Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair Review

Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair Review













  • 9 Auto Modes To Pick From Ensure Things Never Get Boring!
  • Pretty Reasonably Priced Compared To Similar Chairs In The Market
  • It Does Really Well To Accommodate Smaller Body Types!


  • None I Can Think Of

Kyota: Another New Name In The World Of Massage Chairs?

Over the last couple months I’ve been reviewing tons of massage chairs from brands I’ve never heard of. OHCO’s M.8 more recently, and before that Synca’s Wellness CirC. Both of them are fantastic chairs in their own right and both had me pleasantly surprised!

Since it’s my 3rd time writing a review on a massage chair brand I am unfamiliar with, let’s see if the Kyota impresses me as much as OHCO and Synca!

Before we dive right in, I wanted to share 2 fun facts about Kyota:

Chinese Manufactured Chairs—All of their chairs are manufactured in Asia (China). Nothing wrong with this of course since 90-95% of massage chairs are all built in China. Workmanship and quality with reputable brands such as Osaki, Titan etc. has never suffered.
Sister Company To Infinity—Infinity are a well known massage chair brand famous for chairs such as the Iyashi. They have some really awesome chairs in addition to this. Interesting to know that Kyota are the sister company of Infinity. Kinda similar to Cozzia and Ogawa.

What makes Kyota chairs special? What’s their USP?

Looking at the E330 specifically, there’s a few things I picked up on right off the bat.

#1 It Can Fit Smaller Body Types—The lower limit for height range is 4’8 ft. which all things considered is pretty darn good. After having reviewed a plethora of massage chairs over the years, I can tell you that you’d have to pay a premium price to find a massage chair that works really well for petite body types.
#2 It’s Centred Around Simplicity—Which means it doesn’t come packing tons of bells and whistles like you might find on other massage chairs, but instead the focus is centred around massage and trying to design the chair to maximise massage performance. Personally speaking, I have no issue at all with this!

I don’t have an opinion on pricing yet, but I will later when I get to the comparison section to demonstrate how the E330 compares to similar chairs in the market. For now, let’s look at a few interesting features on the E330!


4 Interesting Features On The Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair!

#1 It Can Accommodate Smaller Body Types!

Shorter than average, and taller than average: being on either side of the spectrum always makes things slightly more difficult for just about everything. Whether it means shopping for clothes, shoes, and even furniture for that matter.

Concerning massage chairs, manufacturers do a pretty decent job designing their chairs to fit as broad an audience as possible. The problem is when you’re an outlier!

Then it’s always difficult finding a chair to comfortably suit your body type. It’s not to say there aren’t any chairs to fit XS or XL users, it’s that they usually come attached with an expensive price tag. And I’m the type of guy who won’t budge, even if it’s an extra $100-200 bucks! Unless I see value then and only then, but otherwise price is my deciding factor (as it should be for you as well).

What’s nice about the E330 is that it’s been very carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of body types, but more specifically a smaller than average body type.

Kyota E330 User Flexibility-Height &Weight

Very rare that you’ll find a massage chair capable of comfortably fitting someone who is 4’8 ft.! Kyota do have the upper limit as 6’2 ft. but if you’re over 6’0 ft., I strongly suggest you consider something else as the E330 might be too tight a fit.

Also interesting to note is the 305 lbs max weight capacity/loading. Most massage chairs can only do up to 285 lbs.

#2 43” L-Track Allows For Extended Massage!

One of the first terms you come across when browsing massage chairs are “rollers”. Rollers this, rollers that, rollers here, rollers there! So what are rollers and why are they so important in a massage chair?

Rollers are a simple contraption of doughnut shaped discs mounted on a spindle. The rollers traverse in various directions applying massage to a user’s body.

Cozzia CZ-629 3D Rollers
Here’s What Rollers Look Like!

The E330 comes packing 2-dimensional (2D) quad (4) rollers. 2-dimensional basically describes the roller’s movements. In 2D rollers, there are 2 types of movements/motions: up and down along the back, and side to side across the back. The image below explains this better.

2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right

Just like you have 2D massage chairs, you also have 3D and 4D. Of course the price for 3D and 4D is typically more expensive than 2D. 4D chairs are the priciest ones you can find today.

When we talk about roller tracks, we are looking at how far the rollers can traverse and what shape they take on.

For the E330 L-Track, you get 43” of coverage from neck to glutes/hamstrings. This extended coverage is great because the rollers can target far more than what was previously possible.

Kyota E330 2D L-Track Rollers

#3 9 Auto Modes Keep Things Refreshing!

Auto modes to massage chairs are like TV channels to a TV. Well these days everything can be streamed online through Netflix and Amazon, but back in the day we had TV channels and an antenna on the top of your roof!

Do you want the best TV with the best technology, and only a few TV channels!? No, right!

What good is technology if user experience is lacking. I say this in literally every massage chair post, because people look at all the other bells and whistles (Bluetooth speakers) which they don’t really need, and forget about auto modes. You may not regret it right away, but in the future you will.

The E330 does really well by providing the user with a total of 9 auto modes to choose from. Pretty impressive for a chair that costs this much!

What are these 9 auto modes and how do you activate them? These are stretch, all air, sooth, night, lower body, upper body, renew, relax, and quick. All 9 can be activated by the push of a button directly on the remote control!

Kyota E330 9 Auto Modes

#4 Space Saving So It’s Great For Small Spaces!

Space saving is a simple feature that you can find on majority of massage chairs today. It works like this: as you recline backward, the chair slides forward on a base thereby saving some much needed space from backrest to wall.

Kyota E330 Space Saving

For those of you who have tons of space in your home, this is a moot point. However, for the folks who live in apartments or smaller residences, space saving might end up being the deciding factor when buying a massage chair!

