Human Touch Volito Massage Chair Review

Human Touch Volito Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot/Calf Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • A Rarity To Find A Massage Chair Less Than $1K That Can Do Deep Tissue Massage!
  • Because Of The Way It's Designed, The Volito Can Accomodate A Variety Of User Heights/Weights!


  • For A Small Chair, You Still Require A Ton Of Space For Install
  • Lack Of Heat Therapy Is Disappointing

The Perfect Massage Chair For A Minimalist!

Simple, stylish, and effective are 3 words that describe the Human Touch Volito.

Ever heard the saying: “less is more”?

This chair exemplifies that saying! Instead of focusing on the typical massage chair “bells and whistles” such as Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy lighting, and intelligent body scans, Human Touch have instead decided to focus on the essentials. I’m talking rollers, zero gravity, and foot massage! Here’s a quick glimpse of what this chair is all about! (Source: The Back Store)

Now let’s spend some time discussing some of the Volito’s features in greater detail!


6 Key Features Of The Human Touch Volito Massage Chair!

#1 It’s Capable Of Massaging At Incredibly High Intensities!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The Volito, while small in size, can deliver one heck of a massage. I’m talking knock your socks off, deep tissue intensities!

Human Touch Volito Intensity

It’s not everyday you find a massage chair that costs less than $1K that can do deep tissue massage! This much I know from experience.

Why all the fuss about deep tissue? What’s the big deal anyways?

The fuss around deep tissue massage stems from its associated benefits. That’s not to say that a gentle, relaxing massage isn’t beneficial, it is, but only to a certain extent. A low intensity massage is more focused at relieving everyday stress, and promoting an overall sense of relaxation. Deep tissue on the other hand, is more focused at alleviating pain in the muscles and tissues. Think of it this way:

Low intensity is great for anyone and everyone. Deep tissue is also great for everyone, but it’s specifically great for treating pain and mobility issues!

A lot of people ask me: should I buy a massage chair that can do deep tissue? Yes, if it makes sense to you. No, if it doesn’t. It’s really as simple as that!

#2 It’s Got This Thing Called FlexGlide Technology!

FlexGlide is a patent pending technology developed by Human Touch.

Ever had an oil massage before? They’re great!

I love them so much, that’s all I get these days! Anyways, if you’ve had an oil massage before, you’ll know how smooth and comforting the therapist’s hands feel on your back. In a sense, it feels like something gliding along your back. FlexGlide is a roller technology designed to replicate this exact same feeling but on a massage chair.

Human Touch Volito FlexGlide

As the rollers massage your back, you get a smooth, warm sensation similar to an oil massage!

#3 It’s Got An Inward Turning Foot & Calf Massager!

This is a feature that’s common to most Human Touch massage chairs, not just the Volito. What’s an inward turning foot massager anyways? It’s the ability to rotate the foot massager inward, so that it becomes a relaxing foot ottoman.

Human Touch Volito Rotating Foot Massager

One end of the foot ottoman is cushion and the other is a foot massager. I think it’s a really cool feature to have! For one, it helps the chair blend in with the rest of your furniture, and two it allows you to relax your feet on the cushion when you’re not massaging!

#4 It Can Perform 3 Different Types Of Massage Techniques!

When it comes to massage chairs, intensity is only one part of the equation, the other are the various massage techniques it can perform.

The fewer massage techniques, the more restrictive a chair is in what it can do!

The Volito is able to massage using 3 different techniques. These are kneading, percussion, and rolling. The table below goes through each type,  and their associated benefits.

Human Touch Volito Massage Techniques

#5 It Can Perform A Targeted Massage!

In addition to the 3 massage techniques listed above, the Volito can also perform a targeted massage.

Targeted massage involves positioning the rollers such that they focus/target a specific pain point on your back!

How does this work? There are position up/down buttons on the remote control that allow you to move the roller heads to a desired position. The roller width can also be adjusted.

Human Touch Volito Targeted Techniques

#6 It Comes In 2 Different Colors!

Neither of which are black!

Your choices for color are caramel and gray.

This Is What Caramel Looks Like!
Human Touch Volito Caramel
This Is What Gray Looks Like!
Human Touch Volito Gray

Images courtesy of Human Touch


Human Touch Volito Massage Chair Specifications

  • Human Touch Volito Specs
  • Roller Type: 2D S-Track
  • Roller Length: 25 Inches
  • Total Airbags: None
  • Upright Dimensions: 45"L x 28"W x 46"H
  • Recline Dimensions: 64"L x 28"W x 33"H
  • Chair Material: Soft Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’0 – 6’2 ft.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 265 lbs
  • Power Usage: 0.8 Amps


Human Touch Volito Massage Chair Pros & Cons

The Stuff That’s Good—Pros

I'm Loving The Price!
Not everyday you find a reliable massage chair under $1K. This is one of those rare exceptions! Current pricing for the Volito is $999 on massage chairs. For a chair that has zero gravity recline, a rotatable foot ottoman, 3 auto modes, and 2D rollers capable of deep tissue massage…..pretty darn good if you ask me!
Decent User Flexibility For Its Size!
I wouldn’t say it’s a small chair, but I wouldn’t call the Volito large either. It’s moderately sized. That being said, it does pretty well for user flexibility, specifically the height range. The Volito can accommodate a user height range of 5’0-6’2 ft. That’s a good 14 inches of height range!

