Osaki OS Pro Soho 4D Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS Pro Soho 4D Massage Chair Review


Back Massage


Foot Massage


Air Compression Massage


User Flexibility (Height/Weight)


Value For Money



  • 4D Heated Rollers Give One Heck Of A Massage!
  • Beautifully Designed With Wooden Trims On The Side Panels & Headrest. If Looks Could Kill....


  • Awful User Flexibility! (Height & Weight)
  • A Couple Hundred More Than It Should Be....

Another New Addition To Osaki’s Already Epic Lineup!

Today we look at one of Osaki’s newest chairs for 2019; step forth the Pro Soho! An incredibly well designed chair that’s both fashionable and produces solid results.

It’s currently priced at $4,449 on massage chair deals.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to features, so let’s jump right in!

Osaki Soho Massage Chair


Osaki OS Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair: 7 Features To Know Of!

#1 4D Rollers With A 32” Track!

In case you didn’t know, rollers are the most important component to a massage chair. In many ways it’s the set of rollers that determines how good/bad a massage chair performs! That being said, there’s 3 types of rollers you can find on massage chairs today. These are:

2D Rollers
2D Rollers Move Up/Down & Left/Right

The most oldest and basic of roller technology. 2D rollers move up/down vertically from neck to back, and horizontally from side to side. The image above illustrates this.

3D Rollers
Not The Best Picture, But You Get The Point!

3D rollers are a step up from 2D rollers in that they have 1 extra dimension; In addition to the horizontal and vertical movements, 3D rollers can also protrude inward/outward.

4D Rollers
Speed Control Is What Distinguishes 4D From 3D Rollers

The creme de la creme of roller technology. 4D rollers are an improvement to their 3D predecessors in that they offer automatic speed control for a more “rhythmic” massage.

Now you know why the Pro Soho carries such a hefty price tag. It’s mostly because of the advanced 4D roller system! Is it worth paying extra $$$ for a 4D chair?

Simply said, you get what you pay for!

If high intensity massage is not as important to you, you can probably get away with a less expensive 2D or 3D chair. However, if you want to experience the best a massage chair has to offer, then you definitely want a 4D chair no question!

Osaki Pro Soho 4D Massage

The 4D rollers on this chair can traverse a total distance of 32” from neck to back. Osaki have designed the rollers to tightly trace or contour the spine’s natural “S” shape. In the massage chair industry, we often refer to this as “S-Track”.

Osaki Pro Soho S-Track

Note: The roller intensity can be varied to 5 different levels. The higher the intensity/speed, the deeper the massage!

#2 Not The Best Chair For Tall Users!

Probably one of my least favorite things about the Pro Soho is its inability to comfortably accommodate taller and heavier users.

The chair is designed to accommodate users with a height range of 5’0-6’0 ft, weighing a maximum of 220 lbs.

Not the most versatile of chairs unfortunately. While this isn’t something that impacts me (I’m 5’3 ft and 110 lbs), I do realize that it could impact most of you, especially if you’re nearing 6 feet and over! If you are taller than average, I recommend you strongly consider other options!

Osaki Pro Soho User Flexibility

#3 Next Generation Airbag System

The Osaki Pro Soho comes fitted with a total of 30 airbags strategically placed in various areas around the chair (arms, calves, shoulders, glutes, feet etc.).

Osaki Pro Soho Airbags

Airbags generally serve 2 main purposes:

They Massage Where The Rollers Can’t!—When it comes to reach, the rollers are generally restricted to the neck and back. Airbags are in place to massage areas of the body that are inaccessible to the rollers.
They Pin You Down During Massage!—Not because you’re fidgety and can’t sit straight, but more so to ensure the rollers are perfectly aligned with your spine so massage is most effective!

So why do we call it “next gen” airbag system anyways?

In layman terms, it’s a fancy way of saying more is less! When manufacturers talk about next gen airbags, they’re basically saying the chair has fewer airbags with the same coverage and a reduced power consumption (as a result of fewer valves and pumps).

#4 Extendable Foot Ottoman That Can Be Rotated When Not In Use!

This one had me stumped, and here’s why:

Extendable foot ottomans are usually in place to help accommodate taller individuals, but….that doesn’t quite seem to be the case here…

As mentioned earlier, the Pro Soho can only fit individuals from 5’0-6’0 ft., so not quite sure what purpose an extendable foot ottoman serves, but in any case!

Osaki Pro Soho Extendable Foot Ottoman

What’s neat about this chair, however, is that the foot ottoman can be rotated inwards when the calf and foot massager is not in use, so that the end result is a standard foot ottoman!

