Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Back Massage


Foot Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • 3D Rollers Allow For Deep Tissue Massage!
  • Large User Friendly Remote Makes For Simple & Easy Operation!
  • Point & Zone System Allows Users To Target Specific Areas In The Back


  • Lacks User Flexibility As The Chair Can Only Accommodate A Narrow Height Range
  • A Tad Expensive For What It Can Do

What Is The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber?

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber is a high end massage chair capable of performing mild to deep tissue intensities.

Capable Of Deep Tissue Intensity!
Capable Of Deep Tissue Intensity!

As far as technology is concerned, Pro Cyber is one of 4 Osaki massage chairs that feature 3D rollers. The other 3 are:

  • Pro Dreamer—You can check out my review by clicking here.
  • TW Chiro—To be reviewed in the near future. Stay tuned!
  • Pro EkonTo be reviewed in the near future. Stay tuned!

Osaki are always putting out new chairs, so this list could very well expand in a few months. When I get to reviewing all 4, I’ll do a comparison table for you so it’s easy to see the differences. You’ll have to bear with me for now!


6 Cool Features Of The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber!

Before we get into the features, you should know that both chairs, Pro Dreamer & Pro Cyber are incredibly similar. There’s very little to pick apart from the 2 in terms of features and specifications. However, I will still do a side by side comparison later in the post so you’re at least aware of the key differences.

#1 Next Gen 3D Roller Technology

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber features “next gen” 3D roller technology. Before we talk about what this “next gen” really is, let’s talk 3D rollers.

 What are 3D rollers and why should I care? 

In a nutshell, 3D rollers are rollers that move in 3 dimensions. To drill the idea home, let’s consider the following scenario.

Visualize yourself sitting in a massage chair. To make it believable, here’s an image of my chair. Imagine you’re sitting in my chair enjoying a nice, relaxing back massage with not a care in the world!

You're Sitting In This!
You’re Sitting In This!

Now try to visualize what’s actually going on with the rollers. How are they moving and in what directions? My chair has 3D rollers so they would move in 3 dimensions: up/down, left/right, and in/out. The image below describes exactly what I mean!

Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!
Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!

 The “in/out” motion is what really distinguishes 3D from 2D! 

2D rollers can only move up/down and left/right. Alright, so now that you have a basic idea of what 3D rollers are and how they work, let’s talk about one of the key benefits:

Unlike 2D rollers, 3D rollers are able to protrude outwards. Possessing this ability, 3D rollers can massage at a much higher intensity compared to their 2D counterparts.

 Simply said, 3D rollers are capable of deep tissue massage. A feature that 2D rollers cannot achieve! 

In the Pro Cyber the rollers can protrude a total of 3.3 inches (as shown below).

Rollers Can Extend Out By 3 Inches!
Rollers Can Extend Out By 3 Inches!

 But what the heck is “next gen 3D”? 

Next gen 3D and normal 3D (as we saw in the Pro Dreamer) are pretty much the same technology. They both extend/protrude the same distance, and they both function pretty much the same. That being said, next gen 3D is just marketing lingo!

#2 36 Airbags In Total

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair has a total of 36 airbags. That’s 12 fewer than the Pro Dreamer, which had a total of 48.

Airbags are simply pouches that expand when filled with compressed air. These expanded pouches “compress” or squish surrounding muscle and tissue. And this my friends is what most refer to as an air compression massage. Air compression has tons of health benefits (maybe I’ll do a separate post on this!), and if done at low to medium intensities can be quite relaxing!

Along with air compression, air bags also help stretch muscles.

 When it comes to airbags, does more mean better? 

Nope, nada, negative. Airbag design comes down to a lot of things, and having more doesn’t necessarily make one chair better than the other. You could have a chair with fewer airbags that cover just as much surface as a chair with significantly more airbags!

Fewer airbags also makes the chair design less complex. You have fewer bags, fewer valves, fewer pumps, and fewer motors. All of these “reductions” drive down power consumption.

 Where are all 36 airbags placed? 

The image below shows exactly that.

36 Airbags In Total
36 Airbags In Total

Also notice the 2 kneading foot rollers at the bottom of the ottoman. These rollers work in tandem with airbags to provide one heck of a foot massage!

#3 Computerized Body Scan

All Osaki chairs do computerized body scans. However, these scans tend to be a lot more effective on 3D chairs such as the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber, where the whole mapping process is generally a lot more thorough and accurate.

 As a result, massage is more precise, and tailored to accommodate various body types. 

How does the body scan work? Automatically. When you first sit in the chair and pick a program, the 3D rollers will move back and forth to scan your backs curvature. It’s actually kinda cool seeing this in action!

Body Scans On 3D Chairs Are A Lot More Accurate!
Body Scans On 3D Chairs Are A Lot More Accurate!

#4 2 Stage Zero Gravity

Similar to the Pro Dreamer, the Pro Cyber features 2 stages of zero gravity recline. Stage 1 is normal and stage 2 is much more reclined.

