Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair Review

Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • You'd Be Beyond Hard Pressed To Find A 3D Chair That's Cheaper Than This!
  • Comes Pre-assembled So No Need To Mess Around Trying To Figure Out What Goes Where!


  • Because The Footrest Doesn't Retract, It's Not Particularly Great For Shorter People

I Was Pleasantly Surprised The Last Time!

The last time I reviewed a chair from Real Relax, I was pleasantly surprised! It was only a couple weeks ago when I wrote a detailed review on the Real Relax Favor 03. If you’re interested in a budget massage chair, I highly recommend you check out the Favor 03! You can find the full review here!

In this review post we will be looking at the slightly more expensive, more advanced Favor 05!

Even still, compared to other massage chairs in the industry, the Favor 05 is significantly cheaper. As far as aesthetics are concerned, it’s a pretty sweet looking chair that comes in 2 color schemes: black and khaki.

Real Relax Favor 05 Black
A Classic Black!
Real Relax Favor 05 Khaki
Or A Luxurious Khaki!

Personally speaking, I prefer the khaki over the black. If looks could kill!

Alright enough about aesthetics, let’s look at what this chair is all about!


Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair: 5 Key Features To Highlight!

#1 It’s An S-Track Chair That Comes With 3D Rollers!

So it has an S-Track roller system….no biggie! To be honest, that’s not what most surprises me about the Favor 05.

What had me stumped is that it comes equipped with 3D rollers!

I know Real Relax are all about creating products that are super affordable, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Never before have I seen a massage chair with 3D rollers for this cheap! Let’s talk about 3D rollers and how they function!

3D Roller Functionality
Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!

There’s 3 types of massage chair roller systems you can find in 2019: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, and 4-dimensional (AKA 2D, 3D, & 4D). 2D rollers are the most basic: they move up/down and side to side. 3D rollers are a definite step up from their 2D counterparts in that they move up/down, side to side, but they can also move inward/outward. It’s this extra dimension of in/out that makes 3D rollers so effective!

The Favor 05 comes equipped with quad (4) style 3D rollers. This 3-dimensional functionality affords users the flexibility of adjusting intensity as required. How is this so?

Adjusting the roller in/out protrusion essentially determines how intense a massage is. The more “in” the rollers are, the more intense the massage. The less “in” the rollers are, the less intense the massage!

Real Relax Favor 05 3D Rollers

What’s this thing called S-Track?

After having reviewed several dozen massage chairs, it becomes second nature to always use massage chair lingo without necessarily realizing that not everyone may understand it. That’s why I want to take the time to properly explain what the term “S-Track” means!

S-Track is a term used to describe a chair’s roller system. A typical S-Track system has:

Rollers that tightly contour to the spine’s natural “S” shaped curvature!
Rollers that track all the way down to the lower back area!

We call it “S-Track” because of the tight “S” shaped contour. If it wasn’t clear to you before, I do hope it is now!

#2 It’s Got 6 Auto Programs!

Again, considering how little it costs, 6 auto modes is pretty decent! What are these 6 auto modes?

    • Strong—A strong/deep tissue massage designed to stimulate and relieve achy muscles!
    • Thai—Exactly as the name suggests, this mode aims to mimic the real thing. Expect some intense stretching!
    • Relax—Soft/mild strokes that make for a soothing massage experience!
    • Chinese—More like your typical shiatsu routine if you ask me. It’s pretty intense!
    • Stretch—A stretch routine that’s slightly less intense than the Thai stretch.
    • Waist—A low intensity routine with slow strokes designed to get you in sleep mode!

Each of these 6 modes can be selected directly from the remote control!

Real Relax Favor 05 Remote Control
Here’s What The Remote Control Looks Like!

#3 It Comes Pre-assembled!

Install and setup are 2 things I absolutely detest. I’m the type of person who loves to talk features and specs, but I hate assembling and installing!

With the Real Relax Favor 05, assembly and install is not an issue!

And that’s because the chair already comes pre-assembled! That’s right Real Relax send the chair assembled and packaged in one box. The idea is that once you unpack the box, you should be able to plug the chair to power and get started right away!

Real Relax Favor 05 Already Assembled
Pretty Much “Plug & Play!”

Important: Before you buy the Favor 05, think carefully about the chair’s dimensions. In other words compare the packaged box dimensions to the size of your door. Is your door large enough to adequately fit the box? The package dimensions are as follows: 44.4 x 44.4 x31.4 inches, and the weight is 210 lbs.

#4 50 Airbags To Provide One Heck Of A Compression Massage!

If there’s one thing I love about Real Relax massage chairs, it’s that they don’t cheap out when it comes to airbags. From what I’ve seen thus far, their chairs are definitely compression intense!

