Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair Review

Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot/Calf Massage




User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money Versus Quality/Workmanship



  • An Ultra-Compact Massage Chair That's Particularly Great For Tight Spaces!
  • L-Track Rollers Pack Some Serious Punch!
  • Versatile As It Can Be Used As Both A Massage/Everyday Chair!
  • Extremely Well Priced For All It Offers!


  • No Airbags Means No Compression Massage
  • No Foot/Calf Rollers

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

And that’s exactly what Infinity have done with the Riage CS massage chair! A simple design that’s highly effective, incredibly portable, and best of all reasonably priced!

The Riage CS is the perfect example of “minimalist” when talking massage chairs specifically!

If you think I’m over-hyping this thing, check out the video below and then decide for yourself.

Impressive isn’t it? My 2 favourite things about this chair are:

#1 Even though it’s a “baby” in terms of size, it is still somehow able to accommodate individuals up to 6’4 feet. Infinity need to be applauded for this because I’ve seen chairs twice the size that have difficulty accommodating anything over 6 feet!
#2 Upon first glance I expected a simple, basic S-Track roller system, but very very exciting to see that the Riage CS is fitted with an extended L-Track that goes right down to the glutes. I’ve only started this review and I’m loving this chair already!

Off topic but last week I reviewed the BestMassage EC 06C massage chair which was around the same price as this chair. Even though the BestMassage is probably better from a “features” standpoint, the Riage CS would be what I pick from the two hands down! It’s a far more superior build, and you can rest easy knowing workmanship and quality have all been well taken care of!

Alright enough chit chat, let’s look at 5 key things that make the Riage CS such a beast of a chair!


4 Features That Make The Infinity Riage CS A Standout Massage Chair!

#1 It’s The Most Portable, “Space Saving” Massage Chair I’ve Ever Seen!

A quick glance at the Riage CS and you’ll immediately notice that this thing is not your typical massage chair. It’s not bulky, it’s not large, and one might also think “how is that thing going to fix my back aches?”. Looks can be deceiving friends!

38L X 23W X 38H are what the Riage CS measure out to. This alone makes it a perfect fit for constrained spaces!

Infinity Riage CS Dimensions

If that wasn’t enough, Infinity have added a couple more features to really enhance the portability, space saving aspects.

#1 Space Saving Recline—A cool, nifty little feature in which the chair slides forward on a base as it reclines backward. Infinity have designed the Riage CS such that it only requires 2 inches of wall clearance from backrest.
#2 Hidden Wheels!—If you saw the video above, you’d have noticed how easy it is to move the Riage CS. All you do is tilt the chair backwards and then drag using the hidden wheels. As if placement was ever an issue!

All of these things combined put the Riage CS in a special class of massage chairs: a class I like to call ultra-compact. If you’re constrained for space, and if that’s been the reason for you not investing in a massage chair, here’s something you ought to seriously consider!

#2 It’s Got Quad Rollers That Extend All The Way Down To The Glutes!

If i’m honest, this is the one feature that had me floored. Looking at the chair, it’s hard to see how the design would be able to offer anything more than a conventional S-Track. Somehow Infinity have fitted this thing with an extended L-Track!

L-Track is simply a roller characteristic. L-Track rollers are capable of traversing extended ranges all the way from the neck to the glutes.

S-Track can only traverse to the lower back and that’s where it stops, so in essence you get a lot more massage coverage with an L-Track.

Infinity Riage CS L-Track

Okay we’ve touched on L-Track, let’s quickly look at quad rollers for a sec. Quad rollers AKA 4 node rollers are the most common roller type you can find on pretty much every massage chair. If you’ve never seen quad rollers before, here’s what they look like!

Infinity Riage CS Quad Rollers
Here’s What The Riage’s Rollers Look Like!

Nothing special with the quad rollers, it’s just something I wanted to mention as I realise not all of you are familiar with massage chair lingo.

#3 It Can Do Shiatsu, Tapping, & Kneading

I appreciate Infinity carrying the simplicity mindset throughout the Riage CS design. It really does live by the “less is more” concept!

That being said, the Infinity Riage CS massage chair is capable of performing 3 different massage techniques: these are shiatsu, tapping, and kneading!

Infinity Riage CS Massage Techniques

What are each of these techniques anyways?

Shiatsu—In layman terms, shiatsu is basically focused application of pressure to specific points in the body. Highly effective at treating pain!
Tapping—Also known as percussion massage. This is simple tapping strokes done all around the back, they vary from light to heavy in intensity.
Kneading—The good stuff, the stuff that makes massages feel so awesome! Kneading is that super relaxing circular motion that’s great for breaking up tension!

How does this compare to other massage chairs? Most chairs can perform anywhere from 3-7 massage techniques, so the Riage CS is definitely on the lower side. However, i’d rather have a chair that does a few techniques right than a whole bunch of techniques that don’t feel that great.

Note: The Riage CS has a total of 4 auto programs to select from. In addition to this, you can also choose to operate the chair in manual mode.

