6 Benefits You Can Enjoy From Massage In The Workplace!

Whatever Your Job, Massage Can Help In Some Way!

Whether you’re in the corporate world, working retail, or maybe you’re a mechanic, massage can significantly improve the quality of your day if you can somehow incorporate it in your work.

Over the last couple decades we’ve become more and more busier globally, and as a result more people are suffering from physical and mental ailments.

Stress management seems to be the hot topic on everyone’s lips these days!

Whenever someone brings up the topic of stress management, I keep thinking to myself why would anyone want to “manage” something they don’t want! I only manage those things I want more of such as my finances, health, relationships etc.

I’ve come to quickly realize that most folks have not a clue how to deal with themselves. And this goes for all levels: physical, mental and psychological, and most definitely spiritual. There are different ways/tools to deal with each of these facets of our lives.

Do The Right Things, And Right Things Will Happen To You!
Do The Right Things, And Right Things Will Happen To You!

Just as meditation and yoga looks at the mental and spiritual aspects, massage addresses the physical aspects!

The point i’m trying to make here is this: make massage a routine in your life, make into a daily habit if you really want to reap the benefits. Since most of us are usually occupied Monday to Friday at work, it becomes a little difficult to find a way to incorporate massage into our daily lives.

But it’s definitely not impossible, and there are ways to incorporate massage into your day (more on this later)!

I’ll touch on this later, but for now let’s look at 6 incredible benefits of massage in the workplace.


6 Benefits Of Massage In The Workplace!

#1 It Helps You Remain More Focused!

What would you say if I told you that massage can increase your ability to concentrate? You might think i’m bonkers but to understand this better, let’s try to first understand why you have lapses in concentration to begin with.

Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, and others might be key contributors to why most of us have lapses in concentration!

It’s been scientifically proven that massage improves on all of the contributors described above. Do you now see how massage improves concentration and mental clarity?

According to Atlanta School Of Massage, the very act of massage stimulates left brain activity. This is the side of the brain that’s responsible for making you feel happy, excited, and energized.

Have you noticed that you perform to your very best only when you’re happy and excited?

When you’re in a lull, your productivity suffers, you feel anxious and depressed and your day just drags on.

When You're Happy, You're In The Zone!
When You’re Happy, You’re In The Zone!

Imagine how badly you could do with a dose of extra concentration from noon till the end of the day. I’ve noticed this at work, and you might have too: a lot of people tend to “drag” from about 3 PM onward. Have you seen this? Most folks are “zoned out” and ready to call it a day. I don’t blame them! The effects of all that coffee is starting to wear out, and your body is drenched in fatigue.

If you want a natural boost of mental clarity, skip the coffee and get a quick 20 minute massage instead!

#2 It Makes You More Joyful!

Ever heard of this thing called serotonin? Sounds fancy doesn’t it. Well it is fancy! In layman terms serotonin is often referred to as the “feel good chemical/hormone”. It’s the hormone that supposedly enhances our well being and happiness.

What if I told you that whenever you get a massage, serotonin is released into your body!

Instead of popping a pill to help improve your mood, consider getting a massage! Who would’ve thought that the most significant things in life are also the most simplest!

Serotonin - The Feel Good Chemical!
Serotonin – The Feel Good Chemical!

The really good top level executives and CEO’s understand that a productive workforce is the result of a happy workforce. Make your staff happy, and the results will come!

This is one of the reasons employers are starting more and more to pay special attention towards ergonomics and health in the corporate world. In fact many employers have midday massage programs where massage therapists have been hired to provide quick 20 minute massages to employees. Now that’s what I call excellent management!

#3 It Decreases The Chances Of Injury!

One very important benefit of massage therapy is that it significantly decreases the potential of workplace related injuries. How so?

When you massage, you’re essentially increasing blood flow, reducing tension and stiffness and promoting flexibility in the muscles and joints. As a result, the likelihood of pulling or straining a muscle is greatly reduced!

Now you might be thinking “yea this is true for those who work incredibly physical jobs, but this is not the case for someone in the office sitting in a chair”. You’re wrong, because even office folk have workplace injuries. Ever heard of this thing called carpal tunnel? It’s not fun!