With 50 airbags in the Real Relax Favor 05, you can expect a comprehensive full body compression massage!

But airbags aren’t just all about compression, they’re also needed to hold the body in place so the chair’s rollers can massage the back as effectively as possible. Airbags are also activated in the chair’s stretch routines.

The image below shows the approximate location of all 50 airbags. As you can see, most of the body has airbag coverage!

Real Relax Favor 05 50 Airbags

#5 Kneading Foot Rollers

If foot massages are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that the Favor 05 comes equipped with both foot rollers, as well as foot airbags.

Foot airbags are responsible for massaging the top and sides of your feet, whereas the foot rollers will work the toes, soles, and heel.

Now I must warn you, foot massage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to massaging the bottom of the feet. If you’re not used to it, you might find the sensation slightly uncomfortable. If you’re someone who doesn’t like foot massage, you have the option of turning off the foot rollers. Of course, you can also reduce the foot roller speed/intensity to a lower setting.

Real Relax Favor 05 Foot Massage


Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair Specifications

  • Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: S-Track
  • Roller Length: Approximately 28-30 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 50
  • Number Of Auto Modes: 6
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Maximum Recommended Height: 6’1 ft.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 440 lbs


Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair Pros & Cons!

The Stuff That’s Good!

Price, Price, & Price!
I was dumbstruck when I found out this chair has 3D rollers. I can tell you that I have never come across another chair that features 3D rollers at such a low price tag. And up till now I’ve almost reviewed 50 or so massage chairs! Kudos to Real Relax for designing incredibly affordable chairs!
No Assembly, No Problem!
No assembly, no install makes me a very happy camper! Because it’s a no fuss setup, all you need to do is bring the packaged box inside your home, decide where to place the chair based on your space requirements, and then you’re pretty much off to the races. Massage is less than 5 minutes way!

The Stuff That’s Not Good!

Not The Best For Short People!
I Love everything about this chair, and it saddens me to have to include a con, but unfortunately I’m left with no choice. The biggest shortcoming with the Favor 05 is its inability to accommodate shorter body types. To be specific, the footrest on this chair is unable to extend or retract, so you either fit the chair comfortably or you don’t. Because it’s sized for a slightly medium to larger sized body, shorter folks who are anywhere from 5’3 ish and lower will find the chair doesn’t fit them properly.


Real Relax Favor 05 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: What’s included in the package that ships?

Three things: a user manual, a remote control to operate the chair, and most importantly the chair itself! As mentioned earlier, no assembly is required.

Q2: What other features does this chair have?

In addition to the 5 I mentioned earlier, the Real Relax Favor 05 has the following:

    • Built In Bluetooth Speakers—So you can connect your phone and listen to some beats while massaging!
    • Zero Gravity Recline—Because the most effective massage sessions happen at Zero G!
    • Heat Therapy—Built in heating pads keep your waist and buttocks nice and toasty!

Q3: How Long does a massage routine run for?

The maximum time you can run any routine on this chair is 15 minutes. You can always restart a program upon completion.

Q4: What kind of wall clearance do you need when setting up this chair?

This is an area where the Favor 05 struggles. You need to have a couple feet of wall clearance to accommodate the chair when it’s in recline. As such, the Favor 05 doesn’t have any space saving technology.

Q5: Where is the chair manufactured?

Like 95% of massage chairs, the Real Relax is manufactured, assembled and shipped out of a factory in China. Chinese massage chairs are staring to “give a run” to their Japanese counterparts. Gone are the days when Japanese technology always trumped their Chinese equivalents!


Should You Buy The Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair?

For most of my reviews this particular question is especially difficult to answer, and that’s because most of the chairs I review are so close to each other that it’s hard to give a recommendation one way!

In that sense, it’s very rare where making a recommendation to you guys is pretty cut and dry. This is one of those rare instances!

For what it costs, the Real Relax Favor 05 is seriously worth considering! This is especially true if you’re in the market for a budget massage chair!

Yes it might not have the “brand name status” as the Osaki’s, Human Touch’s, or Ogawa’s of the industry, but it still is a solid chair at literally a fraction of the price than the others. It absolutely blows my mind to think that one could find a 3D chair that costs as little as this does!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: Real Relax are starting to seriously draw some attention to their lineup, and for all the right reasons.

More importantly, the way their chairs are priced makes them just too good to pass up on. All that being said, my final recommendation is a two thumbs up for the Real Relax Favor 05!

If you have any questions about this review or about the Real Relax Favor 05, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at If you wish to know more about the chair, you can also visit Real Relax’s official product page here.

Last but not least I wish to inform you that I am an affiliate of Amazon. What this means is if you choose to buy this chair from Amazon, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I wish to inform you of this because the goal here at massagersandmore is to be 100% transparent with my readers. I feel that’s the least I can do for you all.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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