Human Touch Perfect Chair 420 Review

Human Touch PC 420 Review













  • One Of The Few Chairs You Can Find That Actual Reclines To A Zero Point Position For ALL Users!
  • Impeccable Design With A Solid Wooden Base And Top Grade Leather!
  • Because It's 100% Manual, There's No Need To Place It Next To A Power Outlet!


  • It Ain't Cheap!

Another Zero Gravity Recliner!

A few weeks earlier we looked at the Osaki ZR-P2 zero gravity recliner. It was my very first review of a zero gravity recliner chair, and I must say I was pleasantly impressed with the simplicity of the ZR-P2.

So today I thought it might be a good idea to review the Perfect Chair 420 (AKA PC 420) from Human Touch to see how it stacks up!

I know I might sound like a broken record to some, but before we go any further into this review you should know that the PC 420 is not a massage chair. It falls under the category of zero gravity recliners, and these typically do not have massage capabilities (of course there might be an exception or two!).

That being said let’s look at 4 key features of the Human Touch PC 420!


4 Interesting Features Of The Human Touch PC 420 Zero Gravity Recliner!

# True Zero Gravity!

Zero gravity or often referred to as the recline position of weightlessness, is a position in which the body, most notably the spine experiences minimum stress and strain. As a result, the spine is able to decompress, relax and recover in many ways.

But does one single zero gravity position work for every single body type?

The answer to this was a huge shock to me. The answer is no – one recline position does not necessarily work for every single person. I’ll try to explain this the best I can without making an absolute fool of myself, so please bear with me!

There’s this thing called zero point and basically it’s a position where all forces are evenly distributed across the entire body. It’s a position where the spine is most relaxed. It is zero gravity. Zero point (or zero gravity) is dependent on various factors such as height and weight.

This is exactly why one position for someone who is 5’2 ft and 110 lbs will not work as well for another person who is 6’0 ft and 200 lbs.

Below is a video that does a much better job at explaining the above concept. All credit to Hotdeal YouTube channel.

How does this all relate to the Human Touch PC 420?

The Human Touch PC 420 does exactly this when you recline the chair backward. That is, the chair eases back as you recline to position your body at that “zero point”.

Human Touch PC 420 Neutral Posture Recline

The recline functionality is 100% manual which is a good and bad thing if you ask me. Good, because you don’t need to locate the chair near a power outlet. Bad, because you lose out on the flexibility of having multiple recline positions.

#2 Extended Armrests

Some might not make much of this, but it’s important and here’s why: when you recline backwards, you need more real estate to rest your arms on. If the armrests are short, your elbow might be uncomfortably hanging.

Fortunately, Human Touch thought about this and designed the chair with extended armrests to counter the issue!

Human Touch PC 420 Extended Armrests

Worthwhile mentioning that the armrest are also fairly wide, so if you’re someone who has big arms, not to worry!

Human Touch PC 420 Armrest Closeup

#3 Hand Carved & Hand Sanded Wooden Base!

The wooden base on this PC 420 is absolutely stunning. From an aesthetics standpoint, it looks very good. The wood itself is sourced from the rubber tree, a tree known to yield one of the strongest and toughest woods on earth.

However, it’s the workmanship of the wooden base that most stands out to me!

I was watching a video and I’m not entirely sure about this, but the person narrating the video from Human Touch was talking about how an individual would need to have 2 years of apprentice experience before they can work on the wooden base of this chair.

Not sure if this is marketing lingo, but definitely interesting to take note of!

Concerning the wooden base specifically, one can pick from the following 3 colours: matte black, dark walnut, and walnut. Below is what each one looks like!

#4 Fantastic Selection & Quality Of Upholstery!

Many a time I’ll come across a chair, be it a massage chair or something else, which has shoddy stitching and just the general quality of the upholstery is lacking. I’ve seen this particularly on the cheap knock off brands that come from China. Now don’t get me wrong because a lot of awesome, high quality chairs also come from China.

It’s just the cheaper stuff probably comes from different factories than the high quality stuff.

All that being said, the Human Touch PC 420 upholstery does not disappoint. In fact, it’s pretty darn awesome both in terms of quality and selection. Human Touch have gone with triple french stitching so you can expect that everything will hold over the years.

Human Touch PC 420 Triple Stitching

In terms of selection, you can pick from a variety of options: there are a total of 6 different colours if you go with premium leather, 1 colour for sofhyde which is not leather but polyurethane, and last but not least 1 colour for top grain.

My personal favourite is the ivory premium leather. It has this timeless, classic feel to it!

Human Touch PC 420 Ivory Leather

Note: Human Touch is very picky when it comes to what leather they use on their chairs. For the PC 420 specifically, the cowhide must be free from imperfections, and natural, for it to make the cut as eventual leather on a Human Touch chair.


Is It Worth The $$$ Or Should You Consider Something Else?

There’s 2 things I want to be brutally honest about before we move forward:

#1 This Is Not A Massage Chair!—It might look like a massage chair, but it’s not. Zero gravity recliners are built to serve one purpose: that is to allow the user to enjoy the comforts of sitting in a true zero gravity position.
#2 It Ain’t Cheap!—This will burn a hole in your wallet and then some! To be honest I’ve seen massage chairs that cost less than this. There is a caveat however. The quality on this thing is unrivalled, so there is that!

Why is it important to understand the above 2 points? It’s because most people don’t realise the difference between a zero gravity recliner and a massage chair.

They are not the same, and both are designed to perform totally different things! So long as you have this clear, you won’t be disappointed.

So should you buy the Human Touch PC 420 or should you consider another zero gravity recliner. As mentioned earlier, I previously reviewed the Osaki ZR-P2 and in terms of pricing, that was much cheaper. However, it pales in comparison to the PC 420 in terms of overall design and workmanship.

If you’re looking for a zero gravity recliner that not only reclines to zero g, but is also a phenomenal chair in terms of aesthetics and design, the PC 420 is probably a good option to consider.

On the flip side, aesthetics and design might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and let’s face it, a price tag like this is bound to scare most away (myself included!). If you’re not digging the price tag, go for something cheaper like the Osaki ZR-P2!


Human Touch PC 420: Closing Comments

Before I conclude this post, there’s a few things I wanted to say for those who may be interested in purchasing the Human Touch PC 420.

#1 Be Sure To Consider Dimensions!—To save yourself from disappointment, you should always consider both upright and recline dimensions before you decide to purchase a chair. This is especially important for recliners!
#2 Required Recline Clearance—Another important aspect to consider is the required recline clearance. This is how much clearance you require from the back of the chair to the wall, and for the PC 420 this is a total of 9 inches.

Below is a snippet of all the technical details for your convenience (source: Human Touch).

Human Touch PC 420 Tech Specs

That’s it from me folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and got some value out of it. If you did, please consider sharing on the social channels. Definitely feel free to drop a comment below if you have any burning questions! See you next week!

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