down and side to side; these are the rollers. Essentially they’re a set of mechanical wheels designed to intelligently massage the back!

Pro Maestro 4D Rollers

Today you can find 3 different types of roller technologies in massage chairs: 2D, 3D, and 4D.

2D is the most oldest and basic, 3D is somewhere in the middle, and 4D is the newest and most advanced roller technology!

Now let’s look at how each roller type works!

2D Rollers
2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right

This roller type moves in 2 dimensions. It moves along the vertical i.e. up and down, and along the horizontal i.e. side to side. 2D rollers are the most basic.

3D Rollers
Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!

The same as 2D rollers but with one difference. In addition to the vertical and horizontal motions, this roller type can also move inward/outward.

4D Rollers
Speed Control Is What Distinguishes 4D From 3D Rollers

4D rollers are the same as 3D rollers but with one difference. 4D rollers will automatically determine and adjust speed and rhythm at any given time.

There’s a lot of confusion between 3D and 4D and the differences between both, so let’s look at that in some more detail.

Can you not control speed in a 3D chair as well?

Yes, you absolutely can! However, in a 4D chair speed control is done automatically by the rollers. In other words, you don’t need to go in and physically change a setting. The difference with a 3D chair is that speed can only be changed physically on the remote.

4D rollers are therefore more “intelligent” than 3D rollers!

Pro Maestro 4D Roller Massage

A simple way of stating the difference is to say 4D rollers are simply closer to the “real thing” (AKA a human masseuse) compared to 3D rollers! Now that you have a basic understanding of roller technology, let’s look at roller track.

What is S-Track? What is L-Track? What is SL-Track?

When you hear of rollers with an “S-Track”, all it means is that the rollers are designed to track the natural “s” curvature of the spine. S-Track rollers usually start at the neck and end at the tailbone. Chairs with an S-Track have a tracking range typically anywhere from 25”-32”.
L-Track rollers do not have the tight spine contour that’s characteristic of S-Track. However, L-Track rollers do have a much larger track span in comparison. L-Track rollers usually start at the neck and end at the glutes or hamstrings even. Typical tracking range is anywhere from 47”-53”.
This sort of roller track ensures the best of both worlds i.e. the tight contour of S-Track combined with the extended range of L-Track. Just as 4D rollers are the most technologically advanced, SL track is the most advanced tracking system you can find on a massage chair!

Note: this is the first chair I’ve seen that has 4D rollers with an extended SL Track. You’ll see this later in the comparison section, but most chairs with 4D rollers are only S Track!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Extended Track
Osaki OS Pro Maestro has 4D rollers with a 52.8” SL Track!

#2 The Rollers Are Heated!

If you’ve been following my review posts, you’ll know how strongly I feel about heat therapy. In my opinion, it’s one of the few areas that’s often neglected by massage chair manufacturers.

What is heat therapy and why is it important?

Heat therapy is the application of heat to specific areas of the body. Heat is important because it loosens up the muscles, thereby resulting in a more effective massage experience.

How is the heat therapy on this chair different from others?

Majority of the massage chairs I’ve reviewed all have heating elements/pads integrated to the lumbar area. The Pro Maestro is different because it has no heating pads. Instead its 4D rollers heat up as they massage from the neck to the hamstrings. This is game changing, and here’s why!

  • Way Better Distribution—Because the rollers are essentially “heat traced”, your body experiences heat all over the neck, shoulders, back, glutes, and hamstrings. It’s night and day to the “overly concentrated” heat you would get by using heating pads!
  • The Effects Are Immediate—Because the heat source comes from the rollers itself, you experience an instantaneous hot massage.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Heated Roller Balls

#3 It Comes With A Total Of 8 Auto Programs

Auto massage routines are great because you don’t need to fuss around with manual settings. Simply push a button on the remote control and away you go! The 8 auto routine are:

Lady—A massage routine designed specifically for the female physique. Expect a soothing, relaxing massage!

Gentleman—Just like the ladies have their program, so do the men!

Relax—A low intensity routine designed to loosen up the muscles. Recommend this mode before sleep!

Scraping—In this mode, the rollers will move from the center of the back to the outer most regions.

Swing—One of my favorite modes in the Pro Maestro! The chair performs a massage while swinging back and forth. It’s like getting a massage while on a rocking chair!

Demo—Demo mode is essentially all the other 7 modes lumped into one. Who says you can’t have the best of everything!?

