Osaki TP 8500 Massage Chair Review

Osaki TP 8500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Back Massage


Foot Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • Roller Is Able To Track A Stupendous 53'' From Neck To Hamstrings!
  • Customized Manual Massages Can Be Saved Into Memory
  • Accessible Side Control Panel Allows Changes To Be Made On The Fly!
  • Dual Foot Rollers Massage The Arch, Sole, & Heels Of The Feet


  • Not Built To Accommodate Taller Frames

What Is The Osaki TP 8500?

The TP 8500 is Osaki’s recently released mid to high end massage chair. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being mild and 10 being strong, the TP 8500 can deliver about a 7-8 in massage intensity.

Expect A Fairly Intense Massage!
Expect A Fairly Intense Massage!

In terms of features and technology, the TP 8500 is comparable to the previously reviewed Pro Maxim, 4000T, and 4000LS. Later in the post, we’ll do a comparison and see how the TP 8500 stacks up. For now, let’s look at what this chair is capable of!


7 Awesome Features Of The Osaki TP 8500!

As you go through this list, you’ll find a lot of similarities to other Osaki chairs. This is normal. Osaki likes to keep certain features standard for most of their chairs. One such example includes computerized body scanning. I’ve seen this feature in all Osaki chairs I’ve reviewed. Zero gravity is also pretty common, although not always.

 As a potential buyer, you need to understand the nuances! 

And I’ll obviously do my best to make them as clear as possible. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to let me know.

#1 53” L-Track Rollers!

Let’s kick this list off with one of my favorite things about the Osaki TP 8500. This bad boy is equipped with quad L-Track rollers capable of covering a range of 53”!

 53” is the largest span/range I’ve ever seen in any massage chair. 

If you think about it, that’s almost 5 feet of rolling massage. Quite incredible really!

Let’s spend some time talking about quad L-Track rollers:

Quad Rollers
Fancy way of saying 4. TP 8500 is equipped with a total of 4 rollers. Rollers are an integral component to every massage chair, as they deliver majority of the massage techniques (kneading, tapping, rolling etc.). Airbags do the rest by providing a compression massage.


Is the same as S-Track, but with extended tracking range. The name S-Track simply means rollers that are designed to track the “s” curvature of the human spine. Yup in case you didn’t know, your spine is “s” shaped. L-Track then, is simply an extended range that tracks not only the neck and back, but also the glutes (buttocks) and possibly even down to the hamstrings.


What distinguishes the Osaki TP 8500 from most massage chairs is its immense 53” tracking ability. You’ll be hard pressed finding anything that trumps this!

TP 8500's Best Feature Hands Down!
TP 8500’s Best Feature Hands Down!

#2 Designed To Save Space

Space saving technology is something Osaki have designed into most of their newer chairs. The idea behind it is simple:

 As you recline backward, the chair slides forward. 

Essentially this allows you to leave a much smaller clearance from the wall. How small you ask? According to Osaki, a 3 inch clearance from backrest to wall should be sufficient enough. Even though there’s nothing quite fancy shmancy about this particular feature, it’s really useful when considering chair placement, because now you have more options than otherwise.

 In essence, you don’t need to worry about leaving 1-2 feet of recline space/clearance. 

However, you still need to pay close attention to upright dimensions (height, width, and depth). It would be foolish not to do so!

3 Inch Recline Clearance!
3 Inch Recline Clearance!

#3 Zero Gravity Recline

These days it’s hard to find a chair that doesn’t recline to zero gravity. Most massage chair manufacturers, Osaki included, have incorporated zero gravity in the majority of their lineup. What is zero gravity anyways?

 As far as massage chairs are concerned, it’s a recline position where your legs are elevated relative to your heart. 

Zero gravity is a concept massage chair manufacturers borrowed from NASA. One could think of it as a position where the body experiences the least stresses and strains. In that sense, it’s the optimum position to receive a massage.

Whenever I’ve used the zero gravity feature on my chair, I’ve definitely felt more relaxed and at ease, especially when doing high intense kneading, rolling, and tapping modes.

Here's What Zero Gravity Looks Like!
Here’s What Zero Gravity Looks Like!

#4 36 Airbags Strategically Placed

The Osaki TP 8500 massage chair has a total of 36 airbags. In operation, airbags will inflate with compressed air to provide a compression type massage. Airbags have been placed in the upper and lower areas of the arms, both calves, side of the feet, and both shoulders.

