5 Do’s & Don’ts When Preparing For A Deep Tissue Massage!

You Gotta Give It A Try!

Even though it’s not something i’d always do, deep tissue massage is still very much one of my favorites. Yes it’s intense, and yes it can sometimes feel a little too uncomfortable, but the benefits totally make it worthwhile! Not only do you feel incredibly relaxed after, but deep tissue massage has lasting benefits:

Alleviates Pain—If you suffer from muscular pain, deep tissue massage can help!

Feel Invigorated—This is the reason I keep going back for more!

Sleep Better—Whenever I massage, I sleep much better the night of!

There’s a lot more benefits that I won’t go through, but here’s an informative link to an article by Dr. Axe that talks about 7 deep tissue massage benefits in greater detail. Give it a read!


How To Prepare For A Deep Tissue Massage

Enough about all the reasons why you should get one, let’s look at how to prepare for a deep tissue massage. Assuming you’ve done your homework and found a clean, reputable massage clinic with positive reviews to back it up, let’s look at the 5 do’s and don’ts to consider before your appointment!


5 Things You Should Do Before A Deep Tissue Massage!

#1 Consider Taking A Shower

Why? Cause it’s common courtesy. If you were a massage therapist, would you enjoy rubbing oil onto someone who reeks of nasty body odor? Nah, didn’t think so. Why then would you expect differently from someone else? If you aren’t already, get into the habit of showering before a massage. It literally only takes 5-10 minutes!

Always Shower Before A Massage!
Always Shower Before A Massage!

#2 Get Lots Of Rest The Night Before!

A massage feels sooo much more better when you’re well rested. Not only this, it’s also more effective than if you were tired and only slept a couple hours. Lack of sleep has a way of messing with the body. When we don’t get enough, we feel slow and labored, stressed, and unable to focus. A little off topic: here’s an article from Healthline that talks about 11 effects of sleep deprivation. Moral of the story: get a good night’s rest!

It's Called Beauty Sleep For A Reason!
It’s Called Beauty Sleep For A Reason!

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

This next “do” is so important, I had to repeat it 3 times. When I say hydrate, I mean drink lots of water. Just wanted to clarify in case you somehow thought I meant something else haha. Why is it important to drink lots of water before a massage? According to mantismassage, well hydrated muscles are pliable and therefore easier to manipulate and work (source: mantismassage). This becomes even more important when trying to do deep tissue work!

#4 Arrive Early!

Make sure you arrive early during the day of your appointment. 10-15 minutes before gives you enough time to fill out forms, undress, and ask questions if you have any. Showing up late isn’t only rude, it could also potentially impact how much time a therapist can now spend with you. As a result, you may be required to reschedule your appointment to another day. Not to mention, showing up late is one way to annoy your therapist…which you probably don’t wanna do!

Get To Your Massage Appointment 10-15 Minutes Early!
Get To Your Massage Appointment 10-15 Minutes Early!

#5 Relax! Take A Deep Breath!

Massage is kinda like getting a haircut, facial, or getting your nails done. It’s “you” time! That means you need to take a chill pill, mellow down a little, and breathe! Forget about all the work that awaits you when you return home, or that important email you need to draft, or the fact that you still need to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. All that other stuff can wait. For now, enjoy 1 hour of pure relaxation and bliss!


5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before A Deep Tissue Massage!

#1 Don’t Show Up Drunk/Intoxicated For Pete’s Sake!

You think this one would be common sense, but the sad sad truth is that it’s not. For some odd reason, a certain, special group of people think it’s alright to show up at a massage parlor intoxicated. Why? I haven’t a clue. If you somehow decide this is a good idea, you will probably be refused a massage, and you may also get banned from the parlor altogether. Spare yourself the embarrassment!

Spare The Liquor For Greg's Weekend Party!
Spare The Liquor For Greg’s Weekend Party!

#2 Don’t Eat A Heavy Meal

We’re talking how to prepare for a deep tissue massage, not how to order the perfect steak. Do yourself a favor and skip the steak! Getting a massage after eating a heavy meal is one of the most uncomfortable things in life, so why would you wanna put yourself through that misery! If you really need to, grab a quick granola bar before.

#3 Avoid Strongly Scented Colognes/Perfumes

Be considerate of the people around you, and if you must wear cologne/perfume, pick a light scent and use sparingly. If you can, i’d suggest avoiding it all together before your appointment. As long as you’ve showered (see # 1 in the do’s), you’re fine. A little bit of deodorant is fine.

#4 Don’t Wear Jeans Or Dress Clothes!

Last time I was at the massage clinic, I saw someone in a full 3 piece suit. As he was ushered into the room, I wondered if he felt frustrated at all when undressing and then dressing again. What does my attire consist of? A simple pair of joggers or yoga pants, and a t-shirt, that’s it! Save the fancy 3 piece for your important work meeting!

For The Love Of God, Don't Wear This To The Massage Shop!
For The Love Of God, Don’t Wear This To The Massage Shop!

#5 Don’t Forget To Tip & Thank Your Therapist!

Should you always tip after a massage, and how much? I won’t answer that here, because it deserves to be discussed in greater detail. That being said, keep your eyes out for a post in the near future. Nonetheless, if you’re satisfied with the service provided, then you should definitely tip and thank your therapist! Don’t forget to book your next appointment as well.


5 Things You Should Do After A Deep Tissue Massage

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing how to prepare for a deep tissue massage, and specifically 5 things you should and shouldn’t do. Let’s divert course and look at 5 important things you should do after the massage is over!


I Hope You Enjoyed Reading!

Everything we’ve discussed above is simple and easy to implement, and doing them will ultimately make your experience more enjoyable and effective. Do you have any tips on how to prepare for a deep tissue massage? If so, leave a comment below and let me know. Lastly if you enjoyed reading, please consider sharing on the socials. See you next time!

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