Did you know that massage can greatly improve symptoms of carpal tunnel? Not only this, massage can also improve flexibility in the fingers and wrist!

For all you corporate folks, wouldn’t you like to improve on your words per minute count? Well frequent massage can do exactly that.

Injuries In The Corporate World Are Just As Prevalent!
Injuries In The Corporate World Are Just As Prevalent!

#4 It Significantly Improves Morale!

Employees wanna work for companies that show that they care about their well being. In fact, recognition and appreciation are 2 of the most fundamental things employees constantly look for.

One way to show appreciation is by showing your employees that it’s not all about work, it’s about everyone’s well-being.

An awesome way to do this is to setup a lunch time massage sesh. Come sit at the hands of a trained therapist during lunch hour, and let them perform some magic on those achy neck and shoulders. Office morale goes up, productivity goes up, employees are happy, employers are happy! Talk about a win win scenario!

#5 It Gradually Improves Sleep Quality!

By this I don’t mean that employees will hit the snooze button after a mid-day lunch time massage! What I mean is that sleep quality will generally improve over time as a result of massage.

How many of your colleagues come into work on a Monday morning saying “Arghhh, I need my morning cup of coffee!”

Unfortunately caffeine rich stimulants such as coffee and tea are starting to become addictive substances that people can’t seem to do without. If you just did things naturally, you would reap the same benefits with literally none of the side effects.

If massage were to be implemented in the workplace, you can definitely expect a decrease in the cases of insomnia and sleeplessness, at least in my opinion!

#6 It Might Reduce The Number Of Sick Days!

Employers are loving this one! Another awesome benefit of massage is that it boosts the immune system. Not only does massage increase serotonin levels, but it also decreases levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the chemical that ‘s usually present when you’re stressed out, feeling anxious or frustrated!

There’s a lot of research to support the claim that massage does indeed boost the immune system.

One such research showed that people who received a 45 minute massage had an increased number of white blood cells (lymphocytes). White blood cells are basically the foundation of our immune system. The same study also showed decreases in both cortisol, and Arginine Vasopressin (a hormone linked to aggressive behavior).

If massage were to be incorporated into the workplace, we’d likely see fewer cases of the common cold and flu!

Also we might see a reduction in the number of sick days (although i’m not quite sure about this one!)


What Are Some Of The Ways Massage Can Be Incorporated Into The Workplace?

Easier said than done right? Not really! Even though it sounds like a difficult task, massage can easily be incorporated into the workplace. Here’s 2 examples to show you exactly what I mean!

#1 Make Use Of Automated Massage Solutions!

This is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate massage into the workplace. When I say use an automated massage solution, i’m basically saying make use of handheld electric massagers, or better yet….massage chairs!

Imagine if every floor in a major corporation came equipped with a state of the art massage chair for employees to use during their breaks!

Now that would be an exciting way to kick the new decade off don’t you think!? These days massage chairs can almost do everything a trained therapist can. You can get one heck of a full body massage in about 15-20 minutes time.

How much do these chairs cost?

A mid level chair would run you about $3-4K tops. Even still, there’s plenty of options to choose from in today’s market!

Osaki OS Pro Admiral Comparison
Massage Chairs Are A Great Device To Use In The Workplace!

#2 Hire Specialized Therapists To Give 20 Minute Massages During Lunch Break!

Ever heard of this term called “mobile massage”? If you haven’t it’s basically when trained massage therapists make their way to your office/event to perform an on-site massage. Mobile massage is starting to become more and more popular with every passing day!

The idea is that you hire a trained therapist (or therapists!) who then bring their equipment (chairs, rollers etc.) to your location, do a complete set up and then massage in the workplace.

A few of the reputable companies that offer this service are:

On-Site-Health: A Canadian based company that’s been specializing in mobile massage since 1996!
Chair Massage: Another Canadian company that offers massage at the work place. Pretty popular with the big corps!


Now Get Massaging Boys/Girls!

Hopefully this post has convinced you to somehow include a massage routine in your life. If you incorporate massage in the workplace, the results will be incredible….that’s for sure!

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some value out of this post. If you did, please consider sharing on the socials!

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