The Stuff That’s Bad—Cons

You Need A Foot Clearance!
I’m not sure what Human Touch were aiming for with the Volito. In some instances it feels like they were shooting for a chair that’s portable and can fit just about anywhere. In other instances it feels like this wasn’t the case at all. The fact that you need a whole 12 inches of clearance from backrest to wall means the Volito consumes a lot of space, probably more than it should!
Heat Therapy Is Absent!
There’s few things I’m picky about, heat therapy is definitely one of them! Heating elements are so common in massage chairs that it surprises me how Human Touch missed them on the Volito. At the very least dual heating pads on the lumbar area is a must. It helps loosen the surrounding muscle and tissues, thereby making the overall massage that much more effective!


Here’s How It Compares To Chairs With Similar Technology!

In this section, we’ll be comparing the Volito to 2 chairs that also have 2D rollers. What are these 2 chairs?

APEX iCozy
APEX iCozy

The cheapest massage chair I’ve yet to review! But don’t be fooled by its price. As small as it is, the iCozy packs some serious punch. I’m talking 2D L-Track rollers capable of performing 5 different massage techniques! Here’s an in-depth review of the iCozy.

Osaki OS 1000
Osaki OS 1000

About $300 more than the Volito, but offers quite a bit in comparison. For example, it’s got 20 airbags and 5 auto massage modes. It’s also got a full body scan and vibration massage on the seat and calves. Here’s an in-depth review of the Osaki 1000.

  • Human Touch Volito
  • $$

  • 25'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • No

    Body Scan
  • Yes

    Zero Gravity
  • 3

    Auto Modes
  • Yes

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • No

    Heat Therapy
  • None

    Air Massage (Airbag #)
  • Yes

    Foot & Calf Massage
  • Apex ICozy
  • $

  • 42'' L-Track

    Roller Track
  • No

    Body Scan
  • No

    Zero Gravity
  • None

    Auto Modes
  • No

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • Yes (Upper/Lower Back)

    Heat Therapy
  • None

    Air Massage (Airbag #)
  • No

    Foot & Calf Massage
  • Osaki OS 1000
  • $$$

  • 29'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • Yes

    Body Scan
  • No

    Zero Gravity
  • 5

    Auto Modes
  • No

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • No

    Heat Therapy
  • 20

    Air Massage (Airbag #)
  • Yes

    Foot & Calf Massage


A Few Housekeeping Items: Shipping, Delivery, Assembly, Warranty & Cleaning

Shipping & Delivery

When it comes to massage chairs, you typically have 2 options as far shipping is concerned: curbside and white glove. Curbside shipping is when the packaged chair is shipped right to your home. This sort of shipping is typically offered free of charge. White glove delivery is when a team of professionals will carry, assemble, and install the massage chair for you. It’s essentially a complete install, more or less.

As you can imagine, white glove delivery costs extra $$$. For a large, bulky massage chair, it’s definitely worth considering!

A note about delivery: If you buy from massage chairs, the chair typically ships 5-7 business days after the order is placed.


There is a little bit of assembly involved with the Volito. However, it’s nothing complicated. All the instructions are listed in the user manual which can be found here. To summarize, the contents of the packaged box is as follows:

Human Touch Volito Assembly

First you’d install the backrest to the chair base, followed by the seat pad, followed by the head pillow. Once you’ve done this, then it’s just a matter of plug and play!


The Volito comes with a standard 3 year warranty. It’s broken down like this:

Year 1 is in home service coverage
Year 2 is coverage for parts
Year 3 is coverage for structural

Not the best warranty, but definitely not the worst either. Keep in mind extended warranty is always an option. You have a choice of extending the warranty for an additional 2 or 5 years. However, this does cost extra.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance instructions can be found in the user manual, but I thought I’d briefly touch on it here. The most important thing when It comes to cleaning this or any massage chair for that matter:

Always always always first unplug the power to the chair!

It only takes a few seconds, but it’s so important. Better to be safe than sorry! When it comes to cleaning, I typically do a 5-10 minute gentle vacuum. Next i’ll take a damp cloth with some dish soap and lightly scrub the affected area. I’ve found this works especially well for synthetic leathers!


Should You Buy The Human Touch Volito Massage Chair?

I’ve spent tons of time researching and comparing the Volito to other chairs, so I have a fairly good idea of how capable it is. Having said that, I am confident to say:


It’s an awesome entry level chair especially for anyone not looking to splash a ton of cash. If you are willing to spend a couple hundred more, it’s definitely worthwhile checking out the Osaki 1000! For an extra $300, you get full body scan technology, more auto modes, and 20 airbags that give a pulsating compression massage!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you got some value, please consider sharing on the socials. Lastly, if you have any questions about this or any other massage chair, please get in touch by leaving me a comment below!

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