Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS Pro Paragon Massage Chair Review













  • Phenomenal State Of The Art 4D Rollers Deliver An Unparalleled Massage!
  • For A 4D Chair, Pricing Is Pretty Good!
  • Voice Activated Control Makes For Seamless Operation!
  • Combined Calf & Foot Rollers Help Deliver A Powerful Massage To The Lower Body!


  • A Better Height Range Would've Been Nice. Not The Worst Thing Ever Though!

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Another Fantastic Addition To The Osaki Family!

Out of all the massage chair manufacturers I’ve been exposed to, Osaki are one of the few that frequently put out new chairs throughout the year. They’re quick to make changes, improve existing designs, and release newer more innovative units!

When I look at the Pro Paragon, this is what stands out to me. Osaki have taken a templated 4D design and greatly improved upon it!

At first glance, I am pretty impressed. For all that it offers, and considering its current price tag, not bad at all! Since you’re probably dying to see what the Pro Paragon is all about, let’s dive in and talk features!


5 Awesome Features In The Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair!

#1 Heated 4D Rollers On A 49” L-Track!

Okay there’s a lot going on here, so let’s take a moment to break it all down so it’s understandable. First things first, what are rollers?

Rollers are to a massage chair as an engine is to a car. It’s the one component that you cannot do without!

And that’s because the rollers are responsible for delivering 75-80% of massage. The rest is achieved by pulsating airbags. If you’ve ever sat on a massage chair before, you’ll have experienced a firm contraption moving up and down your back, these are rollers.

With the rapid evolution of massage chairs, roller technology has drastically improved over the years. Back when massage chairs were first being sold, the basic rollers were 2D AKA 2-dimensional. 2D basically means the rollers are restricted in motion to move in only 2 dimensions of space. For a 2D chair, this is up/down and side to side.

2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right
2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right

After 2D rollers, the next big thing was 3D AKA 3-dimensional. 3D is the exact same thing as 2D but with one added dimension: in/out protrusions. This in/out protrusion was revolutionary because for the first time it allowed massage chairs to be able to deliver a deep tissue massage!

Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!
In/Out Protrusion Is A Characteristic Of 3D Rollers!

As great as 3D rollers were, consumers wanted more, and manufacturers like Osaki were more than happy to oblige! Step forth 4D rollers. 4D, in addition to having the same dimensions as 3D rollers, also have something known as automatic speed control which serves as the 4th dimension.

Speed Control Is What Distinguishes 4D From 3D Rollers
Speed Control Is What Distinguishes 4D From 3D Rollers

The idea was to make the massage chair as “human” as possible. Automatic speed control means the rollers in many ways behave like the human hand of a trained massage therapist. That is, speed is never constant but always varying according to massage stroke. In this sense, 4D chairs were able to deliver a massage closest to a human therapist.

This is massage chair roller evolution in a nutshell! The most advanced rollers you can find today are 4D.

The Pro Paragon comes equipped with 4D rollers. What makes the rollers on the Pro Paragon so special, is that they are heated! This isn’t the first time Osaki have designed chairs with heated rollers. The Pro Maestro, another 4D chair from Osaki also has heated rollers.

Why are heated rollers important? What added benefit do they offer?

Heated rollers are massive if you ask me. The reason I say this is because application of heat makes massage just that much more effective. It makes the muscles less rigid, more flexible, and as a result more pliable. To conclude, application of heat primes the muscles for receiving massage.

Most massage chairs have heating pads. These do work okay, but heated rollers offer a ton more coverage because heat is applied everywhere the rollers traverse.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Heated Rollers

We’ve talked about the heated 4D rollers, now let’s talk about the 49” L-Track!

We know what rollers are but what’s a roller track? Think of it as a simple contraption that allows the rollers to move from point A to point B. You have a train and a train track that allows a train to move from A to B, similarly you have a roller system and it’s corresponding track!

However, the 49” L-Track on the Pro Paragon is special because it’s able to push up and wrap underneath the back of the thighs. In conventional L-Tracks, this is not possible and coverage is reduced.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon Modified L-Track

Because of its ability to do this, you get maximum massage coverage from the rollers. It truly makes a world of difference!