Osaki Pro Soho Rotatable Foot Ottoman

I love this feature for 2 reasons:

It Makes The Chair Blend In!—If you’re placing your massage chair with the rest of your furniture, you’re gonna want something that blends and matches. Color is an important aspect, but having a hideaway foot ottoman can help the chair blend in even more!
Not Everyone Likes Calf/Foot Massage!—I like it, you like it, but not everyone does! I’ve had friends come over to my house who when using my chair have yelled at me in anger asking to turn off the foot airbags. The hideaway foot ottoman gets rid of this altogether!

#5 Heat Therapy—Heated Rollers & Calves!

This is by far one of my favorite features in the new Osaki chairs! (FYI, this feature is also present in Osaki’s high end Pro Maestro).

There’s 2 forms of heat therapy present in the Pro Soho:

Heated Rollers
Osaki Pro Soho Heated Rollers

Unlike 99% of massage chairs, the Pro Soho’s rollers are designed to heat as they traverse the 32” from neck to back. What I love most about this is how evenly heat is distributed around the back. Unlike conventional heating pads, you’re not subjected to overwhelming heat focused on a single area!

Heated Calves
Osaki Pro Soho Heated Calves

Located in the calf region on either side of the foot rest are 4 heating pads (2 per side). These work in tandem with the pulsating airbags, and provide heat to loosen up the calf and feet muscles, so massage is most effective. Aside from massage, heated calves are especially comforting on a cold day!

More manufacturers need to take note and learn from Osaki on this one! Heated rollers are a genius innovation!

#6 Comes With 6 Automatic Massage Routines!

For a chair that costs $4,499 (current pricing on massage chair deals), 6 auto modes is a little disappointing. To be honest, I was expecting more. In any case, the 6 auto routines are:

Sleeping—A low intense routine that’s the perfect way to relax before bedtime!
Thai—A high intense stretch mode that utilizes both the rollers and airbags.
Strengthen—High intense routine focused on working the entire body.
Relax—Another low intense mode that works well to relieve tired, achy muscles.
Neck & Shoulder—High intense routine focused on the neck and shoulder area.
Recover—Perfect after strenuous activity! Expect mid to high intensities!

Osaki Pro Soho Auto Programs

Note: Each of the 6 auto modes can be selected directly from the remote control.

#7 Other Noteworthy Features (Space Saving Recline & Bluetooth Speakers)

2 other noteworthy features worth mentioning are space saving recline and Bluetooth compatible speakers.

Space Saving Recline
Osaki Pro Soho Space Saving Recline

This is quickly becoming a standard feature on most designs. It’s a simple improvement where during recline, the chair slides forward on its base. Being able to do this means you only need a few inches of clearance from the back of the chair to the wall.

Bluetooth Compatible Speakers
Osaki Pro Soho Bluetooth Compatible Speakers

Like most chairs, the Pro Soho comes fitted with built in Bluetooth speakers located on either side of the headrest. All you gotta do is get your smartphone paired up and you’re good to go! If successfully synced/paired a blue light will display on the speaker system.


Osaki OS Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair Specifications

  • Osaki Pro Soho Massage Chair Specs
  • Roller Type: S-Track
  • Roller Length: 32 Inches
  • Total Airbags: 30
  • Upright Dimensions: 44.9″H x 29.53″W x 52.5″D
  • Recline Dimensions: 37.5″H x 29.53″W x 65.6″D
  • Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Recommended Height Range: 5’0 – 6’0 ft.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 220 lbs


Osaki OS Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair Pros & Cons


Heat Therapy Is On Point!
The Pro Soho is one of the few chairs in the market that actually has a decent heat therapy system. Most other units are usually only fitted with cheap heating elements in the lumbar area. Good on Osaki for being innovative with the heated rollers!
Aesthetically Pleasing!
I love the way it looks, especially the wooden trim on the side panels and headrest! For those who don’t know, you have a choice of 3 different colors/shades: black, beige, and brown. Can’t go wrong with black, but that beige looks AWESOME!


Not Sure About The Price....
I wouldn’t call it expensive, but it is a couple hundred more than what i’d be willing to fork out for a 4D chair. If it were $400 cheaper, I’d feel much better about the Pro Soho!
User Flexibility Is Well....Awful!
Sorry to say it but the user flexibility is just awful. I don’t expect to see a height range of 5’0-6’0 ft. on a 2019 release! And if that wasn’t bad enough, 220 lbs. for a max user weight settles it!