#4 It Works As An Everyday Chair Too!

An issue with almost all massage chairs (at least all of the ones I have reviewed!) is that they’re not versatile. They’re awesome massage chairs don’t get me wrong, but they’re not necessarily usable for just sitting on to watch TV for example.

The main reason for this is most massage chairs are uncomfortable to sit on because of the airbag pouches that feel really weird when they’re not pulsating.

Needless to say this isn’t any issue with the Riage CS as it does not have any airbags! Of course this is also a shortcoming because airbags do provide an extra element of massage which is different from the rollers.

Key point however is that the Riage CS is incredibly versatile!

Because of this, it makes for a fantastic living room chair, and an even more fantastic gaming chair!

Infinity Riage CS Recline


Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair Specifications

  • Infinity Riage Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: L-Track
  • Roller Length: 45-47 Inches (Approximately)
  • Total Airbags: Zero
  • Upright Dimensions: 38''L X 23''W X 38''H
  • Recline Dimensions: 54''L X 23''W X 29''H
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Height Range: 5’0 – 6’4 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 264 lbs


Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair Pros & Cons!

Pros—The Stuff I Like!
Cons—The Stuff I Don’t Like!
    • Loving The Price!—Less than $1K for this bad boy means you don’t need to break the bank. Gone are the days when massage chairs were only a luxury item afforded by a few!
    • Next Level Compact!—There are compact massage chairs and then there’s this! Call it ultra-compact, extreme-compact or whatever you’d like, this is the perfect chair for tight spaces!
    • L-Track Makes This Even More Incredible!—It really does because now you can enjoy a massage all the way to your glutes and hamstrings!
    • Flexible In How It Can Be Used!—Not only as a massage chair, but also as a recliner chair. If you ask me, this would be a good gaming option as well!
    • No Airbags—Not the biggest deal ever, but worth mentioning that the Riage CS does not come with any airbags. L-Track does kinda make up for this though.
    • No Calf/Foot Massage—This for me is the biggest shortcoming with the Riage CS. There is no proper calf or foot massage which basically means that full body massage is not possible. There is a vibrating option for the calf area but I’ve found these to be quite ineffective truth be told.


Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair: 5 Frequently Asked Questions!

Question #1: How many colors does the chair come in?

You have 2 options: black and brown. Before you decide on what color to get, think about placement a little. If you’ll be pairing the chair with the rest of your furniture, it might be wise to consider a matching color. For example, if you have black sofas, get the Riage CS in black. My 2 cents for what it’s worth!

Question #2: Is there any assembly required?

Nope, negative, nada! Zero assembly required. That’s another benefit of going with a compact option, you don’t need to mess around trying to connect the foot ottoman or even the compressor tubing! Simply remove the unit from the box and plug and play.

Question #3: What are the height/weight restrictions, and what’s the user flexibility like?

For a small chair, user flexibility on the Riage CS is actually quite impressive. It is able to comfortably accommodate a maximum height of up to 6’4 ft. In terms of weight, it can bear a maximum load of up to 264 lbs. Again, very impressive for a unit as small as this one!

Question #4: I have niggly pain points on my back, can this chair perform a targeted massage?

You bet it can! Another awesome feature I did not talk about earlier is something called targeted massage. It is a way to manually control the chair’s rollers to massage those trouble spots/areas on the back. The target feature can be activated directly from the remote control.

Question #5: What are the 4 auto modes and how do I toggle them?

The 4 auto modes are:

    • Energy—Another mid to high intensity routine that’s awesome for starting out the day!
    • Recover—Mid to high intensity routine aimed at improving muscle recovery time after strenuous workout/exercise.
    • Rest & Sleep—A mild massage routine that works really well just before bedtime.
    • Relax—Low to mid intensity routine that’s great for anytime of the day.

All of these auto modes can be toggled/selected from the remote control.

Infinity Riage CS Remote Control


Final Recommendation: Should You Buy The Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair?

Moment of truth! Riage CS: buy or pass?

And the verdict is……BUY!!!!

The Riage CS is a phenomenal buy for 2 types of people specifically:

#1 Those On A Tight Budget—I’ve always said that massage solutions are available even for the tightest of budgets. It’s just a matter of deciding what to get. Should you choose to get an inexpensive chair with poor quality/workmanship, you’ll be left with a bitter taste. On the flipside, you can get something like the Riage CS and you know that you’re getting something that’s solid and well designed.
#2 Those Looking For A Portable Option—As I said earlier, this is by far one of the best massage chairs to look at if you’re looking for something small and compact. It’s a small unit but also comes with additional space saving recline features that make it even more portable. That being said, the Riage CS is your “go-to” chair if you’re tight on space!

For everything it offers and also considering its more than reasonable price tag, the Riage CS gets 2 thumbs up from me!

If you have any questions about this or any other chair, please drop a comment below. If you enjoyed reading, please consider sharing this post on the social media platforms. Be well and be safe!

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