For those of you who don’t know, zero gravity is a reclined seating position where the legs are slightly elevated relative to the heart. This NASA inspired seating position has gained tremendous popularity over the years, especially in the massage industry.

Sitting in a zero gravity position has several key benefits: reduced spinal stress, improved breathing, and an overall sense of well being.

 What do i think of zero gravity? 

Definitely a must have as far as i’m concerned. Plus I think it’s really cool being able to sit in the same reclined position astronauts do!

I just thought of a brilliant idea! Next time I massage in zero gravity, i’ll do so watching that Matthew McConaughey space movie…what’s it called again? Umm Interstellar!

Gotta Love That Zero G!
Gotta Love That Zero G!

#5 9 Auto Programs

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber has a total of 9 auto programs:

    • Music Sync—In this mode massage syncs to the beat of your music. You can select from 5 different intensities.
    • Lower Body—A mode that focuses on the lower back and calves using kneading, tapping, rolling, and air compression techniques.
    • Full Air—Full blown air compression is what this is! Airbags inflate to massage the entire body.
    • Energy—AKA wake up mode. A full body mode that uses light tapping strokes.
    • Demo—Full body massage mode that finishes really quick.
    • Upper Body—Same as lower body mode but this time emphasis is placed on the head and shoulder areas.
    • Comfort—Full body mode with special focus on the neck and back (upper and lower).
    • Deep Press—High intensity, deep pressure massage. Another full body mode.
    • Stretch—More so a stretch than a massage. This mode focuses on stretching the entire body by making use of inflated airbags.

#6 Targeted Massage Techniques

I’m all about auto modes; they’re quick, easy and work really well. That being said, they do have limitations.

  • They don’t allow you to target a specific area or accupoint.
  • They don’t allow you to select a specific massage stroke/technique.

This is why manual settings can be so useful. With this chair in manual mode, you can do the following:

  • Select Different Massage Techniques—From kneading, tapping, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish, and rolling.
  • Localize Massage To A Specific Area—This chair uses a point or zone system. Select point to localize to a specific area, or zone to limit rollers to a more general area.
Point & Zone System Works Really Well!
Point & Zone System Works Really Well!


Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Specifications

  • Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Specs
  • Roller Type: 3D S-Track
  • Roller Length: 31 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 36
  • Upright Dimensions: 51.2″H x 35.4″W x 57.1″D
  • Recline Dimensions: 36.6″H x 35.4″W x 72.8″D
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’5 – 6’4 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 265 lbs
  • Power Usage: 300 Watts


Here’s What I Think!

What I Like (Pros)

The Remote Control!
Kinda Looks Like A Tablet!

What differentiates this remote control from others is its large 5” viewing screen. I love large screen remotes because everything is big and therefore easy to understand. Osaki’s user friendly interface definitely adds to this as well!

Ten Out Of Ten For Looks!
A Thing Of Beauty!

One of the nicest looking massage chairs in my opinion. For those wondering, it does come in 4 different colors: black, brown, cream, and red. I don’t know about you, but that red looks on point!

Targeted Manual Mode
The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber offers a lot of flexibility in manual mode. Not only can you select a specific massage technique, you can also focus down to a tiny area/point in the back. Pretty useful for stubborn knots and pain points!

What I Dislike (Cons)

Lacks User Flexibility (Poorly Designed?)
Poorly Designed In My Honest Opinion

My biggest concern with the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair is that it lacks user flexibility. Suggested user height is too restrictive (5’5-6’4 ft.). If you’re shorter than 5’5, or taller than 6’4. you should probably consider something else (more on this later!).

A Little Too Pricey!
And Pricey!

This chair is priced slightly higher than it should be. I say this based on current prices, which of course are subject to change in the future. Irrespective, I can’t seem to justify why I would buy the Pro Cyber over the Pro Dreamer. FYI, I compare both units below, so keep reading!


Pro Cyber Vs. Pro Dreamer: A Quick Comparison

Last week I completed a detailed review of the Pro Dreamer. You can check out that review by clicking here. I bring up the Pro Dreamer because of how similar it is to the Pro Cyber. It therefore warrants a comparison!

  • Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer
  • $$$
  • 5'2-6'5 ft.
    Recommended User Height
  • 48
  • 8
    Auto Modes
  • 210 Watts
    Power Consumption
  • Osaki 3D Pro Cyber
  • $$$$
  • 5'5-6'4 ft.
    Recommended User Height
  • 36
  • 9
    Auto Modes
  • 300 Watts
    Power Consumption

Difference #1: Price ($)

The price for both of these units tend to vary quite a bit. As it stands currently, the Pro Dreamer is about $800 cheaper than the Pro Cyber based on prices at massage chair deals. Obviously prices are subject to change, but I just wanted to give you an idea of where things stands at this point in time.