Shiatsu—True to its origins, Shiatsu is a massage technique designed to target and relieve pressure points in the back. Expect high intensity!

Stretch—In this mode, the airbags inflate to hold your legs, hips, and arms firmly in place, and then the chair automatically reclines and declines to stretch the body.

How do the auto routines work?

The remote control has a touch screen menu. “Auto” is one of the options you want to press from that menu. As you do this, another menu will load showing you all 8 auto modes to pick from. Pick from one, sit back, and relax!

Pro Maestro 8 Auto Programs

Note: you can also use the quick control keys located on the side of the inner armrest to cycle between auto modes.

#4 It’s Got 32 Airbags

Airbags are another critical component to a massage chair. Without airbags:

  • You have no air compression massage. Air compression is important because it promotes circulation!
  • There’s no way to hold the body in place. Having the body held firmly in place is not only important for stretch routines, but also just in general. Remember, you want the rollers to be making maximum contact!

Lastly, airbags target the areas which the rollers cannot. In a sense, airbags complement the rollers! The image below shows where all the airbags are located.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Airbags

Let’s look at each section in more detail.

Shoulder Airbags

There are 2 large shoulder airbags on either side that inflate to compress the shoulders inwards. This not only provides a compression massage, but also pins the body in place so the rollers can work at their best.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Shoulder Massage

Waist/Hip Airbags

Similar to the shoulders, there are hip airbags on both the left and right side of the chair. Their purpose is to squeeze and massage the hips, while also keeping them firmly in place for the roller massage.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Waist Massage

Arm Airbags

Ever had your blood pressure taken at the doctors? That’s what this feels like, except at a much higher intensity! The airbags are designed to massage both the top and bottom of the arms. If you look closely, you’ll see the airbags are lined with small rubber bumps. These are there to prevent the hands from slipping out.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Arm Massage

Calf Airbags

The calf airbags are my favorite in the entire chair and here’s why:

Instead of simply squeezing against the calves, the airbags oscillate up and down and in and out!

This oscillatory movement not only feels great, but does wonders for circulation in the legs. In many ways, the calf airbags are akin to having a kneading roller!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Calf Massage

Foot Airbags

The airbags keep your feet nice and snug in the ottoman. While their main purpose is to hold your feet in place, the foot airbags also give a comforting compression massage.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Foot Air Massage

Now, you’re probably wondering…gosh a chair that’s almost $10K and only 32 airbags!?

And that’s 100% a valid question! See the thing is more airbags doesn’t necessarily equal better! Actually more airbags means more power consumption! (more valves, more motors!) In order to address this, Osaki have reduced the number of airbags, while increasing the airbag surface area coverage. What this means is you get the same coverage with fewer airbags!

#5 It’s Got Dual Mechanical Foot Rollers

The Pro Maestro has dual mechanical foot rollers located on the underside of the ottoman. The rollers spin underneath the feet and provide a kneading massage to the sole, heel and bridge. Meanwhile the foot airbags ensure the feet are pushed firmly down against the rollers.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Foot Rollers

In case you haven’t noticed, the foot rest/ottoman is enclosed i.e. there is no opening for the feet or toes to stick out.

Closed toe or open toe: what’s a better foot rest design?

It really depends on how you look at it. If we’re strictly talking massage, a closed toe design is more effective simply because it’s able to better hold the feet in place. If we’re talking cleanliness and hygiene, I tend to prefer opened toe. Imagine sitting for an hour session with your feet completely enclosed! The next person who uses the chair won’t be thrilled, I can tell you that!

#6 Great Flexibility In Manual Mode!

Manual mode is an area often left unexplored. Most people cycle through the automatic routines and never look back! Don’t get me wrong, I love auto routines, but failing to explore how a chair performs manually is a lost experience.

What you consider as the “perfect” massage is probably hidden away in manual mode!

And without exploring manual mode, you’ll never know. There are 4 manual programs to choose from: neck/shoulder, upper back, lower back, and full back. In each of these modes, you can fine tune different settings to suit your specific needs.

  • You can adjust the depth of the 4D rollers to 8 different levels. The deeper the rollers are, the more intense the massage!
  • You can adjust roller width to 3 levels. If you wanna focus the massage to your inner back, then go really narrow!
  • You can adjust the roller speed to 5 levels from slow to fast. Pick slow for a more relaxing, less intense experience!