 Is it true to say, the more airbags, the better? 

In my opinion, no. You can have fewer airbags that cover the same surface area as you would with more bags. Also, an increased number of airbags usually means you need more valves and pumps to compress and distribute air. This ends up hiking power consumption.

 When it comes to airbags, balance and optimization are key. You shouldn’t overdo or underdo! 

Hopefully that makes sense. Next time you see a chair with reduced airbags, don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s somehow inferior than something with 40+ airbags!

Airbags Placed In The Shoulder, Arm, & Leg Regions
Airbags Placed In The Shoulder, Arm, & Leg Regions

#5 Capable Of 6 Different Massage Techniques

Osaki TP 8500 has the ability to perform 6 different massage styles:

  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Flapping
  • Knocking
  • Kneading
  • Kneading & Flapping Combination

If you decide to run the unit in manual, you can target a specific body area with any one of these modes. It tallies up to 7 if you count air compression as a technique!

6 Different Massage Techniques
6 Different Massage Techniques

#6 Ability To Save Customized Massages Into Memory!

Osaki TP 8500 is one of the very few chairs in Osaki’s lineup that has a memory feature. If you love messing around with manual mode, this is probably something you’ll like.

 You can save up to 2 customized massages into the chair’s memory slots, M1 & M2. 

Here’s another one of those things that really differentiates the TP 8500 from other chairs. Depending on how you use your chair (auto or manual), this may or may not be important.

#7 Quick Control (Separate To The Remote!)

Remember how back in the day airplanes used to have a remote control embedded onto the seats? They were really annoying mostly cause you could never pull them out. Of course that did change a couple years later to the corded version, and now finally the touch screens.

Anyways, this massage chair has a similar setup. In addition to a remote control, the TP 8500 also boasts a separate quick control panel located underneath the arm pocket.

Quick Control Panel
Quick Control Panel

For massage chairs, an integral side panel makes complete sense, as it allows the user to make adjustments/changes right on the fly without having to get up and reach for a remote. Convenient to say the least!


Osaki TP 8500 Specifications

  • Osaki TP 8500 Specs
  • Roller Type: L-Track
  • Roller Length: 53 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 36
  • Main Body Dimensions: 34″H x 30″W x 48″L
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’0 – 6’1 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 285 lbs


Here’s What I Think About The Osaki TP 8500 Massage Chair!

What I Like About It (Pros)

Out Of This World 53'' Tracking!

53'' L-Track Is A Game Changer!

By far my favorite thing about the TP 8500 is the massive 53” track span. This alone could potentially sway my buying decision. I know I’ve been raving on about this since forever, but hopefully you can see why. Where other chairs use compression massage to target everything down from the back, the Osaki TP 8500 uses rollers to work all the right down to the hamstrings. That’s why the 53” span always gets me excited!

M1 & M2 Memory Slots
Customized Massages Can Be Saved To Memory

Now i’ll be honest, I tend to mostly use the preset auto modes on my chair. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t change up my routine somewhere down the road. Massage is all about trying new things, and experimenting with new strokes and techniques. Routine is boring, plus your body kinda gets used to it over time. All that being said, manual mode is definitely something I will experiment with in the future, and that’s where the memory feature comes in handy!

Quick Control Side Panel!
There's Also A USB Port To Charge Your Electronics!

If only all massage chairs came with an integrated side panel! And no, i’m not being lazy; reaching for the remote when both your hands are compressed down by super tight airbags isn’t as easy you think. And yes, even though you may disagree, you’ll always want to change settings during massage. Maybe you forgot to turn the heat on, or maybe you want to alter intensity, or maybe even extend the session by 10 minutes more!

Foot Rollers To Seal The Deal!
Gotta Have Foot Rollers!

Osaki TP 8500 comes built with dual spinning foot rollers that provide a kneading style massage to the sole, arch, and heels. The calves and side of your feet will be subjected to air compression massage through the use of inflatable airbags. Foot rollers are a must have, simply because air compression is not enough in my opinion. Yes it feels weird at first and maybe even a little uncomfortable, but your feet will eventually get used to the sensation!

What I Don’t Like About It (Cons)

If You're 6 Foot Plus, You May Wish To Reconsider
Suggested user height is 5’0-6’1. When compared to other chairs such as the Pro Maxim for example, the Osaki TP 8500 lacks user flexibility. As such, it’s a chair that’s best suited for smaller to medium body types.