#2 Heated Foot Rollers Provide A Toasty Foot Massage!

In #1 we spoke about the main back rollers and how they are heated. The foot rollers on the Pro Paragon are also heated. The bottom of the footrest is equipped with spinning reflexology rollers that are responsible for providing massage to the soles, toes, and heel of the feet.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon Foot Rollers

The techniques employed are mostly kneading and rolling, although adjacent airbags help pin the feet down and also provide a compression massage. What differentiates the foot rollers on the Pro Paragon from other chairs is that they are heated. Most chairs do not have heat in the foot area, and if they do, it’s usually more common to see heating pads and not heated foot rollers.

Heated foot rollers are more effective than traditional heating pads, if you ask me!

#3 Space Saving Allows For Tight Placement!

Space saving is a feature you’ll find on majority of massage chairs. It’s especially common on all the newer models being released. What is space saving?

It’s a simple feature designed to allow folks to place massage chairs in tight spaces without much wall clearance.

It works like this: as the chair reclines backwards, it also slides forward on a base. This sliding forward movement allows us to place a chair much closer to a wall without having to worry about clashing during recline. For the Pro Paragon, the required clearance from backrest to wall is only 3.15 inches.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon Space Saving

Important: Space saving only accounts for clearance from backrest to wall. It does not consider/improve anything else! You still need to carefully ensure you have enough space in the front and sides.

#4 Speech Recognition Means You Can Give Commands By Voice!

This is the most marketed feature of the Pro Paragon, and Osaki are showing it off on all their promotional videos. It’s definitely a cool feature to have and I can see how it might be useful.

If you’re seated in a massage chair and need to adjust something, you typically need to lean forward, grab the remote, and make the change. This usually results in disruption of massage.

A better alternative I’ve found is to operate the massage chair from a smartphone (most massage chairs have this capability). However, this too causes a bit of disruption because you still need to adjust settings on your phone. The least disruptive method is definitely being able to command the chair via speech/voice.

The Pro Paragon takes a big stride toward this by having speech recognition. It has a built in microphone which can recognise and understand up to 9 different phrases such as massage chair shutoff, pain relief, zero gravity start etc.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon Voice Recognition

While this list of 9 might not be everything we need, it still is a very positive step towards improving massage chair operation. As I said earlier, the main purpose is to make operations as less disruptive as possible. If we are looking to mimic the real thing (AKA human massage), then this is of utmost importance!

#5 13 Auto Modes To Pick From!

Another thing I absolutely love about the Pro Paragon is that it comes loaded with 13 auto modes. These have been categorised as regular and special programs. Auto modes can be activated directly from the remote control.

Why are auto modes so important? And what are some of the things to look for when buying a massage chair?

Auto modes are important because they directly contribute to overall user experience. Obviously, the more auto modes, the better, but it doesn’t end there. You can have 20+ auto modes, but if they’re poorly designed, then they’re no good because they won’t be effective. So how do you know this?

Unfortunately this is one of the shortcomings of buying a massage chair online!

You don’t have the ability to try out the auto modes and see how they feel to you. So should you always buy a massage chair in store so you’re able to try it out before buying? Well it’s not always that simple. Many chairs are online exclusive, so you may not be able to try them out. Also you may find better deals online than offline. Honestly, it’s a trade off.

And everyone’s situation is different and unique!


Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair Specifications

  • Osaki OS Pro Paragon Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: L-Track
  • Roller Length: 49 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 42
  • Upright Dimensions: 63.8"L x 35.2"W x 49.2"H
  • Recline Dimensions: 77"L x 35.2"W x 38.8"H
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Height Range: 5'0" - 6'2" ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 280 lbs

(Note: This is an affiliate link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair Pros & Cons!