How Does The Pro SOHO Stack Up Against Similar 4D Massage Chairs?

The best way to gauge a chair’s performance is by comparing it to similar chairs in the market. This not only provides a price reference, but it also helps you see a chair’s strengths and weaknesses. In this particular instance, we will be comparing the Pro Soho to another Osaki chair, the 100% Japanese manufactured and designed 4D Pro JP Premium, as well as the APEX Pro Regent.

Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium

100% Japanese!

As far as 4D chairs are concerned, the 4D Pro JP Premium is my personal favorite. It’s incredibly powerful, jam packed with features, and best of all…..it’s reasonably priced for a 4D chair! (currently $3,999 on massage chair deals with a 5 year warranty!).

APEX Pro Regent
Pro Regent Comparison

About $500 more than the Pro Soho, but not sure it’s worth the extra money. Yes there are some areas where the Pro Regent does better than the Pro Soho (auto modes, user flexibility), but there’s also areas where it does worse (no foot rollers, or zero gravity)!

  • Osaki OS Pro Soho
  • $$$$

  • 32'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • 100% Designed, Manufactured & Assembled In China

    Design & Manufactured
  • 260 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • Heated Rollers & Calf Heating Pads

    Heating System
  • 30

  • 6

    Auto Programs
  • Yes

    Music System
  • APEX AP Pro Regent
  • $$$$$

  • 32'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • Designed By Japanese Engineers, Made In China

    Design & Manufactured
  • 250 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • Blanket Heat

    Heating System
  • 31

  • 11

    Auto Programs
  • Yes

    Music System
  • Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium
  • $$$

  • 30'' S-Track

    Roller Track
  • 100% Designed, Manufactured & Assembled In Japan

    Design & Manufactured
  • 135 Watts

    Power Consumption
  • Conventional Heating Pads

    Heating System
  • 44

  • 10

    Auto Programs
  • No

    Music System


Should I Buy The Pro SOHO?”

Is the Pro Soho worth $4,499, and should you buy it?

Based on its current pricing, no it’s not worth $4,499, and that’s my honest opinion. If you can do without zero gravity recline and foot rollers, go with the 4D Pro JP Premium!

All in all, the 4D Pro JP Premium is a fantastic chair. The fact that it’s 100% designed and engineered in Japan by one of the best massage chair names (Fujiiryoki) is more than enough reason to buy it! If you went on to look at price, you’re not going to find a 4D chair for $3,999, that too with a 5 year warranty!


Don’t get me wrong, the Pro Soho is an awesome chair. It’s just the pricing that doesn’t quite make sense to me. It might be priced this way because it’s a new chair only released a couple months ago, so maybe a few months down the road the price drops, and that definitely impacts my final recommendation. In any case, my recommendation for now stands, and that is to instead go for the all Japanese 4D Pro JP Premium!

Remember to enter “MAM5” during checkout for an extra 5% off! (Note: code only works on massage chair deals using the links on this post)


Leave Me A Comment If You Agree/Disagree!

It’s always nice to hear from you guys! It’s interesting to see how we all have differing opinions on how one chair is better than another. That being said, leave me a comment letting me know what your thoughts are on the Pro Soho. Buy or pass?

Osaki OS Pro Soho 4D massage chair images were used with permission from Massage Chair Deals & Osaki Massage Chair.

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  1. Trying to disable the Bluetooth speaker system. Any ideas? It interferes with our Bluetooth headphones for the TV
    thank you

    1. Lisa,

      Hope you’re well. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! According to the user manual, the Bluetooth speakers can only connect with one Bluetooth device at any given time. In order for the speakers to work, you need to pair it with another Bluetooth compatible device (MP3 player, tablet, smartphone). It seems like you might be having the speakers paired at all times, and you would want to unpair typically once you’re done using the chair. In other words you want to break the sync to the chair’s speakers. Can you please try unpairing to see if this fixes the issue? If not, let me know and I will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot some more.


    1. Hey there Sam, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! I do apologize for the delayed response. Like any other massage chair, sitting on one of these things when not turned on (or operational) is a little uncomfortable because the rollers are stationary and of course the padding on most massage chairs is not super thick so you do feel it on your back. I hope this answers your question. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch!

    1. Thanks for stopping Jay! I really apologize for the super later response. Are you still getting this same error or were you able to resolve? If it still is an issue, please provide with me more information so I can try to help. A snippet/screenshot would be nice too!

  2. Sorry, one more question, am I supposed to turn off the chair after I use it every time or can I just leave it on and plug at all times? Thank you for your help.

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