How Does TP 8500 Compare To Other Osaki Chairs?

There’s a couple chairs in a similar price range to the Osaki TP 8500. I’ll be comparing the TP 8500 to the Pro Maxim, and 4000LS, both of which are Osaki chairs. Below is a table that depicts some of the key differences. I discuss them in more detail below!

  • Osaki OS 4000LS
  • 42''
    Roller Track
  • 24
  • 6
    Auto Programs
  • Spring Loaded
    Foot Ottoman
  • 7-8
    Massage Intensity (1-10)
  • No
    Ability To Save Manual Massage
  • 272 lbs
    Net Weight
  • 5'1-6'4 ft
    Suggested User Height
  • 265 lbs
    Suggested Max User Weight
  • No
    Bluetooth Speakers
  • Osaki OS Pro Maxim
  • 47''
    Roller Track
  • 22
  • 12
    Auto Programs
  • Automatic
    Foot Ottoman
  • 6-8
    Massage Intensity (1-10)
  • No
    Ability To Save Manual Massage
  • 236.5 lbs
    Net Weight
  • 5'1-6'4 ft
    Suggested User Height
  • 285 lbs
    Suggested Max User Weight
  • Yes
    Bluetooth Speakers
  • Osaki TP 8500
  • 53''
    Roller Track
  • 36
  • 5
    Auto Programs
  • Spring Loaded
    Foot Ottoman
  • 7-8
    Massage Intensity (1-10)
  • Yes
    Ability To Save Manual Massage
  • 300 lbs
    Net Weight
  • 5'0-6'1 ft
    Suggested User Height
  • 285 lbs
    Suggested Max User Weight
  • No
    Bluetooth Speakers

Difference #1—53” Trumps All!

One thing that immediately stands out is TP 8500’s 53” extended roller track span. It trumps the competition. Only chair that comes close is the Pro Maxim at 47 inches. 4000LS at 42” doesn’t even stand a chance. Clear winner here is the Osaki TP 8500 hands down!

Difference #2—Overall Weight

Net weight is important if you’re planning to assemble and install the unit yourself. Also, a lighter unit is easier to move/relocate than a heavier unit. That being said, the lightest unit from all 3 is the Pro Maxim weighing in at 236.5 lbs. 4000LS weighs 272 lbs, and TP 8500 weighs a whopping 300 lbs. Winner here is the Pro Maxim!

Difference #3—Number Of Airbags

A total of 24 airbags for 4000LS, 22 for Pro Maxim, and 32 for TP 8500. Does the number of airbags make all that much of a difference? Not so much in my opinion. It’s more about placement and surface area coverage than number of bags to be honest. All 3 chairs utilize Osaki’s next gen airbag technology, so in essence all 3 will provide fairly similar results.

Difference #4—Number Of Auto Programs

This is something that would influence my buying decision! On my chair all I ever use are these preset auto programs. As you can see from the table, Pro Maxim has double the auto programs when compared to the other 2 chairs. Pro Maxim wins here without a shadow of a doubt!

Difference #5—Ability To Save Customized Manual Massages

Osaki TP 8500 is the only massage chair from the 3 that’s able to save customized massages into memory. As discussed earlier, the TP 8500 offers 2 memory slots, M1 & M2.

Difference #6—Suggested User Heights

This metric suggests how flexible a chair is in accommodating users with different heights. The wider the height range, the better. 4000LS and Pro Maxim are the clear winners here with a height range of 5’1-6’4.

Difference #7—Suggested User Weights

Just like height, suggested user weight measures a chair’s flexibility. The larger the suggested maximum user weight, the better. Osaki TP 8500 and Pro Maxim are the winners with a max user weight of 285 lbs!

Difference #8—Massage Intensity/Strength

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being extremely mild and 10 being knock your socks off intense, TP 8500 & 4000LS have a range of 7-8. Pro Maxim has a wider range of 6-8, meaning it can do a slightly less intense massage in comparison to the other 2 chairs. Not everyone likes high intensity massage, so for some this could potentially be a game changer. Pro Maxim gets the edge on this one!

Difference #9—Foot Ottoman (Spring Loaded Versus Automatic)

Both Osaki TP 8500 and 4000LS make use of a spring loaded foot ottoman. Pro Maxim, on the contrary features an automatic foot ottoman. The automatic footrest will extend/retract and hold distance automatically, whereas the spring loaded footrest requires you to push out to extend. I prefer the automatic footrest in the Pro Maxim over spring loaded.