Pros—The Stuff I Like!
Cons—The Stuff I Don’t Like!
    • The Rollers!—Osaki have done a phenomenal job with the rollers on the Pro Paragon. It’s not only just that they’re 4-dimensional, it’s that they’re also heated and provide better tracking on the lower part of the body.
    • Voice Activated Makes For Hassle Free Operation!—Being able to speak to the Pro Paragon is great because it means you don’t have to get up mid-massage to pick up the remote control and mess around with settings. Definitely a useful feature to have!
    • Pricing Is Pretty Decent!—For a 4D chair, I’m impressed with the current pricing. I’ve seen many 4D chairs that sell for significantly more!
    • Calf Rollers Make A World Of Difference!—One thing I didn’t mention when talking about features is the calf rollers on the Pro Paragon. However, make no mistake calf rollers on a massage chair are immense! Most massage chairs I’ve reviewed fare poorly when it comes to calf massage, and that’s because this is an area where the rollers cannot reach. This is why chairs which do have calf rollers always deliver a more comprehensive, thorough massage.
    • User Flexibility Could’ve Been A Tad Better—One area which could’ve been better is user flexibility, or the chair’s ability to accommodate various body types (height/weight). The height range for the Pro Paragon is 5’0-6’2 ft. This isn’t horrible, but it could be better on both the upper/lower limits. I know it might be a bit harsh, but this is after all a premium massage chair.

(Note: This is an affiliate link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


Should You Buy The Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair?

Or should you consider something else? Well there’s a few things you need to carefully consider. Firstly, you need to ask yourself:

Are you looking for a 4D chair specifically, or is it something else you’re after?

Knowing this right off the bat will save you $1000’s, because if you’re not looking for a 4D chair, you can probably get away with a 3D one which still is capable of delivering deep tissue, high intensity massage. Please think this through carefully!

If you are looking for a 4D chair, then the best way to go about it is to research what’s available and then compare one chair to several others. If you’ve narrowed your search down to 5 or 6 chairs and there’s one you really like, take that chair and compare it against others. Put it to through a litmus test and see how it fares!

I’ve seen bloggers and reviewers making it such a big deal. Buying a massage chair need not be a complicated affair!

It may take some time to do research, but your wallet will thank you! For this example, I will be comparing the Pro Paragon to the Osaki OS Pro Maestro, and the OHCO M.8. Both of these are known to be the crème de la crème of 4D massage chairs!

Osaki OS Pro Maestro
Osaki OS Pro Maestro TaupeEverything good about Osaki is exemplified in the Pro Maestro, from the 4D heated rollers to the incredibly beautiful design, this thing screams perfection! It is pricey though, I will say that!
OHCO M.8 ComparisonThe Lamborghini of massage chairs because it has rear swing doors! If you’re not yet impressed, here’s something: it’s got a MaxTrack system which offers the best of both S & L-Tracks!
  • OHCO M.8
  • $$$$$

  • 49'' L-Track w/ MaxTrack Technology

    Roller Track
  • 14

    Auto Modes
  • Heated Rollers & Conventional Heating Pads

    Heating System
  • Yes

    Calf Rollers
  • 48

  • 5’1-6’4 ft & 265 lbs

    User Flexibility
  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro
  • $$$$

  • 52.8'' L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 8

    Auto Modes
  • Heated Rollers

    Heating System
  • No

    Calf Rollers
  • 32

  • 5’0 – 6’4 ft & 265 lbs

    User Flexibility
  • Osaki OS Pro Paragon
  • $$$

  • 49'' L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 13

    Auto Modes
  • Heated Back & Foot Rollers

    Heating System
  • Yes

    Calf Rollers
  • 42

  • 5’0 – 6’2 ft & 280 lbs

    User Flexibility

So what’s it gonna be? Which of the 3 chairs is the best?

When I write reviews on entry level massage chairs, typically making a final recommendation is not that difficult because it’s easy to identify distinctions. However, when you get to the more expensive, advanced chairs, it’s very difficult because all of them are so so good that making a final recommendation is very challenging.

Even still, I will provide a final recommendation here so you have something to go off of if you choose to.

My final recommendation is to go with the M.8 if you can afford it (and it is hella expensive!), because that is the best 4D chair I have yet to come across. If you want something cheaper, the Pro Paragon is your next best bet. It’s an incredible unit at a more than reasonable price!

(Note: This is an affiliate link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


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Osaki OS Pro Paragon images were used with permission from Osaki Massage Chair

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