In addition to the 4 manual programs above, you can also target an area or focus down to a trouble spot.

Partial—In this mode you can target the rollers to a specific area. For example, you can target the rollers to massage the lower back area.

Spot—Unlike partial, “Spot” is much more focused. “Spot” is nice because it allows you to really narrow down and concentrate the rollers to one location of the back.

Finally, you can also alter:

Airbag Intensity—Up to 5 levels ranging from weak to strong. The airbags can be turned off altogether, or you can select specific regions you’d like the airbags to inflate e.g. shoulder, lower back, feet etc.

Timer—You can increase massage duration in 5 minute increments up to a maximum of 30 minutes in total.

Roller Heat—For those who don’t like hot massage, you have the option to deactivate the heat function on the rollers. I strongly recommend you don’t!

Calf Oscillation Speed—You can adjust how rapidly the calf airbags move up and down.

#7 It Comes In 7 Different Colors!

The Osaki OS Pro Maestro is a first for many things.

  •   It's The First Chair I've Seen That Has SL-Track 4D Rollers!
  •   It's The First Chair I've Seen That Costs About $9K!
  •   It's The First Chair I've Seen With Heated Rollers!

And it’s the first chair I’ve seen that has 7 different colors!

To be specific, it comes in black, brown, burgundy, cream, navy blue, pink, and taupe. If you’re feeling adventurous, get the pink!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Black
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Brown
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Burgundy
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Beige
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Navy Blue
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Pink
Osaki OS Pro Maestro Taupe

#8 A Plethora Of Other Features!

In the interest of time, I’ve briefly listed all the other important features present in the Pro Maestro. If you’d like to know about these in more detail, leave me a comment and i’ll be sure to get you an answer!

Zero Gravity

Out of the 20 odd chairs I’ve reviewed thus far, zero gravity is the one feature I consistently see all the time. That being said, I wasn’t too surprised when I discovered that the Pro Maestro is capable of reclining to zero gravity. Not a biggie!

Pro Maestro Zero Gravity

If you’ve never massaged in a zero gravity position, I highly recommend you do! I use it all the time on my massage chair, and I absolutely love it!

Automatic Leg Scan With Foot Extension

In order to accommodate a wide user range, the Pro Maestro has an extendable foot ottoman that works in tandem with an automatic scan. Before a program commences, the chair will perform a full body scan. During this scan the foot ottoman will extend all the way out to 8”, and then start to retract until it senses the bottom of your feet. At this point, massage begins!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Foot Extension

Note: you can also extend or retract the ottoman manually from the remote control.

Space Saving Technology

Another technology that’s common to most Osaki chairs is something called “space saver”. Space saver is a fancy way of saying the chair slides forward as you recline backward. In essence, you end up saving on clearance space from the wall. It’s simple improvements like this that make Osaki chairs some of the best!

As a result, the Pro Maestro only requires 5” of wall clearance!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Space Saver

Bluetooth Sound System

If you enjoy listening to some tunes during massage, you can do so by pairing your smartphone to the on board Bluetooth MP3 system. Having built in speakers is definitely nice to have, but not something I necessarily look for in a massage chair. For me massage is all about complete relaxation, not only of the body but also the mind, and that means sitting still in quietness.

Pro Maestro Bluetooth Speakers


The Pro Maestro can be controlled in 3 different ways:

#1 Using The Wired Remote Control

I really love how Osaki have designed the remote control for this chair. It’s sleek, small, and absolutely foolproof! Here’s how it looks:

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Remote

You can see from the image above that there are only 4 buttons on the remote: an auto button to access the auto modes, a recline forward button, a recline backward button, and a home button. All the other settings can be accessed from the remote control’s touch screen LCD display.

#2 Using The Quick Control

My massage chair doesn’t have quick control keys, so one thing I always find myself doing is reaching for the remote control mid massage! Quick control keys are convenient because they allow you to change settings on the fly with minimal interruption to massage.

Pro Maestro Quick Control

Using the quick control side panel, you can power the chair on/off, increase/decrease roller intensity, cycle through the different auto modes, and even charge your cell phone using the integrated USB port!

#3 Using Your Cellphone!

