Achedaway Cupper: A Detailed Hands-on Review!

Achedaway Cupper Review


Ease of Use


Cupping/Massage Effectiveness


Versatility (Perform Different Types of Cupping)


Overall Design Build & Quality


Value For Money



  • With 5 Modes & 5 Intensities, The Achedaway Cupper Offers Plenty of Experience!
  • Once You Get The Gist, Operation Is A Breeze!
  • For "Solo" Cupping, This Is Your Best Bet!
  • 3 Cups Gives You Some Degree of Flexibility


  • A Tad Pricey If I'm Honest

A Quick Disclaimer Before We Get Into The Review

Hope you all are doing fantastic and enjoying the festivities this time of year, I sure am! I’ve been meaning to post a review of the Achedaway Cupper, but just haven’t had the time to get around to it. This time of the year is when I feel it’s the most busiest, even with time off from work!

What about you? How have the holidays been for you thus far? Feel free to drop a comment letting us know what you’ve been up to!

Whatever it is you’re doing, hope you’re staying safe. Alright, coming to the Achedaway….I would like to disclose that this product was sent to me at no cost for an honest, unbiased review on my site in return.

I feel it’s important to disclose this as well as the fact that I’m an affiliate of Achedaway, therefore I earn from qualifying purchases. This means if you use any of the links in this post to buy from Achedaway, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions go to building and maintaining this site.

As an affiliate I do get some awesome perks and discounts I can share with all of you! For example, if you use the coupon code “MANDM” during checkout, you get a solid $25 off!

Pretty sweet deal, yeah!? A win for you, and a win for me. Now that we got that outta the way….let’s look at this cupper, shall we!?


What Is The Achedaway Cupper?

In a nutshell, the Achedaway Cupper is a smart cupping system able to rhythmically alternate between suction and release automatically.

This is the biggest distinction between an electric/smart cupper such as the Achedaway, and a regular, old school cupping set.

Because the Achedaway is electric and automated, it makes it much easier to use (more on this later) than your traditional cups.

Achedaway Cupper - An Automated Cupping Solution!
Achedaway Cupper – An Automated Cupping Solution!

(Note: This is an affiliate link.)


Achedaway Cupper Review Part 1: Initial Impressions!

Aside from shipment being pretty quick, here’s a few first impressions:

Packaging Is On Point!—The box itself is pretty solid and on the back there’s some pretty useful information about weight, dimensions, charging time, power rating etc. There’s also a schematic showing what’s what (see below image). Oh, and there’s also QR codes that you can scan to download the app for either your Android or IOS device.

Achedaway Cupper Packaging
Achedaway Cupper Packaging

User Manual Is Well Written & Detailed!—I usually don’t bother with user manuals, but I spent a few minutes taking my time going through this one. Everything is well explained with supporting images and illustrations.

Achedaway Cupper - Handy Dandy User Manual
Achedaway Cupper – Handy Dandy User Manual

Everything Feels Solid & Well Built!—Without powering anything on, everything out of the box feels solid and well built. This is definitely a positive sign for me, and I hope it runs as well as it’s put together. We’ll find out soon I guess!

Achedaway Cupper - 3 Cups!
Achedaway Cupper – 3 Cups!


Achedaway Cupper Review Part 2: The First Test Drive!

Today was the first time I actually powered up this bad boy. I gotta be honest, I was not too impressed at first (but this is my fault). It took me a while to figure out how everything works, and the power especially had me a little confused.

I’ll save you from some frustration: to power on/off, you need to hold the power button down for a few seconds! Pushing the power button a single time will simply pause operation, and nothing more.

Achedaway Cupper - Here's What The Main Unit Looks Like!
Achedaway Cupper – Here’s What The Main Unit Looks Like!

The other thing which for some reason wasn’t all that obvious to me was that the device won’t actually work until you have an air tight suction on your skin. If you place it on your skin and it’s not tightly sealed, you obviously won’t get any “pull”. Makes me feel kinda stupid I know, but worth mentioning nonetheless!

Achedaway Cupper In Action!
Achedaway Cupper In Action!

One very important thing you need to consider:

I strongly recommend that you use the Achedaway Cupper with some sort of lotion/gel/oil applied to your skin. Using the machine dry cupping style was not pleasant at all and caused quite a bit of discomfort even on the lowest intensity settings.

I Strongly Recommend Using An Oil When Cupping!
I Strongly Recommend Using An Oil When Cupping!

In terms of what oils/gels to use, I think any massage oil should be fine. You can even experiment with essential oils if you’d like. If you’re thinking of using medicated (or prescribed ointments), you should check with your family doctor beforehand just to be in the clear.


Achedaway Cupper Review Part 3: The Second Test Drive!

Moving on from the initial frustrations, I was now ready to take this bad boy for a proper test drive to really see what it’s capable of.

First was to experiment with all 3 cups. The cups thread on/off pretty easily and there’s a filter cotton which sits in the base of the cup. The filter cotton is designed to block liquid and solid impurities from reaching the device’s internals. Achedaway have provided a few additional filter cottons in the box as well.

Achedaway Cupper Cotton Filters
Achedaway Cupper Cotton Filters

Using the middle cup resulted in a much better 2nd experience for me. It seems to fit my body much better than any of the other cups.

I also experimented with all 5 modes and intensities. I found 4 out of 5 modes to be pretty intense (albeit different in their own way!), except for maybe one – M2 Relaxing Mode. My favorite mode is this relaxing mode, as I do like the low intensity feel.

Intensity, intensity, intensity! I had to say it 3 times because that’s how intense this thing can get. If you’re a seasoned cupper who enjoys a good, intense session, this is right up your alley!

For me it’s too much though. From the 5 intensity levels, I was only able to use level 1. The others are just way too much for me. Coming to red light therapy, I did try both with and without, but didn’t notice any difference as such.