Difference #10—Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights

Not that it matters much to me, but the Pro Maxim is the only chair from the 3 that features Bluetooth friendly speakers encased in LED lighting. To me this isn’t something that would influence my buying decision!


Million Dollar Question: What Should You Buy?

Before I say what you should buy, let me tell you what you shouldn’t buy!

 Skip the 4000LS. It’s a great chair, but costs a lot more than it should! 

That being said, it comes down to the Pro Maxim and TP 8500. Which one of these bad boys should you consider? There’s a few things to think about before you decide.

    • What’s Important To You?—Do you see yourself benefiting from the extended 53” track span? Or would you rather prefer 7 more auto modes? If you were to ask me, I’d pick the 53” extended track span over the 2. But hey that’s just me, we’re all different!
    • Are You Over 6 Foot?—If you are, then Pro Maxim is likely your best bet. As far as height is concerned, it’s definitely more flexible in comparison to the TP 8500.

 Final Verdict: I pick the Osaki TP 8500 massage chair! 

Since I’m well under 6 foot and definitely prefer having the 53” extended track over the 12 auto modes. However, when it comes down to it, both are fantastic chairs irrespective. It’s just about understanding what’s more important to you specifically. You can check out the TP 8500 on massage chair deals by clicking the link below!


Massage Chair Deals: Why It’s The Best Place To Buy From!

Affiliate Disclaimer
If you decide to buy from massage chair deals, I will receive a small commission in return. I like to be 100% transparent with my readers, which is why i’m telling you. Failing to do so would make me feel like my review is lacking.


Anyways, massage chair deals are an awesome place to buy from, and it’s not just cause I make a commission! Here’s 3 reasons:

    • It’s A Win Win!—Enter the code “MAM5” when you checkout and score an extra 5% discount. Let’s say you bought a chair worth $4000, 5% is $200 off!
    • They Guarantee The Lowest Price—And if you find it lower elsewhere, they will match and potentially beat!
    • Interest Free Financing—If you can’t pay the whole thing at once, massage chair deals gives you the option to finance, interest free!

So if you’re interested in buying a chair, I strongly recommend you head over to massage chair deals. My link (affiliate link of course!) will take you there.


What If You Don’t Live In The US?

If you don’t reside in the US, your choices are limited. I’d suggest you go local; do a quick google search for massage stores in your area and see what you get.

Amazon is another alternative. You can check latest pricing on Amazon by clicking here. (Note: This is an affiliate link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


Other Informative Material (Videos & User Manual)

Before I conclude this post, i’d like to provide you links to some useful information about the Osaki TP 8500 massage chair. First and foremost, there’s a few videos I highly recommend you check out (video credit to Massage Chair Deals).

Here’s an introductory video that goes over some of the key features.

And another that talks about the different functions of the remote control.

And finally, here’s a video that goes over assembly.

For those of you who wish to access the TP 8500 user manual, that can be found here.


Finally, Let Me Know If You Have Any Questions!

If you powered through the entire post, congratulations! You’re now an expert. Jokes aside, I hope you got some value out of this, and if you did a share on the socials would be massively appreciated!

I plan on doing a lot more of these reviews, so stay tuned friends. Till next time!

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Osaki TP 8500 images were used with permission from Massage Chair Deals & Osaki Massage Chair

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  1. My wife is 4’11” Looking for a chair that is “SL” She needs the Glutes massages included. I’m 5’11” and will use it some but not as important for me. I want it best for her.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment James. I would love to recommend a massage chair to you and your wife! Before that I need to ask a few more questions.

      1. What’s your budget and how much are you willing to spend? $1000? $2000? $3000+?
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  2. The rollers get stuck in one spot and wont move on the auto mode settings after 2 minutes of run time. I keep trying to call for warranty but cannot get through to anyone. I bought the chair one month ago.

    1. Hello Cynthia,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the TP 8500. I am glad you identified your concern here so others who come across this blog can also read for their awareness and knowledge. A couple follow up questions: who did you buy the chair from, and who did you try calling? Osaki or the retailer?


    1. Thanks for dropping by Steven. Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the foot rollers on your chair. A number of things could be wrong – hard to say right off the bat. Have you tried contacting Osaki for support?

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