Difference #2: User Flexibility (Height & Weight)

Recommended user heights for both of these chairs are quite different.

  • Pro Dreamer can accommodate anyone from 5’2-6’5
  • Pro Cyber can accommodate anyone from 5’5-6’4

 Pro Dreamer has a larger height range (1 foot and 3 inches) compared to Pro Cyber (11 inches). 

What does this mean? Well basically the Pro Dreamer is overall a better chair for both short and tall folks! If you’re somewhere in between the 5’5-6’4 range, you’ll be most likely fine with either chair.

Both chairs can accommodate a similar user weight of about 265 lbs max.

Difference #3: Airbags

Pro Dreamer has a total of 48 airbags, whereas Pro Cyber has a total of 36. I’ll reiterate what I said earlier:

 More airbags doesn’t necessarily make one chair better than another! 

It’s more so about balance and surface coverage. That being said, just because Pro Dreamer has more airbags than Pro Cyber, doesn’t mean it’s the better chair.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Difference #4: Auto Programs

Here’s another minor difference that’s worth noting:

 Pro Dreamer has a total of 8 auto modes, Pro Cyber has 9. 

Say what you will, but in my opinion having 1 mode more isn’t something that would influence me to buy one chair over another!

Difference #5: Power Consumption

Last but not least, Pro Cyber consumes 300 Watts whereas Pro Dreamer consumes 210 Watts of power. Another minor difference that’s worth keeping in mind.


Should You Buy The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair?

 To answer simply, no you shouldn’t! 

But not because it’s not a good chair. As far as features are concerned, the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber is up there with the best. My problem with this chair has nothing to do with features. My problem has everything to do with user flexibility! (as discussed previously)

 In essence it’s a poorly designed chair, but that doesn’t mean all Osaki chairs are the same! 

Every manufacturer has a mix of both good and bad products. It’s up to you to figure out what these are! To conclude here’s an article that reflects and supports my opinion above. Feel free to give it a read.


So What Should You Buy?

Pro Dreamer in my opinion would be a much better choice. As mentioned earlier, I’ve done a complete review on it which you can check out by clicking here.

 Pro Dreamer and Pro Cyber are really not that different in terms of features! 

Another alternative is to check out Osaki’s recently released Pro Ekon. The downside to this of course is there aren’t many reviews to go by since the chair is so new. It’s also quite a bit more pricey in comparison to other 3D chairs!

Finally, there are some really cool 2D chairs in the market you may wanna check out. If deep tissue intensity isn’t something you necessarily need, chairs such as the Pro Maxim, TP-8500, and 4000T are all very capable and affordable!

 Final Recommendation: Get the Pro Dreamer. You won’t be disappointed! 

To check out latest pricing as well as reviews for the Pro Dreamer, click the link below!


And Where Should You Buy From?

There’s tons of options when it comes to buying massage chairs. Should you buy in store or online?

Well, to be honest both have trade offs.

    • Tons Of Options Online—You don’t get the same choices in store, and if you did, expect to pay a heck of a lot more!
    • Try Before You Buy—You can’t try before you buy, if you buy online. The one advantage to buying in store is you get to try the chair out before buying.

I prefer buying online, simply because there’s so many options to choose from. Make no mistake online are where the deals can be found!

Of course spending a couple grand online isn’t everyones cup of tea. I get that!

For those of you who are comfortable with it, I recommend massage chair deals and here’s why:

    • You Get Special Treatment!—This is my way of saying thank you to those of you who’ve read this far in the blog. Enter in “MAM5” at checkout and score an extra 5% off. To put things into perspective, this is $250 off a chair that costs $5K!
    • Free Shipping, Interest Free Financing & Lowest Price Guarantee (they will match and beat if lower!)
    • They Know Their Stuff!—And they have 24/7 customer service.

Will I make a commission if you buy from massage chair deals?

Affiliate Disclosure
If you buy from massage chair deals using my affiliate links (placed throughout this post), yes I will make a small commission. I feel it’s important my readers should know this before they choose to buy!


Let Me Know What You Want Me To Review Next!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you did, a share on the socials would be appreciated. Questions and comments are welcome below!

Lastly, let me know if there’s a particular chair you’d like me to review next!

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Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair images were used with permission from Massage Chair Deals & Osaki Massage Chair

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    1. Apologies for the late reply Charles. Are you saying you’re able to find both the 3D Pro Cyber and the 4D Pro Soho at the same price? If yes, and the Pro Soho is discounted, then I would definitely consider the Pro Soho over the 3D Pro Cyber. It’s a more superior chair in that it has 4D rollers whereas the 3D Pro Cyber has 3D rollers. Keep in mind however, that the Pro Soho has restrictive user flexibility and is only able to accommodate height ranges of 5-6 ft, and 220 lbs max weight. If this is an issue for you, you should consider something else. If not, then definitely the Pro Soho is a great option! Please let me know if you have any other questions Charles!

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