Achedaway Cupper Red Light Therapy
Couldn’t Tell Much of A Difference With Red Light Therapy To Be Honest!

Overall experience this time around was solid! I enjoyed the massage, and was able to control the device with no hitches this time.

In addition to my own review, I shared the Achedaway with 2 of my family members to get a bit of a reality check (not that I don’t trust myself, but some diversity is always good!).

From what they told me, I think they liked it more than I did!

Now that I’ve had a chance to fully test out the Achedaway Cupper, let’s look at some pros and cons!


Achedaway Cupper Pros & Cons!

Pros and cons are based on the previously completed 3 part review. Before going into this, I will say that I have no basis/reference to compare the Achedaway Cupper against. I have not reviewed any other electric cupper other than this one, so not quite sure if I should be expecting something different.

I’ll touch more on this in the final recommendation section, but my basis will be to see how the Achedaway Cupper fares against your regular old school cups. In fact I’ll do a comparison of both sharing the pros and cons of each type!

Pros—The Stuff I Like!
Cons—The Stuff I Don’t Like!
    • Different Modes & Different Intensities—There are 5 different suction modes to choose from: wake up, relaxing, massage, professional, and powerful. Each one has it’s own unique feel. You can also select an intensity to pair up with your mode. Intensity varies from 1 to 5, 5 being the most intense. I should warn you that 5 is scary intense, so proceed with caution!
    • Operation Is Fairly Simple (Once You Figure It Out!)—And it did take me a bit to figure it out! However, once you do, it’s a pretty simple device to operate. Even though I haven’t downloaded it yet, the phone app will be super useful when it comes to operation. Instead of trying to figure out controls when the cupper is on my back, I can simply use the app.
    • The 3 Cups Offer Flexibility—Having large, small and medium sized cups is definitely great because one cup for sure is not sufficient. Like for me I have skinny arms, and so the large cup doesn’t work at all. It’s nice that there’s 3 cups because it gives one the flexibility to focus on all parts of the body as needed.
    • For One Person Use, It Works Well!—And this to me is the main reason why a person would want to invest in an electric cupper. Because it’s automated, you don’t need a 2nd pair of hands to help you with back cupping. Of course the smartphone operation only aids to this aspect of seamless operation.
    • Still Is Pretty Expensive—I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to price, and continuing with the theme of providing honest/unbiased reviews, I do think the Achedaway Cupper is a tad expensive for what it offers. Don’t get me wrong….it’s great what it does and has a super powerful “pull”, but it ain’t cheap!

(Note: This is an affiliate link.)


How Does The Achedaway Cupper Compare Against Regular Traditional Cups?

Should you invest in a traditional, old school cupping set or instead opt for an electric cupper such as this one? Here’s a few things to think about:

    • Are You Cupping Solo?—If you are, then your best bet is to opt for an automated cupper like the Achedaway. If you plan on tag teaming with your spouse, a regular cupping set might work out to be a more cheaper, versatile option.
    • Thinking of Doing Fire Cupping Or Wet Cupping?—If so, then definitely consider a traditional cupping set. I don’t think the Achedaway will work very well for both fire and/or wet cupping. In fact, you may end up damaging the electronics in the process. Not to mention there’s probably some safety hazards/risks associated with this also.
    • What’s Your Price Point?—While the Achedaway is a fantastic cupper, no doubt, it does cost quite a chunk of change. Budget is the most important consideration of all, and you should definitely give some thought as to how much you’re willing to spend.
    • How Frequently Will You Be Cupping?—Once a week? Once a month? Once every 6 months!? If you’re not going to be cupping frequently, consider opting for a cheaper, non-automated traditional set.
    • How Much Experience Do You Have With Cupping?—Not saying it’s difficult to learn, but this is where having an automated option becomes so useful, and that’s because it does all the work for you!

As you can see from the above, deciding on a traditional or automated cup basically comes down to one’s specific situation. There’s no right or wrong answer to this. Evaluate your situation and proceed in the manner best for you.


Should You Buy The Achedaway Cupper?

When I first powered on the Achedaway Cupper, I wasn’t quite sure that I would like it. This was more so because I wasn’t able to figure out the controls, as quickly as I’d have liked. I blame this 100% on myself, however, because once I read the user manual, I felt pretty foolish that I stumbled to begin with!

That being said, the Achedaway Cupper is a fantastic product. The build is solid and durable, the design is intelligent, and most importantly it works!

So should you invest in one? The short answer is yes. Yes, if you can afford to do so and if an electric cupper makes most sense for what you need. Overall I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Achedaway Cupper. It does exactly what it says it will!

(Note: This is an affiliate link.)


What Are Some Options For Traditional Cupping Sets?

I’ve spoken a lot about traditional cupping sets throughout this post, and I feel it would be unfair to leave you without a recommendation. I wrote a post a while ago addressing just this – A Buyer’s Guide To Massage Cups. Feel free to head over and check out that post if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

If not, no worries, I’ll save you some time!

One of my favorite traditional cupping sets is the Hansol set which comes with a dedicated pump gun. If you’re interested, you can check out more of the details (pros and cons) on my site using the link above, or head directly to Amazon from the affiliate link below.

The Best Massage Cupping Set In My Opinion!

(Note: This is an affiliate link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


If You Have Any Burning Questions, Please Don’t Hesitate!

And that brings us to the end of this review post. I hope this has been informative and helpful to you. If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to drop a comment down below!

If you own an Achedaway Cupper, or any of their products for that matter, please share what your experience has been!

This is my first review and I’m excited to check out more of their stuff in the not so distant future. Last but not least, please consider sharing this post on the social channels to show your support, it really does go a long way in helping us. Take care, be safe, be well and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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