The E330 has been designed such that it can be placed as close as 2 inches adjacent to a wall. This means you can place the chair pretty tight and not have to worry about clashing.


Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair Specifications

  • Kyota E330 Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: L-Track
  • Roller Length: 43 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 24
  • Upright Dimensions: 53"L x 32"W x 45"H
  • Recline Dimensions: 58"L x 32"W x 33.5"H
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Height Range: 4'8" - 6'0" ft
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 305 lbs


Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair Pros & Cons!

Pros—The Stuff I Like!
Cons—The Stuff I Don’t Like!
    • Many Auto Modes!—As mentioned previously, auto modes are incredibly important as they largely contribute towards user experience. Of course it’s not just about the number of auto modes but also the quality of the auto modes! Kyota have fared well with both of these on the E330.
    • Foot Rollers—I did not mention it above, but you should know the E330 comes packing foot rollers. Foot rollers are super super important! Ask me how I know! Because my massage chair doesn’t have foot rollers and it’s something I regret every time!
    • Simplistic Straightforward Design That’s Easy To Operate!—“Keep it simple stupid”, ever heard that one before!? Kyota seem to certainly have, as the E330 perfectly fits this mantra! I love it. Do the important things properly, even if it means excluding some of the other bells and whistles.
    • Fits Smaller Body Types Really Well!—Mentioned this earlier, but the E330 does really well at accommodating smaller body types!
    • Nothing I Can Think Of!—Yes it might not have Bluetooth speakers, air ionizers, and 3D/4D rollers, but the E330 is pretty decent all things considered. If I had to be really picky, I would’ve liked a longer L-Track and better heat therapy, but you can never have everything!


Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair: 3 Frequently Asked Questions!

Question #1: What specific massage techniques can the E330 perform?

The E330 can perform a total of 5 different massage techniques. These are:

    • Kneading—Circular short stroke motions done to break up fascia and promote relaxation.
    • Shiatsu—Kneading might be the most “pleasant” massage stroke, Shiatsu the most “unpleasant” or discomforting. Shiatsu is focused pressure applied to specific points on the body.
    • Tapping—AKA tapotement/percussive massage, these are tapping strokes done to break up tension and improve circulation. If you’ve ever used a handheld percussion massager, you’ll know exactly how this feels!
    • Kneading w/ Tapping—A combination of both kneading and tapping massage strokes. This combination technique is incredibly relaxing!
    • Knocking—Similar to tapping but the massage strokes are more intense and rapid.

Question #2: What type of massage intensity can one expect with the E330?

Because the E330 is a 2D chair, you can expect a massage anywhere from gentle to high-moderate. Deep tissue massage is not possible with this chair. If you’re looking for true deep tissue, your best bet is to consider a 3D/4D massage chair. That being said, the E330 is still very much able to deliver a strong, intense massage!

This will end up being sufficient for what most people need.

Question #3: Does the E330 offer air compression massage?

Yes it does! I may not have spoken about the airbags, but the E330 does come loaded with a total of 24 airbags located in various parts of the chair such as the arms, legs, waist, hands, shoulders etc.

Kyota E330 Airbag Massage

Airbags are simply empty pouches that pulsate with compressed air to provide a compression style massage to nearby muscle and tissue.


How Does The Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair Compare To Others?

Because the E330 is a 2D L-Track chair, a comparison against similar 2D chairs is warranted. For this purpose, we will do a comparison against Osaki’s Champ, and Ogawa’s Active L. Both are fantastic chairs that have garnered tons of positive feedback/review over the years!

Osaki OS Champ
Osaki OS Champ Massage Chair SpecificationsMight not be the best chair in terms of features and functionality, but if you’re looking for a budget 2D L-Track, boy oh boy this doesn’t disappoint! It’s one of the cheapest 2D L-Tracks you can currently find in the market!
Ogawa Active L
Ogawa Active L Massage Chair ComparisonA favourite among massage chair enthusiasts, and that’s because it delivers a massage unlike any other chair! A phenomenal product but for me its biggest downfall is its pricing….I’ll touch more on that later!
  • Ogawa Active L
  • $$$$

  • 43″ L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 9

    Auto Modes
  • 44

  • 5’0 – 6’4 ft & 300 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 5 Inches Clearance Required

    Space Saving Recline
  • Osaki OS Champ
  • $

  • 49″ L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 5

    Auto Modes
  • 22

  • 5’0 – 6’0 ft & 260 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 9 Inches Clearance Required

    Space Saving Recline
  • Kyota E330 Kofuko
  • $$

  • 43″ L-Track

    Roller Track
  • 9

    Auto Modes
  • 24

  • 4’8 – 6’0 ft & 305 lbs.

    User Height/Weight
  • 2 Inches Clearance Required

    Space Saving Recline

If you’ve gone through the above table carefully, you’ll have noticed that all 3 massage chairs vary in price. The Champ is the cheapest, followed by the E330 and then the Active L which is the most expensive.

Which chair should you pick?

This comparison section is only to give you an idea, a sample of what is available and how to compare one chair to another. You can do the same exercise with 5 or 10 chairs and pick the one that performs the best in the areas you consider to be important.

That being said, for this example, if I had to pick from the 3 chairs I would most likely go with the Kyota E330. Out of all the chairs, it offers the best balance between price and functionality. It performs better than the Champ even though it costs a little more, and it is almost equal to the Active L but costs much much less!

That is what bang for buck looks like to me!

Do you agree/disagree? Leave your opinion down in the comments!


Leave Your Burning Questions Down Below!

That’s all from me for this review. I hope you enjoyed reading and got some value out of this. If you did, as always a share would be appreciated. If there are any unanswered questions you may have about the E330 or any other massage chair, please drop a comment down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Otherwise, stay safe, be well, and I’ll see you next week!

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