Lastly, you have the option to control the chair entirely from your android or apple cellphone. All you gotta do is download an application, and you’re good to go!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro Smart Phone Application


Osaki OS Pro Maestro Massage Chair Specifications

  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro Specs
  • Roller Type: 4D SL-Track
  • Roller Length: 52.8 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 32
  • Upright Dimensions: 48.1″H x 31.9″W x 61.1″D
  • Recline Dimensions: 46.9″H x 31.9″W x 79.5″D
  • Chair Material: High End Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’0 – 6’4 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 265 lbs
  • Power Usage: 250 Watts


What I Like & Dislike About This Chair (Pros & Cons)

What I Like (Pros)

It's An Incredibly Powerful Chair!
4D rollers coupled with a 52.8” SL Track undoubtedly makes the Pro Maestro one of the most powerful massage chairs in the market. It’s this sort of technology that really takes things to a whole new level. It’s this sort of technology that changes how we think and feel about massage. It’s this sort of technology that comes as close as possible to the real thing, and that’s what I love most!
For All It Does, It Only Consumes 250W!
One of the things that surprised me most about the Pro Maestro is how little power it consumes, especially considering how much technology is involved. 4D heated rollers, body scan, Bluetooth speakers, 32 airbags etc. and to think it only consumes 250W is pretty darn good if you ask me! Osaki have done really well to ensure power consumption remains at a minimum.
A Much Improved Calf Massage!
The calves are an area that’s always lacking in majority of the chairs I review. Having static airbags that provide air compression is simply not enough! I’m happy to say that Osaki have addressed the issue by incorporating oscillatory airbags that massage the calves in a kneading fashion. The biggest thing this does is improve circulation in the lower extremities, and it feels great too!

What I Don’t Like (Cons)

It's Hella Expensive!
Make no mistake, this is no ordinary massage chair. It’s a bit of a luxury item, and the cost definitely reflects that! So how much does it cost? It’s currently priced at $8,999 on massage chair deals. Is this good value for money? Tough question to answer, however I will say this: concerning the technology alone, I’ve not seen any other chair that comes even close! That being said, it makes sense that it’s priced as high as it is. Even still, $8,999 makes for an incredibly expensive investment, and I can see how some may find it hard to justify!



How Does The Pro Maestro Compare To Other 4D Chairs?

In particular let’s look at how it compares against APEX’s Pro Regent and Osaki’s 4D Pro JP Premium, which is another 4D chair by Osaki. I’ve previously completed detailed reviews for both of these chairs. You can check them out by clicking the links below:

  • APEX Pro Regent—Click here to read full review!
  • Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium—Click here to read full review!
  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro
  • $$$$$$$

  • 52.8'' SL-Track

    Roller Track
  • Made In China, Ships From USA

    Design & Manufactured
  • Heated Rollers

    Heating System
  • 250 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • Yes

    Foot Rollers
  • Yes

    Zero Gravity
  • No

  • APEX AP Pro Regent
  • $$$$

  • 32'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • Made In China, Ships From USA

    Design & Manufactured
  • Blanket Heat

    Heating System
  • 250 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • No

    Foot Rollers
  • No

    Zero Gravity
  • Yes

  • Osaki Pro JP Premium
  • $$$

  • 27'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • Designed & Manufactured In Japan

    Design & Manufactured
  • Conventional Heating Pads

    Heating System
  • 135 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • No

    Foot Rollers
  • No

    Zero Gravity
  • Yes


Let’s look at the key differences in a little more detail!

Key Difference #1—Price

No matter how good a massage chair is, price will always be the deciding factor. And the price for all 3 of these chairs varies significantly!

  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro—Currently retails for $8,999 on massage chair deals.
  • APEX AP Pro Regent—Currently retails for $4,995 on massage chair deals.
  • Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium—Currently retails for $3,999 on massage chair deals.

As you can see, the Pro Maestro is almost double the price of the Pro Regent! Is it worth the exorbitant price? More on that later!

Key Difference #2—Roller Track

Roller track is an area the Pro Maestro absolutely dominates!

  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro—Features a 52.8” SL roller track!
  • APEX AP Pro Regent—Features a 32” S roller track.
  • Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium—Features a 27” S roller track.

The Pro Maestro’s extended roller track makes it capable of massaging all the way from the neck right down to the hamstrings. This is not true for the other 2 chairs.

Key Difference #3—Design & Manufacture

Both the Pro Maestro and Pro Regent are manufactured in China, although they ship from the USA.

4D Pro is one of the only chairs i’ve yet to review that is actually designed, manufactured, and assembled in Japan 100%!

Now some of you might think what’s the big deal, what does it really matter! Well, it is a big deal and it absolutely matters. When it comes to consumer electronics, large or small, Japanese designed/manufactured products generally tend to be of a much higher quality than their Chinese equivalents. This is true for TV’s, cell phones, and even massage chairs!

Key Difference #4—Heat Therapy

All 3 chairs are capable of producing a heated massage; the difference is in the technology.

  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro—Makes use of heated rollers that traverse from the neck to hamstrings.
  • APEX AP Pro Regent—Makes use of a heated blanket system that provides heat either on the front or back depending on how the user chooses to place it.
  • Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium—Makes use of conventional heating pads/elements on the lumbar and foot regions.

What is the best heat technology from the 3?

My vote goes to the heated rollers in the Pro Maestro. As mentioned earlier, this system results in the most effective heat distribution throughout the neck, shoulders, back, and hamstrings.

Key Difference #5—Power Consumption

Power consumption is something one should always consider before buying a massage chair!

  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro—Consumes 250 Watts.
  • APEX AP Pro Regent—Consumes 250 Watts.
  • Osaki OS 4D Pro JP Premium—Consumes 135 Watts.

The obvious winner here is the 4D Pro which consumes only 135 W of power!

Key Difference #6—Foot Rollers

Neither the Pro Regent, nor the 4D Pro come with foot rollers. Pro Maestro is equipped with dual mechanical foot rollers that provide a kneading massage to the bottom of the feet.

Key Difference #7—Zero Gravity

Both the Pro Regent and the 4D Pro do not have zero gravity recline. The Pro Maestro as we’ve seen earlier, does!

Key Difference #8—Memory

Both the Pro Regent as well as the 4D Pro give you the option of saving a customized massage to memory. Pro Maestro on the other hand, is not capable of doing this.

Note: There are a few more differences than what’s listed above, however I didn’t feel the need to list them since they weren’t enough to ultimately impact my final verdict!


Here’s How You Can Save $$$ When Buying This Chair! (MUST READ!)

I wanted to take the time to answer a question that’s so frequently asked.

Is there a discount for this chair?

Before I answer this question, I would like to disclose that I am an affiliate of massage chair deals. What does that mean? That means if you were to buy from massage chair deals using any of the links in this post, I would receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I feel the need to tell you this, because I want this review to be absolutely 100% honest!

That being said, because I am an affiliate I do have certain perks and privileges! One of which is the ability to provide you a code to save you 5% off any massage chair, not just the Pro Maestro, so if I were you I’d take full advantage!

Enter “MAM5” During Checkout For An Extra 5% Off!

If you think about it, 5% off on a chair that costs $8,999 is about $450 saved! Tell me you have nothing better to use that $450 on! Even if you were to go for a cheaper chair like the 4D Pro which currently retails for $3,999, you’d be saving almost $200!

In the end I’ll say this: if you decide to use my links, be sure to take advantage of the discount code. If you don’t decide to use my links, but still end up finding a chair that meets your needs, I’ll consider my mission accomplished!


Moment Of Truth: Should You Buy The Osaki OS Pro Maestro Massage Chair?

Well the first question you should be asking yourself is “Am I in the market for a 4D chair?”. If you are looking for a 4D chair, then you can narrow down your search to chairs with 4D rollers only. But it’s incredibly important to first determine what technology (2D, 3D, or 4D) you want!

Okay, so for those of you who are in the market for a 4D chair, should you splash the cash to buy the Pro Maestro?

To reiterate, it currently costs $8,999 on massage chair deals. I would say if you can afford it, the Pro Maestro is a phenomenal chair! As you can see from the comparisons above, it’s well ahead of the competition!

If you’re unable to afford the crazy price tag, and this will be most of us no shame in admitting it, then I recommend you go for the more modest 4D Pro JP Premium. It’s a fantastic chair that’s been expertly designed and manufactured by Japanese engineers!


In The End, I Can Only Wish You My Best!

I hope you got some value out of this review, and I hope it will help you in your quest to finding a massage chair. If you enjoyed reading, please consider sharing this post on the socials. Last but not least, if you have any burning questions, definitely leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro massage chair images were used with permission from Massage Chair Deals & Osaki Massage Chair

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